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    Games Made by Taleworlds Forumites

    I had no idea Last Oasis was made by the cRPG guys, I thought their company went bankrupt or something after the fiasco with that other game they were making.
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    SP Native Panzer's Cutting Room Floor: Sexism

    Back in Warband, your choice of gender could affect the outcome of the character creation, for instance, a male noble and a female noble received different skill point.
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    UIExtenderLib: library to extend standard UI

    Nice, I watched a bit of you working on this on stream a while back, glad to see you managed to finish it!
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    SP Native Panzer's Cutting Room Floor: Sexism

    Ah, fair enough. :lol:
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    SP Native Panzer's Cutting Room Floor: Sexism

    It just seems so finished that I don't see any other reason. Then again I haven't had a deeper look into the files.
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    SP Native Panzer's Cutting Room Floor: Sexism

    What the **** are you doing here boss, this is supposed to be my safe space. Oh and nice mod, I almost feel like they cut this content for the initial release for PR reasons, but who knows.
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    Softlock when attacking Sea Raider camp

    It happened to me once, I just left the hideout alone, havent had any issues since. Though now that I think about it, I dont think Ive tried attacking sea raider camps after.
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    Welcome to the Bannerlord section!

    I was going to ask if Taleworlds is going to continue the practise of not allowing mods based on copyrighted material to have their own sub-board, but I guess that's not a problem anymore. Pity that they were removed completely though.
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    Screenshottery Thread Mk.2

    Then again, it's what people do innit. Stockpile food and other essentials closeby.
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    u g l y

    Surprised they didn't at least give us the option of using the old color scheme, it's so warm anf fuzzy and nostalgic.
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    New movie trailers

    Ah yes, The King, or as I like to call it,
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    Hearts of Iron IV (Release June 6th) The mod team I'm on just released a new dev diary, and it just so happens to be my specific team's diary, Japan. Heads up though, the Google doc was over 50 pages long, so there's a lot to read there.
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    Open University / Being a mature student

    I can't speak about being mature, but I did go to open university. The only reason though was that I didn't get into regular university at first, had to finish my bachelors degree studies in history at open university first. I'm not so sure if completing random bits and pieces here and there is...
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    What TV series are you watching?

    Yeah, the series was amazing.
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    Witcher netflix series

    I'm hoping it's just for practice, to let the actors get used to moving around in armor, but then again, this adaptation is turning out to be a joke anyway, why not have rubber armor.