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    Bug Reports

    The game crashes alot!
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    [S]1257 AD (improved) - old discussions

    I hope the map isn't done  :shock:

    If it is... well take a second look at it.
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    [S] Only 1 ladder...

    It makes me angry cause they get stuck... Would be awesom if there was 2 ladders in siege.
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    Scandinavian Mod - A Age of Blackpowder Mini-Mod

    Bjorne it's fixed! :wink: read the summary.

    Trevlig helg :grin:
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    Scandinavian Mod - A Age of Blackpowder Mini-Mod

    Hi! I'm here to apologise to Bjorne and all of you guys that has been duing such a great job with this mod! You all know what I'm apologising for so no need to retell :p Anyway here is my (Yours) AoE Scandinavian minimod. I will try...
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    [CoR] Corporation of Radicalization

    Looks good BUt I hope it will be better when it's done :grin: Good work so far.
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    Diplomacy, War!

    Well I got python to work so how do I edit the factions to be permanent enemies?

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    Unable to open quick_strings -_-'

    I have this mod I'm working on and I'm pretty sure I have NOT done anything fault. SO why the heck does this happens? ty.
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    Python why does it happen?!

    bjorne. said:
    no msn is to ****ing stupid. Since it want alow me to do remote control with me... annoying piece of program ****.

    Yepp it sure is stupid..
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    Python why does it happen?!

    Aargh!! **** it! Thanks for your help man but this wont just work or I'm to ****in stupid  :lol:

    Thanks all.
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    Python why does it happen?!

    MISHO said:
    No, do this i think this will work... open the module system and look for open it and where you see the directory set it to the module you are using (native or whatever) and don't forget to use forward slashes not backward (cause a lot of frustration to me :grin:) / not \

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Mount&Blade\Modules\Native\modulesystem\  Wrong

    C:/Program Files/Mount&Blade/Modules/Native/modulesystem/  Right (why are you typing the (x86).. that shouldnt be there.. it should only say program files i think)
    If this doesn't work then add the x86 :grin: maybe it fixes it! :grin: gl

    BTW if you didn't notice on the script there is a paragraph with red letters! (read them next time, it helps with scripting)


    Thanks but still it dosn't work >.<
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    Python why does it happen?!

    SPD_Phoenix said:
    No. The path setting is for Python.

    You can place module system any where. I prefer it to be in the same place as my temp output folder.

    In Window Vista, I would prefer the MS on my desktop.

    Another seperate path setting is in where you set the destination for your output files (the text files your get after compiling the pys files).

    Weird... I changed the path where python is installed, but still error -_-'
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    Python why does it happen?!

    OK but if you've placed the Modulesystem in a mod folder should you change the path to that directory?


    Modulesystem goes to --> Native

    Path --> C:\Program Files (x86)\Mount&Blade\Modules\Native\modulesystem\


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    Python why does it happen?!

    Miclee said:
    Do... what exactly?

    nvm, but now it says ''not recocgnized'' :sad:
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    Python why does it happen?!

    how dou you auctully do that?
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