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  1. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    Is it realistic other clans want to leave their kingdom and join you when you have no fief and less power and they already have fiefs in their kingdom? What is benefit for them at this deal? They act realistic and want more in that case. You have to spend some time and find clans which has no good relationships with their king and economically weak (you can see that info at encylopedia) and fiefless. All are not must of course but money you need to spend changes according to how many of these are checked also your relation with that clan leader and members are also important too.

    Another option is hiring minor clans and another option will be added later and player will be able to create new clans from his companions (of course limited to time / player clan tier / etc).

    I think they will be enough for player to cope with kingdoms if right decisions are taken. Of course this will not be easy task and it's normal players are getting hard days when they are first initiated their kingdom.

    Also about other topic. If they will want from you too much money after persuasion steps compared to your current financial situation they directly reject to save player from time. Thats all. Of course maybe with future additions denars opponent clan want to change sides would change according to persuasion steps however currently that system is not working like that so best is breaking dialog at first if final amount is too much for player. Later if persuasion steps effects money opponent will want this initial breaking dialog conditions can be changed.
    I love that they are going to add the ability to turn companions into clans. That's a huge game changer. (can we change their names too???).

    My main gripe with the game is that as a king i have to run around the map doing petty annoying things to convince a clan to join me. It takes hours just to get a single clan to join. Its absolutely annoying and kills immersion. I've had tons of clans with insanely high relations and its still a hassle. Why can't we just have some minor clans that can join us. That actually come to us and ask to join. I literally quit every time i get to my own kingdom cause the game just gets to stagnant at that point. Run around to get clans to join, all your caravans are useless in the maze of bandits that you can't do anything about, all the while trying to defend what you have. A change in this area is desperately needed imo. It shouldn't be that hard to add, there's literally a mod thats already done it. I havent tried it but i've heard constantly about consider my kingdom mod. Why are great QOL things like this overlooked? Don't take it as me complaining i absolutely love the game, and 1.6 is running great imo. I just absolutely hate the late game. And someone summed it up perfectly, Why do we have to be at a point where we are basically solo wrecking the whole game before we can get clans to join us. You have to do so much just to get a kingdom, especially if you play like me and dont backstab a kingdom and leave with fiefs. I always go out strike a war on a weakened enemy and take a castle to get going. Then fight like hell to defend it and hope that at some point i'll be able to go get a clan to join and help the effort. Then i'll have to spend half a day in real finding one and convincing them to join, that is if at that point i have a large enough bank account before the bandits cause havoc on my income. Access to clans earlier is needed.
  2. A little help plz

    i mean you used to be able to just quick cheer, now its a radial menu
  3. Wife from a prior life

    i've married zlatka or whatever her name is from sturgia like 10 playthroughs for some reason.
  4. A little help plz

    another weird question but is there anyway to use the old celebrate system. I hate the new one implemented.
  5. A little help plz

    ty so much. Have been a bit discouraged on continuing on because i cant find any clans to join and am struggling a bit. Playing on hardest level so trying to fight 3 to 1 odds in battles are a bit to much.
  6. A little help plz

    Havent played for a bit and coming back and noticed that a lot of things are different and a bit lost. Finally got my own kingdom going and noticed no clan will even give me the option to get them to join anymore. Even if friendly. Not sure what to do to get more clans to join now. There was...
  7. Scaling bandit party size with player level is bad design + solution

    If anything i wish they'd die off to almost non existant as time goes on.
  8. General feedback: I prefer the skill system in Warband

    I strongly agree with this. Absolutely hate the limitations placed for gaining skills. Its like your character gets dumb the longer time passes. Doesn't make much sense.
  9. Archers are stupid

    idk if you do this but with my archers i hit f3-f1 and force their focus onto the armies. hope it helps.
  10. Banners when? Bannerlord not Moblord, title says everything!

    I can actually answer this pretty well.

    First of all - Banners are already in the game. Until recently one of the Custom game characters even started with one. They are fully functional.

    So why are they not in the game? Well a dev recently talked about this - and said they weren't going to be introduced until another major change had been implemented which they were linked to.

    Now we also know Taleworlds are currently working on a new 'order of battle' system. I have a sneaking suspicion this might be looking at introducing something akin to 'regiments' to bannerlord. AKA your units in battle are separated into groups rather then just being lumped under 'infantry'. This would make sense with Banners. Each 'regiment' would receive a banner-bearer to make them easier to identify.

    I have very little proof to suggest this... I just know Banners are coming, they have something to do with the new order of battle system. Make of that what you will.

    Banners work like items in game; just like a shield or a weapon. You can find videos on youtube of people showing them off.
    I was about to say this. If you have cheats on you can actually go into the item menu and there are banners in it. So an early setup for it is already in game.
  11. Defection, or lack of it. 1.59 Beta

    We will show financial situation of clans to player at encylopedia in next patches. Most important thing triggers defections are financial situation. You will see very poor (below 15K gold) / poor (15K-45K gold) / normal (45K-135K gold) / rich (135K-405K gold) / very rich (405K+ gold) keywords at encylopedia about a clan. So if they do not have lands they will be very poor after several years. After that defections will speed up.

    If kingdom has good amount of accumulated kingdom budget (something like 3-4M gold) it can take 3-4 years for their clans to go very poor situation by the way. Because 1-2K gold from this budget is distributed to poor each poor clan each day. Still it will be easier to follow what is happening with this financial situation information. Maybe later we can also show kingdom budgets somewhere.
    @mexxico is it currently possible for clans to come to you without paying them millions to join? If so i've yet to see it happen. Just confused by what i've read above.
  12. We think co-op campaign for bannerlord is possible. and should be made

    ty for reminding it but as the others said:
    "This mod is nice, but I want mod for only me and my friend to play the normal campaign the native I think that we must wait more for that :sad:"
    "Yeah this is not co-op, it's mmo"
    i know which one you talking about but there is another thats just coop. I can't remember the guys name but i follow him on youtube and he posts updates on it.
  13. Battanian Models (Oathsword, Skirmisher) FIXED

    I was getting a huge blob for a couple of different battanian soldiers but after i updated the driver with the new patch it was fine. But ya i've always had that problem with the gloves, i make sure to never use them lol.
  14. Any word on working traits?

    Trait-matching helps (a little) with persuasion checks. It also gives you a very slight bonus/penalty (1/-1 per) per match or mismatch when dealing with notables.
    ty for info
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