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  1. SP Other The Gathering Storm - A Wheel of Time Mod (Beta) Latest Version: V0.2.7d

    Much of the agent and contender text still refers to the vanilla nations, characters, etc...  Would you like some help with that?  I don't know if I'll finish what I start as I have other mods to work on, just thought I'd tell you to be fair, but I could post text for the claimants here and offer some ideas for companions and such.
  2. SP Other The Gathering Storm - A Wheel of Time Mod (Beta) Latest Version: V0.2.7d

    I think you may have done everything right, the step by step instructions are in the first post, but I have noticed that the main download does not always download all files.  In my case the parts it did not download prevented it from working at all, but perhaps yours merely caused this desert effect.  You may have to try a wipe and clean install, checking the file size when you download the .zip to make sure it is correct.

    Another teensy, miniscule suggestion for the mod's singleplayer would be to play with character allocation.  Currently the relations in the game are a little skewed and certain generals who could be wives or companions or mothers or sister, etc... could be altered.  Its not at all necessary as this is a 'what if?' game, but its something to consider having fun with.

    Also my friend is interested in the mod and he was wondering if you could post the full troop trees in the first post.
  3. SP Other The Gathering Storm - A Wheel of Time Mod (Beta) Latest Version: V0.2.7d

    I don't know what's wrong with your version Telborn, but mine is fine. 

    Another question.  I have absolutely no idea how much you can control which lords give which quests or who had what personality, but Min asked me to assassinate a merchant because she couldn't pay her debts and Tam told me not to help his village out anymore after I did a quest for them.  Is this at all modable?  Then again, as it is an alternate reality of sorts, maybe it should stay as is, I don't know.
  4. SP Other The Gathering Storm - A Wheel of Time Mod (Beta) Latest Version: V0.2.7d

    Thanks for the reply mat!

    Been rescuing a number of peasant women and I noticed they don't have an advancement tree.  I realize this is because the vanilla tree doesn't work perfectly in randland and kudos to you for noticing it and removing it.  It helps to improve the immersion feeling.  However, I was wondering if you were considering creating an advancement tree for peasant women which could include hunters for the horn, Cairhienin sword sisters, wise women/Kin, etc...  Just a thought.

    Also, in response to the vanilla bandit hideouts, they work great in the game as centers for larger numbers of bandit spawnings and for early gold.  The only change I would make right off would be seeing if the troops inside the camp can be changed to your own troops as they are currently still using vanilla bandits inside the hideouts, most noticeable with the coastal raiders one.  Its not a big issue though.
  5. SP Other The Gathering Storm - A Wheel of Time Mod (Beta) Latest Version: V0.2.7d

    Just wanted to offer my praise.  Excellent mod!  It feels very true to the series while retaining its own version of 'alternate reality' like the shadow rising mod did.  My only complaint I guess would be that I don't like seeker, but that's just me.

    Out of curiosity, who were you thinking of making into companions from the series?  Since you said you wanted to update companions in a future release.
  6. SP Other The Gathering Storm - A Wheel of Time Mod (Beta) Latest Version: V0.2.7d

    I get the following error when trying to extract the main zip file for the mod, but the patch decompresses just fine.  Any idea why?  I am using winrar to extract and have XP as my operating system and firefox as my browser.

    !  C:\Documents and Settings\Tanit\My Documents\Downloads\Gathering_Storm_V020Beta(2).zip: Unexpected end of archive

    Edit: Never mind, choosing open with winrar instead of downloading and then opening fixed the issue.
  7. SP Fantasy Redwall Mod

    What species should I work on next?
  8. SP Fantasy Redwall Mod

    Young Mouse --->
    ----------------------->Dormouse-------->Churchmouse--------->Mouse Novice
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ------->Warrior Mouse-->Mouse Chief
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - - - - --------->Tribal Mouse---------->Mouse Fighter
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ---------->Mouse Slinger

  9. SP Fantasy Redwall Mod

    I still haven't edited my previous troop trees, but I wanted to do Mice next. Please tell me if I miss anything, its a very expansive universe.

    Fieldmice, Harvest Mice, Church Mice, Dormice, Abbey Mice, Tribal Mice (Gonfelin Thieves, Luke's Tribe)

    Fieldmice - stronger archers

    Harvestmice - light archers

    Churchmice - healers, related to abbey mice and tribal mice

    Dormice - related to tribal mice, not typically fighters

    Abbey Mice - healers, monks, but also the origin of warriors, monks use staffs

    Tribal Mice - Also produce warriors, and chieftains, use javelins, slings and swords and spears

    Young Mouse: Harvestmouse or Dormouse
    Harvestmouse: Fieldmouse or Churchmouse
    Dormouse: Tribal Mouse or Churchmouse
    Churchmouse: Mouse Novice
    Tribal Mouse: Mouse Slinger or Mouse Fighter
    Mouse Novice: Mouse Warrior or Abbey Mouse
    Mouse Fighter: Mouse Warrior
    Mouse Warrior: Mouse Chief

    Young Mouse: Dagger
    Harvestmouse: bow, knife
    Dormouse: Dagger or quarterstaff
    Churchmouse: knife (Healers)
    Fieldmouse: bow, knife
    Tribal Mouse: spear or club, sometimes javelins
    Mouse Novice: quarterstaff, sometimes sling
    Mouse Slinger: sling, dagger or club
    Mouse Fighter: spear or club or sword, sometimes javelin, sling or bow
    Mouse Warrior: sword, or two-handed sword
    Mouse Chief: sword or axe, sometimes sling or bow or javelins
    Abbey Mouse: Quarterstaff (Healers)
  10. SP Fantasy Redwall Mod

    Matthias, but we should get back on topic here. :wink:
  11. SP Fantasy Redwall Mod

    Shiroi_Akuma said:
    Never read the book think caught glimpse of the movies, but it would be cool to be a fox man with a sword lol is it just me or all these critters British country side animals ?

    Yes, the author was inspired during a holiday at his cottage.
  12. SP Fantasy Redwall Mod

    I think Ares said its set an indeterminate time after the last book.  All NPCs will be created for this mod.  I don't know if there are plans to create the unique Martin's Sword.  I think that is a goal somewhere down the line, but not yet.
  13. SP Fantasy Redwall Mod

    Badgers also use bows, javelins, fists, etc...  And just imagine the bow a Badger could wield!

    Use of Badgers:
    1. Badgers as the ruling NPC of Salamandastron faction.
    2. Badgers as 1 or more companions
    3. At least 1 Badger as a Tournament character only (Doesn't appear outside of tournament, see native)
    4. As option for player
    5. Potentially a female Badger troop tree.

    What Creatures should have troop trees?
    Fox, Rat, Mouse, Hare, Squirrel, Shrew, Hedgehog, Lizard, Toad, Otter, Feral Cats (High Rhulain), Stoats (Become Ermine), Weasels, Ferrets, Female Badger(?)

    Creatures who should be relegated to being companions/npcs/Player choices/etc...
    Vole, Rabbit, Hamster, Mole, Pine Marten/Sable, Wild Cat, Wolverine, Wolf, Dog, Wearet, Beaver, Male Badger

    Creatures dependant on features not yet implemented.
    All birds, all snakes, bats, seals, Dolphin, Sea Lion, Insects, Tortoise, etc...
  14. SP Fantasy Redwall Mod

    UnboundZero said:
    So, I made the troop tree for nothing?  :cry: :cry:

    Not at all, its important a) to note what weapons various Badgers would have a predilection to, b) what the ranks would be for Badger lords of Salamandastron as NPC characters, c)What weapons and roles a potential Female Badger tree would have as they can become Badger lords, but can also be Badger mothers, entertainers, etc.. and d)to see ideas for potential NPC badgers.
  15. SP Fantasy Redwall Mod

    Well exactly, it makes me wonder if Badgers shouldn't be relegated to just being characters/leaders.  And if you do want a troop tree, maybe have the troop tree be just female badgers who can become more like civilians and helpers or more like warriors (Cregga Rose-eyes) since more than one female badger can occupy the same space.
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