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    Pace of Battle

    Does anyone remember the Realistic Combat Model (RCM) for the original M&B and Warband? There was more to it than that, but at its core it modeled the fact that weapons are deadly and one good hit with almost any weapon of war will bring you down, if not kill you - unless you wear armour. What RCM did was increase weapon damage and armour ratings, but not HP. Metal armour was really effective against most kinds of edged or pointed weapons - I'm thinking that with an RCM-version for Bannerlord, troops with decent armour could be bashing away at each other for quite some time, thus prolonging battles.
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    Take my denars and forge!

    +1 here to. Because it makes sense. I would also like to see a rework for smithing though, probably by making access to different part a lot easier. For example, tiers could be tied to skill level - once you reach a certain skill level, you can use all parts up to a certain tier, while smelting things can teach you parts your skill level does not yet permit.
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    Equipment should vary mainly with troop role, not with troop tier

    I see what you mean, but I tend to think of peasants as that first stage, before even a minimum of training. Recruits have been issued some equipment, it makes no sense that that would not include a simple shield and weapon, like a spear. You would not send troops into battle without at least that. Also, I did not propose that recruits should have a full panoply, because from them we branch out into different troop classes. But with the current system, you can’t have elite light infantry/skirmishers, or elite light cavalry. Therefore I’d prefer it that each branch get most of their gear from the start.

    EDIT: I think part of the disagreement comes from the point of view - you're looking at this from a middle ages europan perspective, where indeed a lord would levy a mob of peasants armed with whatever they could get their hands on, whereas I'm considering a late Roman setting where recruits would join a professional army and be equipped at the expense of the state with their basic gear.
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    Equipment should vary mainly with troop role, not with troop tier

    I would make much more sense if troops were issued with reasonably good equipment from the start, and then improved mainly in their skills, leading to higher pay. This is especially true for the "recruits", which are ridiculously under-equipped at present. At the very least, they should have...
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    Why equipment pricing should dramatically drop

    Agree strongly with the OP, and have written similar suggestions myself. The price of gear for troops and for player/companions should be the same. The cost for outfitting one soldier with a certain set of equipment should be the same as equipping yourself in the same way. The main income sources should be taxes and trade, not battlefield loot.

    IF the mechanic of upgrading troops was changed so that you could only upgrade troops if you owned the equipment for them (like war horses for cavalry), then loot could be useful for arming troops, but not something to make you rich. I would fully support such a change, but would settle for consistency between prices for gear and prices for equipping troops.
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    Price rebalance, take a note from history

    Bannerlord is set in reality with more than a passing similarity to the V and VI centuries of Europe. The names and styles of many things - arms, armour and troops among others, is, shall we say "borrowed"? from the late Roman/early Byzantine Empire. And so it is also with money. The coin chosen...
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    is the reinforcement idea still in the game ?

    One thing I'm noticing with big battles is that, if odds are fairly even, the AI will hang back near it's own reinforcement zone. This is smart, but it makes for bad battles, because the flow of the battle will be sort of

    1) Player Army advances, beats the socks out of the AI
    2) AI reinforcements arrive, overwhelm the player army
    3) Victorious AI troops advance, and run into
    4) Player Army reinforcements, which overwhelm the AI army
    5) Victorious Player Army advances, and run into
    6) AI reinforcements arrive, overwhelm the player army

    and so on and so forth...

    While it is not "smart", like in maximizing their chances to win, I think it would make for better, less gamey battles if the AI generally advanced to the middle of the field, even when feeling defensive. Size good ground and stay put, sure, but not at the map edge.
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    [Suggestion] Change mechanic for party speed

    I'd say you'd move no faster than mule speed, which I'd say is not much faster (if at all) than footman marching speed.

    And if food for animals is also included in the army food requirements (as it should, an army on the move can not stop for grazing, which would take most of the day any way), then I'd say you will need your mules to carry provisions for both men and animals. Of course, they should not be able to carry more than a few days worth, any more than that, and you should have to bring wagons.
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    [Suggestion] Change mechanic for party speed

    Another thing that really should affect movement is of course supplies/food. Sure, you can have a quadrillion horses carrying your munchies, but of course, horses eat too… a ton of grain. In reality, you'd need supply wagons, which were slow - so a large army with food for a couple of weeks for the men and animals would be slowed down by it.
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    Resolved Can't Give Yourself Fief

    I would like to add that if I then chose the option of paying influence to give the fief to someone else, I do get the option to give it to myself, but the game then thinks the fief has just been conquered and starts a new election round (again without the King as candidate).
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    Fiefs Assignment (as a King)

    I have somewhat the same problem, but have appeared as a candidate from time to time. But I suspect there is a bug at play here, this is what happened.

    I conquered Zeonica as Emperor at the head of an army of vassals, but didn't appear as a candidate. Fine, I really want this one, so I gave it to the majority-supported candidate and then elected to pay influence to have it reassigned to another candidate. This time I appeared, chose myself - but was immediately transported back to another round of voting between the three original candidates. I guess the game interpreted my ownership of the Town as it having been just conquered (the ruler is always the default owner, until the election), and set up another round of voting.
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    Selective "realism" is making the campaign less interesting.

    This ties into a long standing gripe I have with M&B/Warband and now also Bannerlord. Equipping your men costs a fraction of what it costs to equip your self and/or your companions. The money sink in the game should be your army, not your personal gear (unless you choose to buy stuff covered in gold and jewels to impress the nobles).

    Also, what ordinary soldiers have access to varies a lot with the way the culture in question works. Roman recruits were equipped by the state, which possessed factories for mass-producing the materials for war. In the western Roman Empire, these were still working in the last century until the collapse, what was lacking was manpower (for reasons tied to the socio-economic system) and money for soldiers wages, not weapons. Given that in Bannerlord The Empire is the Roman simile, it is quite reasonable that its recruits would be equipped with a sword, since that is the primary weapon of the legions and they would have been issued a mass-produced one. It would also be more than reasonable to equip them with a cheap shield (as it would for every other culture), and even a helmet in most cases.
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    Character Age and Time Progression

    30 days is season, 120 days a year in this game. Perhaps the seasons could be set to 91 days instead? Then a year would be 364 days, which is close enough not to matter.
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    [Suggestion] Change mechanic for party speed

    This is another thing that always bothered me since the original M&B and Warband, and which I had hoped would be fixed in Bannerlord - the way party speed is calculated. A marching army always move at the speed of its SLOWEST soldier, not at the average speed of all the soldiers. This means a...
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    Cheaper gear, more expensive troops

    i saw a video in which in order to upgrade a troop you needed a horse. if this means that you can need the equipment (at leas the major piece) to equip your troop when you upgrade them, then this would be like how you wanted it at first. i noticed that some features that were in the game in closed beta have been removed now that it is early access, probably because they need some polished or bug fixing, hopefully things get sorted.

    P.S. good to see you back, i come and go myself. the forums aren't what they used to be.

    Thank you jamoecw, actually it still works like that with horses (or did last time I played). For this to work with gear, you'd have to have a list of acceptable and of needed equipment to being able to promote the troop.
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