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  1. Resolved [BETA 1.4.1] Trade Perks still not working

    My understanding of this particular perk is that, as description says, when you sell equipment looted or selfmade, if sold, the profits are marked as XP. But so far i never got XP from selling equipment, from tournaments, looted or selfmade.
    Am i getting something wrong here?
    thanks for replies.
  2. I'm done with this game.

    I can't believe there are people that actually find this game hard..? the hardest part is trying to not get bored.
    Never getting bored playing, but true, there are people finding this game hard? Couldn´t agree more:smile:
  3. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Early Access Announcement

    Counting days till release. Thanks to whole Taleworlds team for the Bannerlord.
    Keep up the outstanding work(y)
  4. We are giving up...

    sparrtakus said:
    To everyone's attention ...  (Sorry English. Google Translate)

    Mount and Blade ii Bannerlord has been waiting patiently for many years, but not intentionally or purposely.

    As Callum said the other day, the game is still in its infancy and the middle part has been finished and people are disappointed.

    Taleworlds officials praise the ministers in the interviews! The reason for this, as well as the interest of users waiting for the game to leave a question mark.

    However, company representatives have clearly outlined the situation.

    It is my call to all players waiting for the game.

    Stop access to forums.
    Stop watching the game on Steam and stop commenting.
    Do not watch the game videos on youtube.

    In short, forget about Mount and Blade ii Bannerlord.

    Even if there is a serious reaction and no serious reaction is shown, the game is not even within 2023.

    After all this time, we are still in the first and middle sections, and their explanations are meaningful and show a serious approach.

    This article should be shared on English forums and this call should be accessible to everyone.

    Otherwise, the coating quality and sword sheaths will still be mentioned and will continue to break the nerves.

    This is not a boycott call either. This is the message of the users, "I've stopped waiting for your game."

    Even today, speaking with an imprecise language for this year clearly shows that they do not want to finish the game. They're still gonna be joining Gamescom.

    I'd like you to take this call. From this day on, you have not only managed to follow your support on the forum, in the steam, on youtube and to follow your support in this topic.
    Edit message
    Don´t understand you being upset or trying to "rebel" here.. I am playing Warband, and many mods, which have been developed,( great RESPECT for all modders :grin:) and still enjoying all of them..
    Bannerlord is coming out when its finished, and it is going to be awesome. Chill  :lol:
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