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  1. Cant DL Warband!

    Thank-you very much!  :party:
  2. Cant DL Warband!

    God, i tried so many times, it downloads at about 20kb then sh%ts itself. Please where can i download it????
  3. Quick Question about multiplayer option not turning up

    I dont get the option to have a multiplayer battle when engaging units on the map in sp. I have latest version plus fix plus wse, and i run from wse loader as admin. And a new game (not old save). Hope to hear back soon :) Thx Problem solved = First i deleted brytenwalda folder located in...
  4. BUG Reports v 1.39 (Read first page before post)

    Ok, problem with Battle-Time.

    After doing a battle in mp correctly, i cannot enter any mead hall anymore.. It dumps a string to the end of the town string at top..
    ie, "The town of blabla flag flying over the gates blabla.Frioc killed 4 troops."

    That last line is dumped there (or something similar) when i click to go into mead hall.
    Also it says at the bottom that the mead hall is closed. (Yes i have tried at all times...)

    So i can't enter a mead hall anymore so the game is basically broken at this point.
    Also if i run an mp game and then am unable to get into combat with the same unit afterwards, will i be unable to run a mp again?? It seems not, but it's only early days at this point.


  5. Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord

    [quote author=Ringwraith] The fact that even after what, five years in development you can still walk up and down sheer cliff faces is just ridiculous.

    To me, that is a feature. :smile:

    Anyways im sure M&B2 will be using a new engine, engine's become specific and with optimisation, it would become hard to adapt the old engine to a new game. Im sure there all rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of coding a new engine :smile:
    Did i say engine enough?
  6. Are there any plans to continue work on Warband?

    [quote author=Faranox]
    I'll accept that without any great complaining as I assume M&B 2 will greatly improve upon the multiplayer.

    M&B2 ! First I've heard of it..
  7. Are there any plans to continue work on Warband?

    Shemaforash said:
    Eh, most progress on warband are user made, which will probably be the future as well.

    Im not talking about modding, im talking about developing.
  8. Are there any plans to continue work on Warband?

    Like the title says, nothing has really been done to it in a very long time, have the devs shelved it? There's so much more potential from this game, it seems a waste to just let it just go.
  9. Bryt 1.35

    Thanks for the host, host :smile:
  10. Bryt 1.35

    Haven't had any seeds on that for a day or so, but beggars can't be choosers il just keep trying.
  11. Bryt 1.35

    Checked the torrent links but at present they are dead, does anyone have an active link?? Cheers.
  12. Imperium Romanum (Brytenwalda Submod)OLDTHREAD

    Vympel said:
    Tchan said:
    Only as a roman briton? Not as a Celt fighting off the hordes of dirty depraved romans??? :smile:

    I don't know what your talking about .

    Just the screens you showed were of roman-briton first borns, so i took that as meaning you can play as a roman briton only... But whatever. And any plans to bring it up to the most recent Brytenwalda version? If not il go get the 1.335, cheers.
  13. Imperium Romanum (Brytenwalda Submod)OLDTHREAD

    Only as a roman briton? Not as a Celt fighting off the hordes of dirty depraved romans??? :smile:
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