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    [Werewolf] Crusade on Castle Mengelberg, (Werewolves Win!)

    Llandy played really well...That's basically all I can say about this game without straight out ragging on people.
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    [Werewolf] Crusade on Castle Mengelberg, (Werewolves Win!)

    Welp Adaham's self vote didn't go anywhere so he's back to gunning for maggie. I saw this coming so clearly it's almost like it happened before! On day 2. Because it totally did.
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    [Werewolf] Crusade on Castle Mengelberg, (Werewolves Win!)

    Not Adaham. Me. Adaham does his whole CALO IS BEING MEAN TO ME shtick again, and you suddenly flip into line. Again.

    You've been back and forth on everything this game. That's kinda the point. You two have now gone after every player in the game today...Except each other. Only mutual defence on that front. Magorian must be a wolf! You don't agree? You must be a wolf!

    Again, this is almost EXACTLY what you two did on day 2. You go after people one at a time and fish for votes, and if you can't get them you change targets.

    ...Oh, that was autocorrected. Eh, menstruation fits just as well.
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    [Werewolf] Crusade on Castle Mengelberg, (Werewolves Win!)

    And suddenly Nipple turns right around to agree with Adaham when I refuse to swap. Again. Because this happened in day 2 too.

    Funny that your udden change of heart makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE with your current position. Lets say you and Adaham vote for me (Because that's clearly what you're working towards. You already did it once, remember). Llandy still wants Adaham dead, so you're willingly giving the guy you have been saying all day is a wolf the final vote.

    Well done, guys.

    Did you two seriously just give up all pretense for day 4? You've had each other's backs for the entire day. I started off unsure between you and maggie. After today in particular...No longer unsure.  No ****ing WAY you're this systematic otherwise.

    ...And another five replies before I can finish typing. Still not gonna respond to it here. Nipple being full of it and Adaham doing what he's done all game long. Same old.
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    [Werewolf] Crusade on Castle Mengelberg, (Werewolves Win!)

    Given I'm pretty sure you're Adaham's packmate...I refuse.

    Like you said, we're in lylo. So for once I ain't budging. I am almost entirely sure Adaham is a wolf. I'm pretty sure you're his packmate. I ain't gonna let Adaham weasel out of this AGAIN.

    Adaham - No. Just...No. Like I said, I could  - and planned on - just going back and quoting previous days instead. But you went and posted them on the same page and saved me the trouble. Don't try and claim I'm doing what Sheep did. It ain't even close and you know it.
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    [Werewolf] Crusade on Castle Mengelberg, (Werewolves Win!)

    But when I mention that I still think Calodine is suspicious, he tells me I'm "getting all pissy about it as a defence"


    So whatever I do, I'm the jerk. And whiny. And blaming others for it. And poor you guys, for having to put up with me. Let's finish this...

    Since Cal has voted me already, would you be willing to vote me as well now? I'll join you and you can celebrate having caught your second wolf. I'm tired of this.

    You're wasting your energy Nipple. There's some people out there who are wolves, and some who obviously get high blood pressure if they read a single line from me. I've been asking for people to think a bit further, to just consider something, but all I'm getting is laughter and pissed off replies. Pointless, utterly pointless...

    So Magorian and Llandy it is. Calodine probably just hates me or something. Or could be any of them. To be honest, I might have played bad this game, but the innocents that have been howling with the wolves as of late are even worse.

    THIS is why. When people started voting for you on day 2, you did this. And it worked. And when people started pointing your way on day 3, you did this. And it worked. Again. And now more than just Llandy have said they're definitely lynching you today, it happens AGAIN.

    The last two times, I've sympathised and wound up looking elsewhere. Today I'm going to gamble that I've been right this whole time. Maybe you're actually genuinely annoyed at how people have been treating what you say this game, and I'm wrong. In that case, welcome to the goddamn club. But you've been looking bad since day 2. I've wanted you lynched since day 2. And every time you do this and I feel bad and start doubting it. Nope, not again.

    But thanks for validating this and saving me the trouble of going back and digging up quotes.

    You've been acting scummy all game and twisting it after the fact to make people look bad.

    Because this is only happening because you said mean things to me, and totally not that you've been wolfy as all hell since day 2. Totally. Only reason anyone could vote for poor old you is because of a personal offence.
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    [Werewolf] Crusade on Castle Mengelberg, (Werewolves Win!)


    So I start reading and it's just like, EVERY TIME I read it I start wavering and consider lynching someone other than Adaham. Then I get to Adaham's and what no **** you, seriously.

    I spent like three hours umming and ahing over whether to trust Ativan or go with you. I went with him because I've spent basically this whole game second guessing myself. He was wrong. I was wrong for going along with it instead of going for you. Now we're in a ****ty position, because I couldn't just bite the bullet and lynch your ass.

    And now you're just going right ahead and claiming I was just bandwagoning behind Ativan the whole time. Great. Wait, no, the other one. Screw you.

    You want responsibility? I've buckled and gone along with other people twice now, and been wrong both times. You've been acting scummy all game and twisting it after the fact to make people look bad. And every time people call you out on it, you get all pissy about it as a defence. And it keeps working. Every single goddamn time.

    So here, I'm actually gonna go with what my gut's been saying for the last three days. Maybe they bombvote and we lose. More likely I'm right and you finally ****ing die today. And now my vote's done and set, so I can just spend the rest of the day figuring out who the other one is. Although I have a pretty good idea on that front, too.

    vote: Adaham
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    [Werewolf] Crusade on Castle Mengelberg, (Werewolves Win!)

    Pharaoh X Llandy said:
    Uh, just out of curiosity. When I do get around to posting my rambles (hopefully tomorrow night), what is it actually worth me doing?

    I mean, I think I've made my case against Adaham well (or, at least well enough for me...) since late Day 1. I'd rather not waste my time adding to that case, however we do have 7 days in which to decide this thing, so if people want me to make a case again factoring Day 3 into things, I can. It will just take a bit longer.

    I was planning on spending the next day or 2 trying to narrow things down between Nipple and Magorian. But if it will be more useful to see a full LoS from me, I can do that too. Again, it will take a bit longer, as I'll have to factor Adaham AND Cal into that.

    Oh, right. You haven't done this before. Fun times! 'kay I'll explain. Obviously these ain't 100% facts everyone agreed on already, but this is how I'm seeing it. Right now we got 3 villagers and 2 wolves. Of those Adaham is almost certainly wolfman, and I'm mostly cleared by now I think. If we lynch an innocent we lose. If we lynch a wolf, I die tonight because having a clear on the last day is REALLY BAD for wolfbros. So tomorrow is very very likely to be you, Maggie and Nipple. Given how today is going, you probably get stuck making the actual choice that wins/loses the game. Unless I'm really really dumb and Adaham is somehow not a wolf.

    This basically puts my job for today as 'sit back and try to figure out which of you three is the second wolf'. I'm pretty damn positive it's one of Nipple and Magorian, but maybe you're just really good at this. It could happen!

    My job, incidentally, is still a step up from where Adaham landed himself. That being 'try desperately to convince people he isn't a wolf'.
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    [Werewolf] Crusade on Castle Mengelberg, (Werewolves Win!)

    Nipplemelter said:
    Calodine said:
    Psst, if you think Maggie is a wolf, it doesn't matter if he votes, they need an innocent for the WOOF WOOF train

    What, you think he is innocent?

    Nope. I'm not decided. But if he's a wolf, your whole bit about him voting is irrelevant - That two wolves, three votes thing only comes into play if he's innocent.
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    [Werewolf] Crusade on Castle Mengelberg, (Werewolves Win!)

    I said 'hey maybe we get lucky and they eat me or ativan'. Because I did not want to pick between CW, Nipple and Maggie today. Then Ativan had his revelation (ALL LIES) and we lynched CW. If they'd eaten Nipple/Magorian, today would be easy :razz:
    And I called dibs on the castle, obviously.

    But yeah.

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    [Werewolf] Crusade on Castle Mengelberg, (Werewolves Win!)

    Psst, if you think Maggie is a wolf, it doesn't matter if he votes, they need an innocent for the WOOF WOOF train

    Also unfortunately wolfdudes did the smart thing and my BRILLIANT MISDIRECTION failed

    Also I don't think Nipple/Maggie are a pack. And I don't think Llandy is a wolf.

    Do you guys know what this means? I hope you guys know what this means. Because that means there is one person left who is definitely a wolf unless I'm really really bad. Adaham, dearest. It's been fun, but now you gotta die. For the greater good and all.

    P.S. Since this is Ativan's castle and he's dead now, I call dibs.
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    [Werewolf] Crusade on Castle Mengelberg, (Werewolves Win!)

    Just gonna point at dis:

    Nipplemelter said:
    Calodine said:
    And now I'm just sitting here trying to figure out which would be better to lynch today. Rather, do I go with my gut, or trust that Ativan has a better handle on things than me?

    After reading CW's reaction to Xardob's "I have a hunch (or two)" post, it almost looks as if she was scared that Xardob was the seer and found out Pilgrim (her packie) as being a wolf and tried to push suspicion on Xardob by saying "you're waving red flags." And while thinking bout Xardob's death some more, it was of no benefit to Adaham, even if he was a seer because he thought Adaham as innocent enough. Plus, if Adaham is innocent and at least one wolf voted for Sheep before Vieira's vote, I think CW's vote is the most suspicious since she didn't comment much about him on Day 1 and her Day 2 reasoning was mostly based off a Sheep/Adaham/Xardob pack possibility. 

    I'd say to go with CW.

    If CW is wolf, Adaham is almost certainly packmate. If CW is not, ATIVAN BETRAYED MY TRUST FOREVER and Nipple is almost 100% pack with Adaham.

    Yeah I'm basically just completely sold on adaham being a wolf.
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    [Werewolf] Crusade on Castle Mengelberg, (Werewolves Win!)

    Welp that seals it

    Still couldn't make a decision but I THINK this gives us the best shot going forward.

    Because if CW is innocent you murderise the **** out of Adaham and Nipple.

    With any luck me or Ativan get nommed on and this is faaairly simple from there even if I'm wrong (Although that never happens ever so you guys got nothin' to worry about)

    vote: ComingWinter

    I hope you're right on this Ativan, I'm far too adorable to die ;~;
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    [Werewolf] Crusade on Castle Mengelberg, (Werewolves Win!)

    And now I'm just sitting here trying to figure out which would be better to lynch today. Rather, do I go with my gut, or trust that Ativan has a better handle on things than me?

    ...I'll give it an hour and vote then.
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    [Werewolf] Crusade on Castle Mengelberg, (Werewolves Win!)

    Just gonna leave this here

    Calo: Also **** all of you I haven't even been inactive today
    Calo: Other than, y'know, not having anything to say beyond 'whoop de do waiting on maggy'
    Calo: Which I said already
    Calo: ;~;

    Anyways I probably will be awake so I can wait on voting some more.

    I think we get more info from Adaham but I also think I'm actually okay with lynching CW also just because it's DIFFERENT information. Given Ativan has basically been echoing my thoughts all game but pushing and defending them way better I'd be willing to let it ride on his gut here.


    Ahem. If you must, go look at my response to that post itself. It was wolfy because baaaasically every accusation bar one he made against both me and soot were lies. You don't get to forget this you jumped on them and pissed me off even more for like a day or so after that :xf-mad:

    Last thing RE: The Adaham or CW bit. It's worth noting that Adaham KEEPS DOING THIS. He got all emotional and angry the last time he was gonna get lynched too. I even noted that IT WORKED back then. Because it was something I specifically talked about with ejnomad ages ago as something I did to get out of Adaham trying to lynch me years ago. Still happy to take a chance on Ativan's gut here but god damn do I hope it doesn't work a third time.

    For reference it's currently two votes on ol' hammy and three on CW. Also for reference you two could totally pull off an old bickering married couple skit, just sayin'.

    PS I'm dumb and cannot into timezones, what time is murdertime?
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