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    MP Native cRPG

    Only the last version of the main branch is supported, that is e 1.5.9.X for today.
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    MP Native cRPG

    RipperX, official youtuber of cRPG :smile:

    Some news regarding the release date of cRPG Bannerlord:
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    cRPG now has a forum:
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    MP Native cRPG

    cRPG now has a forum at! We'll post development updates there and we also need your input for Strategus design.
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    Asset Creation - Modder Questions

    Resource Browser
    2D Art and User Interface
    • Can I create sprite sheets from the editor and how to use them?
    • How to enable UI debug mode? The method TaleWorlds.Engine.GauntletUI.UIResourceManager.Update checks that NativeConfig.GetUIDebugMode is true to hot reload GUI changes. What is NativeConfig and how to modify it?
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    BL Coding How to set UI debug mode?

    The method TaleWorlds.Engine.GauntletUI.UIResourceManager.Update checks that NativeConfig.GetUIDebugMode is true to hot reload GUI changes. But how can I set UIDebugMode? NativeConfig.GetUIDebugMode calls the method get_ui_debug_mode in the engine. Is there a configuration file for the engine...
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    BL Coding Port to .NET Core

    We'll discuss it internally.

    @Kiyakkoray Any news? Note that the migration would be a breaking change for modders but it's for the greater good :smile:
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    MP Native cRPG

    Is there any plans on replacing native Bannerlord items or just adding new models later in development?
    Not for the first version but yes, adding custom items is planned for the future.

    Hopefully character customization will be more flexible than in the standard native. Height, weight and other parameters
    Try to give us full character customization with sliders for that rp aspect for those who like it through the character appearance.
    Face cutomization would be a good feature. Body customization will be harder because I think it does affect your character speed and hitbox.

    On that note, please get people who care about actual moderation on servers
    Unlike cRPG Warband, you won't be allowed to have your own cRPG server for security and operability reasons. This also give the cRPG team with its community, the ability to pick good admins.

    Will you try to implement singeplayer crafting or at least a streamlined version of it?
    Maybe in a future, but it would make balancing much more difficult.

    Will this be more or less the same as the cRPG for Warband (pretty much just native with the ability to make your own character, or will it have some nice changes for it?
    The first version will only feature battle mod with persistent characters.

    I hope get back my +3 items
    Everyone will start with equal rights and wealth :smile:

    cRPG mean chadz RPG, but as i see there is no donkey here..So basically it cant be crpg2.
    Computer RPG.
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    How to dynamically modify item damage?

    According to patch note beta e1.5.5, item modifiers should be fixed.
    Item Modifiers Update:
    • While modifiers worked mostly as intended for armours, they did not work correctly for weapons(stats of weapons were not affected by them), that's fixed.

    However, the item modifier API is too coarse for my use case and I don't want to implement an AgentApplyDamageModel. I think I'll stick with modifying an ItemObject with reflection. Having an API in Bannerlord to do that would help :/
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    How to dynamically modify item damage?

    Hello, I'm trying to implement Power Strike skill like in Warband. When spawning an agent, I'd like to increase its weapon damage depending on how much power strike the character has. I noticed that in an EquipmentElement you can specify an ItemModifier which has method ModifyDamage which looks...
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    BL Coding How to decrypt stack.txt

    arf, nop Bannerlord. Is is possible to move the thread :smile:
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    BL Coding Port to .NET Core

    Glad to hear that :smile: Please share your decision with us in the future
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    MP Native cRPG

    The first version of cRPG for Bannerlord will feature battles
    That's the original battle mod :smile:
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    BL Coding How to decrypt stack.txt

    A user of my mod sent me a crash report. Inside there is a file stack.txt that looks like this: #[email protected]{19CF44C5044848C58468B90621BF5758} (1): 0:4412557 #[email protected]{19CF44C5044848C58468B90621BF5758} (1): 0:3578503 #[email protected]{7E7F498ED818452C8DF97404F93D1E19} (1): 0:945710...
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    MP Native cRPG

    @Namakan I was just a young casual player at that time
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