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    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Vortigan said:
    Alright, thanks for the info, but still, how do I make household troops?

    If I remember correctly, you talk to your Constable, and you can hire Household Guards for 10,000 aurums per unit. They're the most expensive units in the game, and you'll also have to provide them with their equipment - you'll need a spare set of high level armour, desired weapons, and a top tier mount if you want to make the investment worthwhile.

    They've got rather impressive stats though (not the highest, but 400 in each stat + 9/10 in all combat skills is very impressive), and their ability to use any equipment you give them makes them extremely powerful and versatile.
    Classic weapon loadout I tend to use;
    - Knighthammer/Long Gothic Mace
    - Darkforest Ranger Bow
    - +6/+7 damage arrows
    - +6+/7 damage arrows/shield if using Long Gothic Mace.

    Then I just give them the strongest armour I can find and a Wyvern so they can trample everything.

    You could give them a matching set of well tailored, fashion appropriate gear, or just give them the strongest items you have. Both are valid approaches for equipping them.

    NOTE: Don't give them any weapons with Balanced/Masterwork attributes, armour with Reinforced/Lordly attributes, or Spirited/Champion mounts if you can avoid it.

    Any equipment you give a Household Guard will be reverted to the standard version with no stat modifiers. A Balanced Highelf Sword will become a normal Highelf Sword, and a Spirited Perisno Twilight Horse will become a normal Perisno Twilight Horse if you give it to them. This is because apparently only hero units can use equipment with stat modifications.

    So avoid giving them upgraded items if you can.

    ... Of course, it also works the other way around, and you can use that to your advantage if you so desire....
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    Discussion + Suggestions

    I knew that if you took arrows from a friendly unit, it actually stops them from firing any shots even in a defensive siege (where ammo would normally get refilled) for the rest of the battle, but actually stripping the quiver from the companion's inventory even after the battle? Damn, that's weird, never seen that before.

    Even if it does take a friendly unit out of the fight, the player is the most lethal archer in their own army anyway, so you may as well still take the arrows.

    40 shots.
    40 kills.
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    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Norwegianben14 said:
    ღMadolcheYumiღ said:
    THAT is one thing I do not know about! I know that the Traveller NPC in Taverns can pinpoint the Book Merchants and such, but I have no idea about tye Mystic Merchant. Sorry :sad:
    Its okay, np

    I think there has to be more than one single Mystic Merchant, because I encounter them rather frequently, too frequently for them to be in only one Town at a time.

    Like other Tavern npcs, they show up randomly in town Taverns. Just keep looking around the map and travelling a lot, and you should find one eventually.

    Some things you should know;

    1: They have a completely random selection of equipment. Sometimes, you won't find anything good at all. Other times, you can find extremely rare and powerful weapons, mounts, and armour.
      - Great things you can find include Perisno Twilight Horses, Wyverns, Elephants, the Highelf Sword, the Long Gothic Mace, the Darkforest Ranger Bow (pretty much best bow in the game), Fountain Guard Armour (elite-tier Falcon armour), and a whole bunch of other rare and interesting weapons, armour and mounts.

    2: Equipment that the Magic Merchant sells is always of a random quality when you buy it. That Elven Noble Sword you buy could be a Masterwork (+1 speed/+5 damage), Balanced (+3 speed/+3 damage) if you're lucky, Rusty (-3 damage) if you're unlucky, or maybe you could just get a completely average item.
      - You always pay the normal, average price for an item regardless of how good it is. You could either get an amazing deal or get completely ripped off, depending on your luck.

    3: If you don't like the inventory you see, you can shuffle the Magic Merchant's stock by first leaving the Tavern, and then entering again and talking to him. I do this to shop for a wide range of items and look for really rare stuff, like Masterwork/Lordly versions of already amazing gear.
      - Don't bankrupt yourself. It's very easy early on in the game to spend a LOT of money shopping for interesting gear that you should have been using to upgrade your units, recruit expensive companions like Aracanus/Tamaris, hire powerful mercenaries, etc.
      - Don't spend too long rerolling. I've caught myself sitting at the Tavern and rerolling the Magic Merchant for hours. It's like a slot machine except with expensive swords. SELF CONTROL IS REQUIRED!

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    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Kimboz said:
    So i found out i may have not been clear enough, this is what i mean:
    1: i am sure i sent proposals of truce through someone of my "ministers", don't know which one it was (is there a Minister called "Minister"? where is it located? mostly my NPC personnel is in Arendal (like the marshal, the constable, etc). What is the dialogue option?
    2: as above
    3 : I'll try that
    4: exactly, how is a king supposed to do the shopping? if i need someting to change court location, to prepare a gift etc, can't my NPCs get it themselves and send me the receipts? I am now required to stay near my most vulnerable fiefs, not wantering across elfish towns looking for shopping places!!!
    5: see above
    6: shopping for goods can be ok if I am a simple captain or a vassal, not anymore when i'm an established kingdom ruler. Now my most necessary skill is fighting. Because my ministers can do several things i used to do (like selling slaves, recruiting etc) why can't they also do some basic shopping? Id like to see that as a game improvement.

    1: Either your wife (if you have one, and she's a normal noble lady instead of a Lord who can lead an army) or one of your companions is the minister. You probably made this choice already, right when you first founded your Kingdom.
    2: Your minister is always at your "court". If you haven't changed where it is, it's probably the very first castle/town you captured for your kingdom. Look around to see where they might be. Again, you probably selected a wife or one of your companions to be minister.

    4: This is a Warband problem sadly, not a Perisno problem. I also despise this kind of busywork (this is why you have servants!) - YOU should be the one sending other people on fetch quests. I wouldn't mind paying double/triple price for an item if it means somebody else can buy it for me.
    5/6: If you have a dyeworks you can just produce your own. Go to the town with your dyeworks in it, select "Go to Marketplace", select "Visit your dyeworks", and then tell the Master Dyer to store the velvet instead of selling it. You'll lose some $$$$ but the utility is worth it. You can do the same thing with an Ironworks to store Tools.

    Alternatively, you could just go around and buy it like everyone else. I started storing stuff like that pretty early on in the game so I didn't have to bother with petty shopping bull**** later.

    It's one of the things I don't particularly like about Diplomacy. Sure, it makes sense that you might send Ale or Fish from your household to a lord as a gift, but you really should be able to order it instead of have to shop for it yourself. Again, this is why a King has servants.
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    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Norwegianben14 said:
    ...anyways one of my friends just found perisno and he wants to know what faction is the best, honestly I just need a list saying which factions are the best in what. Thanks.

    - Elintor (Redwood Elves):
    Best archers in the game, very high level but expensive units, every single unit is an archer but they still have good melee skills. Bows were nerfed in this mod basically because the Elintor arrowstorm can shred anyone who dares to forget to bring a shield to the battle (read: almost all Zann troops).
    They're excellent skirmishers and their commoner cavalry line are all high level horse archers. Sieging an Elintor town or castle without powerful archers of your own in your party is tantamount to suicide.
    They can be countered by heavy cavalry on flat plains, and they don't have shields, so they can be beaten by enemy archers especially if they're in superior numbers or are hiding behind a good shieldwall.
    The noble unit (Elintoran Highelf Sentinel) is an excellent archer and also has medic skills, and their party buff can boost your own medic skills to 10(+4) easily with enough of them in your party.
    They start out as a strong faction with three towns and powerful lords (though a lot of them have bad personalities).

    They're a player favourite.


    - Geldar (Bluewood Elves):
    Equal to the Elintor in almost every way, both factions have powerful foot archers with tremendous accuracy, range, fire rate and damage. However, the Geldar are a smaller minority faction with only one castle and one village. If you ally with the Geldar, you'll have an uphill battle on your hands against the powerful and numerous Elintor.
    The Geldar can only access their only horse archer unit at Tier 6 instead of Tier 4 like the Elintor can, so you won't be able to field many horse archers like the Elintor can. However, your foot archers are just as strong at range, even stronger in melee, and you get access to powerful heavy cavalry in your noble unit line.

    The Geldarin Duke is an extremely fast and powerful Elven knight with top of the line equipment, very high stats and weapon proficiencies, the fast and tough Geldarin Warhorse, and he gives you a powerful Leadership buff that increases the morale of your party for every Duke you have in your warband. This is critical to maintaining armies 500+ in size without constant victories and high quality food for your party.
    A Geldarin army is the perfect answer to an Elintor army for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that Geldarin Dukes excel at quickly plunging into enemy archer lines and slicing them to ribbons.
    The Geldar are like the Elintor, but with bigger balls.
    They share the #1 spot with Perisno for my favourite faction.


    - Maccavia:
    The Maccavians have strong infantry and reasonable knights, but they're most famous for having the best crossbows in the game. Recently, crossbows got buffed, and the fearsome Bladed Crossbow that already did 100 base damage (LOL) now has an extra bonus to armour penetration. As a result, the Marksman and Heavy Marksmen troops, along with one of their noble units, the Knight of Steel, are fearsome ranged opponents, with excellent ammo economy, good accuracy, great damage, and respectable fire rate. Most importantly, they deal much better with heavily armoured opponents - and you'll be fighting a lot of them through your playthrough.

    If the Falcons or Elintor are kings of the defensive siege, then Maccavians have to be kings of the offensive siege. An Elintor archer unit might be able to put out a withering storm of fire, but they'll run out of ammo pretty quickly in an assault. A Maccavian crossbow unit can keep firing for much longer, and show even the most heavily armoured opposition the living definition of pain.

    They start with 3 towns, but are surrounded by enemies to the south and east, and they'll also be at the very front of the Zann Invasion. They'll be powerful... if they survive. Think of the Reich as Germany and Maccavia as Poland, and act accordingly. Reich cavalry are a health risk.


    - Reich des Drachen:
    The Reich have high tier units in every category and have no crippling weaknesses, but they're most famous for their incredibly powerful heavy cavalry, only second to the Falcons. The Dragoner has great stats and equipment for an elite unit upgraded from commoner recruits, but the noble unit, the Drachenritter (translation; "Dragon Knight") is a fearsome heavy cavalry unit, one of the best of the best.

    Their infantry and archers are still very good. The elite commoner archer, the Kaiserliche Drachen Scharfschutze, is a powerful and much better than average top tier archer, and the Elite Drachen Speerkampfer is a strong yet very, very cost effective infantry unit perfect for filling up the walls of important garrisons.

    Most importantly, the Reich have exotic and powerful unique units that are as awesome to behold as they are dangerous to fight. The Wyvern Riders ride the speedy and enormously tough Wyvern, a hardy and ferocious lizard protected by very heavy armour.

    The Reich are rich, powerful, have large and well trained armies, and are prepared for war. They hold four towns at the start of the game, and while they will also have to deal with the Zann in the time, the Zann may find they can not sustain a lengthy campaign in Reich territory, and soon get pushed back...

    Finally, the legendary Herzog Oskar and his household guard are reputed to ride real dragons, and so is the heir-apparent, Princess Bergit. Naturally this is obvious Reich propaganda, and you would do well to not concern yourself with such contemptible fairytales.


    - Falcons:
    The Falcons have, without a doubt, among the most powerful individual units in the entirety of Perisno. Daring to attack a Falcon castle even with a great army will be a truly painful and daunting prospect, and their capital town, Fountain Hall, is so heavily defended that even with a full army of elite and noble units, you will need roughly 5000 or more men to even consider taking the town in an assault.

    That's a five to one advantage, and even then, you will suffer terribly.

    Their archers are superb, their infantry is great, but without a doubt, the Falcon cavalry are the most powerful in Perisno. The Renweards not only have astounding armour, mounts and stats, but they use maces, which means every single Falcon cavalry unit in your party is a huge asset as they will make you enormous amounts of money - many times the cost of their wages.

    The one catch? They have NO commoner units. They don't send their farmers and field hands out to war. You can't ever recruit their troops from villages. The only way to get Falcon units is to become a Falcon lord so you can take noble recruits from Falcon castles and towns, or rescue captured Falcon units from prisoner stacks.

    Switching to the Falcon culture as king of your own faction is extremely difficult, as you will need high relations with Field Marshal Gunnar (the Falcon's leader), high relations with the Falcons themselves, and one million aurums.

    If you can obtain Falcon troops at all, treasure them wisely. They're powerful and lucrative assets, but they can still die like anyone else.


    - Perisno (the player's faction):
    They're my favourite faction alongside the Geldar, even if their units aren't the most powerful individually. Do they have the best archers? Nah. The best infantry? Not really. Their cavalry is good, but I've seen stronger.

    What makes Perisno very powerful is that none of their units are bad (average at worst across the board), they're cheap, they're incredibly well-rounded, they train up quickly, and several of the Perisno units offer useful utility bonuses to your party stats.
    - Darkforest Cavalry (elite commoner cavalry) gives you a Pathfinding bonus. With 30 of these guys in your party to give you 10(+4) Pathfinding, you'll zip across the map in no time, and catch even the tiniest, fastest parties. They're strong, cheap and quick to train, and very very replaceable, unlike many other unique units with bonus party stats.
    - Champions (elite commoner infantry) aren't just ferocious and tough shield infantry, they're also mid-level engineers. Get a bunch of them in your party, and you'll be able to put up a siege ladder almost instantly, a Siege Tower in 8 hours, and help you fully upgrade all of your fiefs in record time. Note for the wise: Always build Universities first.

    As King/Queen of your own faction, you'll have plentiful numbers of noble units, and the Ranger Knight and Great Knight are great additions to your army.
    - The Ranger Knight is a jack of all trades mounted archer knight. Good ranged stats, good melee stats, fast horse. Only Elintoran Knights/Geldarin Forest Wardens perform the "Heavy Horse Archer" role better, but I find Ranger Knights much faster and cheaper to train.
    - The Great Knight is a heavily armed and armoured melee monster of a unit. Heavily armoured warhorse, good armour and shield, high stats. They also give you a bonus to Training - with 20-30 of these men in your party you can achieve 10(+4) in Training, greatly increasing the speed that you can train new troops.

    That's not all of Perisno's troops (they've got a fairly wide and unique selection), but it's a good enough snapshot. A Perisno army has excellent utility and moves insanely quickly across the map, is relatively cheaply trained (especially compared to the monstrous training bills you'll pay to upgrade an Elintor army), and still packs a great punch.

    You'll have to establish this faction yourself, as it doesn't already exist on the game map. As such, the strategic difficulty of a Perisno playthrough will depend completely on where and how you establish your kingdom. Might I suggest using the Zann invasion to your advantage to start your kingdom while everyone's distracted by the big scary invasion?

    Playing as Perisno has some interesting side benefits too. Towns you own can have an interesting selection of rare equipment, such as the Golden Sunblade, or the insanely quick and powerful Perisno Twilight Horse - arguably the best horse in the game.

    Also, if you ever manage to find Perisno Runed Knights, they're probably the biggest badasses in the game (level 80 knights with blunt weapons LOL), but you can't recruit them normally, and they're rarer than genuine human satisfaction itself, so that's sad.
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    Perisno Perisno Perisno Mod Bug Reports Smth

    Darknightaky said:
    when this guy attacked my patrol and i joined the side of my patrol and defeated him then this happened
    i could not take him as prisoner dam it!! curse you bug!! :evil:
    It would have been very interesting if you told him to disband ^.^
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    [Green mist]

    PowerReef said:
    You are a cuck.

    Couldn't you have used a cooler insult? I mean, you could have called him an exasperating pedant, an excruciating bore, an overly-abstruse pedant, a pseudo-intellectual windbag, or even a malignant stain on the fabric of mankind.

    But cuck?

    As in cuckold? That thing where a guy watches his wife have sex with someone else?

    So that's what the cool kids say these days.

    When you typed "cuck", leaving orange crumbs scattered across your keyboard, did you then lean back into your chair with your Doritos and Mountain Dew, sniggering and smiling to yourself thinking "Hehe, I got him now! He won't be able to respond to that one!"

    Congratulations. You got him son.
    You got everyone.

    10/10 for effort.
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    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    tarassos said:
    Translation: Thank you to the developers for this amazing mod, which in my opinion is like Prophesy of Pendor, but expanded and is still very fun.
    Anyway first question, I started to play on Hard Mode and I have lots of top tier Tolranian troops but they get destroyed by Maccavian troops. On Hard Mode + full difficulty I can't even do any damage with my best weapons and when I get knocked out in battle I lose attribute points. Is it a Hard Mode feature that I can't do damage and I lose attributes when I lose battles?

    Most of the top tier units in this mod have really good armour. To hit them for good damage, you'll need a strong weapon, high strength, high Power Strike, high weapon proficiencies, and it also helps to have a fast horse. The faster you ride towards an opponent, the faster your weapon travels, which = more damage.


    As for losing Attributes - yes, I think that's a Hard Mode feature. They weren't joking when they said "Hard Mode". Starting on Hard Mode for your very first playthrough might not have been a good idea. Perisno is only a little bit easier than Prophesy of Pendor on normal difficulty. You're setting yourself a big challenge by playing on Hard Mode for your first Perisno playthrough.

    The Maccavians should be really strong in this patch. Their Marksmen and Heavy Marksmen are the best crossbowmen in the game, and crossbows fairly recently got a buff that lets them do more damage to armoured opponents. Bows got nerfed to do less damage to armoured opponents. As such, Maccavian crossbows are now much, much stronger than Tolranian Archers, and those Marksmen will also tear your knights and Kingsmen to pieces.

    The lords in this mod are fairly strong and have lots of high tier units. Attacking them with a low quality army is often a good way to get your ass kicked.
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    Data Visualization of Troops

    No real need to nerf Household Guards.

    If I were to take an army of 600 of them with me it would cost me 6 million aurums. That's an amount of money that would make even me cry. The cost is a great limiter for them - they're incredibly versatile and powerful, but you can't field them in stupid numbers because it would utterly bankrupt you.
    And while their stats are high, they're not the best in the game either. 400 in weapon proficiencies is a high ballpark but there are plenty of recruitable troops running around with 500+ proficiencies

    Of course, 20-50 with Darkforest Ranger Bows and Highelf Swords is still a crime against humanity and makes even Falcon garrisons think twice about the real merits of their continued existence on the mortal plane, but that's still a 200,000-500,000 aurum investment. That hurts, still not a drop in the bucket by any means. You really have to protect them closely.

    Plus they need your powerful spare equipment that you haven't already given to yourself or your companions. Luckily you only need one Darkforest Ranger Bow or armour piece to equip all of them with that item, but sourcing good gear can sometimes be a pain in the ass.

    So Household Guards can't really conquer the map by themselves.


    I've been finding it much better to constantly pick enormous fights with armies of relatively easily trained and disposable Perisno Great Knights and Perisno Ranger Knights. They're quite strong even if they're not ultra elite, and they're cheap to train.

    I don't feel bad about picking 600v1500 fights and having horrific casualties like 110 killed, 439 wounded if I can recover from my losses in under a week.
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    Perisno Perisno Perisno Mod Bug Reports Smth

    Master Looter said:
    edit: the woman in question doesn't have a father, just a brother. Might be related to that. Altough her Brother has a father, she doesn't.

    That's bizarre. Did the father disown the girl for some reason? Was she expanding her worldly experiences with the castle stable boys and then have to be kicked out of the family to save face?

    So many questions.
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    Data Visualization of Troops

    I didn't realise Highelf Wardens* were so close in power to Crimson Rangers. That's VERY interesting, good to know. That means they're even stronger than I gave them credit for.

    I knew they were a bit stronger than Rangers, but not THAT much stronger. That power stat means they have better ranged performance on foot than even the Elintoran Knight - and the thing with the Elintoran Highelf Wardens* is that as long as you can acquire the noble recruits, they're very fast to train compared to Elintoran Knights or Elintoran Crimson Rangers.

    Also, the Highelf Wardens* give you a boost to your medic stats which means if you have enough of them you can give yourself a 40hp heal every minute or so. Also, you can get Surgery 10+4 so that there's a (base 25% chance + (14x4=56)) = 81% chance that your troops will only get knocked unconscious in a fight instead of being killed. That's pretty great because Elven armies are hard to train compared to other factions and losses cost you a lot more money.

    * Edited because I was dumb and Sentinels are just the tier 1 noble troop.
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    Perisno Version 0.81 - The Main Thread (HF0.811 - March 11, 2017, 10:37:18 AM)

    Turns out, "Claymore" can actually refer to the old Scottish versions of basket-hilted one handed swords - - so the idea of a one handed claymore isn't stupid at all. Yes, Leonion could give the Kaikoth a "One-Handed Dwarven Claymore" or something and it would make sense. You heard me.

    It's completely fine.

    As a general rule, I dislike this variety of nitpicking. I remember how katanas and nodachis in Gekokujo were shortened in 3.0 due to "realism" concerns - without taking into account that;

    1 - The range was just fine before, comfortable and strong without being overpowered.
    2 - Warband characters are 6ft tall, while the average Japanese Sengoku Era fighter would have been 5ft 2 or so.
    3 - As such, when the swords were shortened to "realistic" lengths, it wasn't taken into account that the swords actually became unusually short compared to the size of the person holding them.
    4 - As such, the weapon length to character size ratio got messed up.
    5 - Ironically, to make them a realistic length/height ratio again... you could just revert the "realistic" changes that were already made. Adding 15% to the range of all swords would make them comfortable, strong, and fun to use again.

    Realism can add much needed flavour and believability to a game. Knee-jerk changes to make a game pseudo-realistic are like adding coconut sounds to a clip of a galloping horse - it might be what the audience expects to see ("realism" = "what I think is realistic", after all...), but does it really make the movie better?


    Balance should probably stay focused around making sure the game is neither too easy nor too hard, and making sure no one faction gets all of the overpowered weapons.

    Most importantly, it should be about making the game FUN!
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    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Step 1: Go to an imagehosting site, like Imgur. We'll use Imgur as an example.
    Step 2: Sign up for an account.
    Step 3: Once you've made your account, click New Post -> Upload Images.
    Step 4: Click the "Browse" button.
    Step 5: Find the picture you wanted to upload, left click it, then left click "Open".

    OPTIONAL: Click "Post Privacy" at the bottom right, and save your Privacy Settings as "Private".

    Step 6: Mouse over the drop down menu marked with your username (for me, it says "Talinoth"), and left click "Images".
    Step 7: You should see that you have one image uploaded. Left click on it.
    Step 8: You will see to the right of your image a bunch of hyperlinks that you can use to upload your images to websites. The Taleworlds Forum uses BBCode, so highlight and copy the link. It should look like this: img][/img
    Except it'll have brackets on the end.

    Step 9: Copy and paste your picture's link into your forum post.
    Step 10: Let the world tremble before your glory.
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    Perisno Version 0.81 - The Main Thread (HF0.811 - March 11, 2017, 10:37:18 AM)

    Leonion said:
    Tuidjy said:

    Please don't quit because of one irritating loudmouth on the forums. I really like this mod and what you're doing with it. I can't wait for Perisno 0.9, and beyond.

    Thank you for all the work you've put in.
  15. Talinoth

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Thorvald said:
    ... But now after successfully taking a very undermanned Sut castle, and starting my own kingdom, my party size has randomly grown to 350! That an extra 125 from out of nowhere! Even when I go to my party size report and it shows my renown and leadership it still only adds up to 225. Does anybody know if just by becoming a monarch in my own right gave me this party size boost? Any info or help would be great thanks!

    You get an increase of +100 to your party size when you become the ruler of your own kingdom.

    Another way to massively increase your party size is to keep all of the towns your faction captures, and build a university as your first upgrade every time.

    Each University will give you +20 renown every few days, so if you have multiple towns with universities, your renown can go up insanely quickly.

    It's possible to end up with an intimidatingly large party.

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