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    EU Native Duel Completed 1 Handed Champion Duel Tournament | 26.05

    Good luck Zeyden! I know you've been wanting for someone to host a format such as this for a long time so it's good you finally took the matter into your own hand.
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    The Art of Blading - Warband Podcast

    Lovely initiative, good luck with it!
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    [WRC] Team Rosters

    Please remove me as a contact for 7e. I asked it at the very beginning of the tournament on the sign-up thread but I think it got overlooked, understandably so.

    Feel free to ask Elwaen if he wants to have a second contact on the thread, I'm not even active enough to play so definitely not to organize matches.
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    After having my share of fairly bad interactions with Obelix for a while on NW, I had the occasion to sit with him on TS and ended-up talking with him through several weeks where he appeared to me like a completely balanced person. After a while, however, he resumed his threats against other players for some very silly stuff and I decided to cut all ties with him again, explaining to him why although he could act as a completely sane person on several occasions, the actions he decided to use on the daily against people who 'wronged' him were simply unacceptable.

    All of that to tell you that although he can act like a normal person if he wants to, he will not hesitate to use any threats at his disposal whenever it suits him. I have seen a lot of cretins and sick people in this game, in NW especially, and I must say Obelix probably is among the highest-rated of those who heavily contribute to damaging the community he wants to be a part of. Between him and Rempica on native, I probably never had such a bad experience with someone who simply got nothing positive to bring to this community other than his so-called 'skill'. He did it in NW, and it won't take long before he does it on Bannerlord too.

    I will likely not be involved in Bannelord competitive scene for a while, if not never. I could have just decided to happily let you handle him and let you witness 'his art' from your own eyes. But if you want to put a basic standard of human decency and ethics in your tournaments, Obelix should be permanently banned from all competitions onward. He will lie to you, he will threaten you if you don't side with him and he will act against you and your tournaments or players if he doesn't get what he wants. That's pretty much a given and simply ignoring this post would certainly be easier to do than taking a stand against it. But if you start a multiplayer scene by accepting virtual terror as a normal way of behaving, that's basically equal to shooting yourself with a bullet in the foot.

    It's your time to act now.
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    EU Native Battle Completed Warband Revival Cup - Announcement and Signups

    Team Name: 7e Compagnie
    La 7e Compagnie
    Contact 1:
    Contact 2:











    Preferred Division: C
    Don't add me as a contact, I won't have time for it. Elwaen will likely add someone else in my place.
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    EU Native Battle Completed Warband Revival Cup - Announcement and Signups

    Thanks it is since its just mercs players and kane who decided he doesnt want to tryhard and wanted to be a Cool Kid
    Regardless of what mindset you guys have, this roster is nowhere near Div C material. You would stomp any competition eyes closed and I don't see how you can even look forward to this. Div B would be perfect for that kind of roster honestly.
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    EU Native Battle Completed Warband Revival Cup - Announcement and Signups

    I'm sure exceptions can be made for those teams, though it would be an 8 + 1 roster cap, if one of the players leave, they can't get another one to make 9, they'd just have to stick with 8. Then again, it's sign-ups so there's still time to make roster adjustments to make 8.
    Agreed with both Alyss and Fietta. If the admin team forces Time Travelers to play in Div A, accommodating them to a slight extent would probably help them doing the jump to a higher division without dropping after two matches in case they'd lack members.

    However, because it's an exception, I would only increase the roster cap for this particular team to 9 for the beginning of the tournament, meaning TT can start with that 9 player line-up but would one of them drop (regardless if he stays on the roster, get added to a capped section or is entirely removed), they can't just add another extra player to make-up for his absence.

    Doing tournaments on warband nowadays is about making compromises. If you deal in absolute and stick to your initial ruleset above all else, you will end up hurting your competition on the long-run. Not hinting that to the admin which I believe is fairly competent to deal with these issues but more to the people who usually observe the 'cope with it' attitude when responding to a valid claim, which I believe Oneil's is.
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    New 6v6 tournament?

    Hey guys,

    me and a couple of other people had the idea of hosting another 6v6 tournament for Warband. Nothing is definite yet and we would gladly leave the opportunity to somebody else, if there is already something in the works or someone has more concrete plans and ideas. Please let us know if you have heard of anything, are planning to host a tournament yourself or want to give us advice and suggestions!
    I asked Gibby if he was interested in helping me host a 6v6 tournament a couple days ago since nobody seemed interested in doing it (c.f Sho's thread).

    Luckily we only just recently talked about it and didn't start doing any work + Gibby and I can't commit the same amount of time as we used to so we couldn't do **** alone.

    All in all, I am happy if you have an actual team of people willing to get something started as it seems this has become even more of a rarity these last few months. If you need any help, hmu.
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    Tournament vote?

    There is little to no surprise as to why there is a blatant lack of people willing to take over the next tournament. We got so used to quality events for the past years that we don't even realise how lucky we got to have people maintaining high standards despite the undeniable decline of the scene.

    If someone hosts a tournament without having the proper skills required for it, there is a chance he/she gets burned at the stakes for doing bad (won't be by everybody though, not trying to make this a generality) whereas if a good host / admin team shows-up and get the job done, most people won't even bother showing the slightest of appreciation. Just look at the ECS4 conclusion thread, usually, these would get at least a dozen of comments in no time whereas this one got 3-4 people taking the time to thank the admins at best. Just a tad sad.

    I know most of these people don't host tournaments for the praises but at the same time, it's not hard to write a little 'gg, thank you' if you played and enjoyed the competition and from the perspective of those who dedicated their time to give you a good time, these comments do go a long way. Just food for thoughts. I imagine someone will eventually step-up at some point after the vacations, maybe there is already a group of people working on it, but it won't get better if we keep acting like spoiled children, expecting everything to be spoon-fed to us while being ready to give only very little in return.
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    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    Using your nationality to act as armor while you break rules is not justifiable. If a group is collectively ruining the playing experience for everyone else through bad sportsmanship and poor manners, the other players have the right to say so. It doesnt require a philosophical debate. Just ban the players causing problems before they kill the scene. WBMM isnt entitled to provide players a place to play, playing is a privilege earned through following the rules the WBMM admins set.
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    [ECS4] Closing Thread

    Thank you for, yet again, continuing to provide the community with quality tournaments. As shown by the recent thread supposed to discuss about the next tournament's format, fewer and fewer people are willing to take from their own time to make sure the community and its players evolve in the best possible competitive scenery ; making your work even more of a rare treat.

    Congratulations OIDA, commiserations to Kebab Tactics who still had an amazing run and see you around next time. Well-played to all the teams, across the three divisions.
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    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    Can you explain to me why you would lock this thread (and therefore punish the people who behave according to the rules and wanna use it to discuss the recent big changes) instead of simply acting on the few individuals who misbehave by warning them or removing their right to post for a few?
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    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    IG died for this
    we were not worthy
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