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  1. My final verdict

    o7, come back stronger Mostblunted
  2. One Year Anniversary Recap


    Oof Q4 (next year between lines)... by then you guys have to be able to put in all the "top" features that are being claimed in SP and fix the MP from head to toe +performance and optimisation +modding support... so that all that time will be worth it.
    I can't get over that they're estimated release date is still sometime in 2021 currently. There is still so much that needs to be done both SP and MP wise.

    Aside from that, the section about diplomacy is pretty disingenuous, personally I don't think the decision making of the ai & armies has much to do with diplomacy. I reckon it has more to do with alliances, diplomacy between lords, proper dialogue options, the ability to suggest courses of action to fellow lords and utilizing the relationship system. All currently absent.

    Anyway, hopefully things improve considerably.
  3. New profile themes

    This is incredible.
  4. Community Feedback-based EARLY ACCESS ROADMAP - ready for you, Taleworlds!

    If you're asking me personally, yeah, I know a bunch of them because I play the game a bunch. Mesui and Olek, for two clan leaders.

    Speaking more generally, people are going to know at least some of S-tier women to marry and the starting head of their clans, at least if they play for awhile.

    edit: This is a bit of an aside though and more of a personal complaint about the entire way M&B (Warband, VC, every mod I played) treats companions. These wooden as **** mannequins that basically exist to pad out my party and act as another XP bar to fill, rather than actual characters. Battle Brothers has wholly generated characters with like two or three sentence backgrounds and I cared infinitely more about Bros (who could and did die at the drop of a hat) than I ever did any companion in any M&B title or mod because they actually did interesting things and expressed plausible motivations through their actions -- the thief couldn't stop stealing **** and so I had to make a choice. The Orc Slayer left when there were no more orcs to slay. The noble bastard (or exiled noble, I can't remember now) had assassins come to try and kill him. It is all proc-gen, background-based reusable because they died constantly but it was way more interesting than having some dude hover in my orbit and maybe one time talk about how he got wounded and ****ed some girl herding cows.
    Great point bringing up battle brothers system, it's fantastic.
  5. Community Feedback-based EARLY ACCESS ROADMAP - ready for you, Taleworlds!

    Thanks for taking the time to write up the response Duh.
  6. Community Feedback-based EARLY ACCESS ROADMAP - ready for you, Taleworlds!

    Thanks for the replies Duh. I agree wholeheartedly with the OP and what others are writing - it would be great to get a proper idea of what the vision for Bannerlord is. @Magello described it perfectly in the sense that it is really difficult to determine if the game is 50% complete in terms of vision, or 90% and just being tidied up. Personally I would love to have more of an idea from the big man himself about what his vision is for the game - that way people can align their expectations accordingly.
  7. [POLL] How do you feel about TaleWorlds starting a new SciFi game?

    My 2cents is that they shouldn't be making another game. It's clear Bannerlord development is not going well. But as others have stated, they quite clearly don't care aside from a few passionate developers like Duh, Mexxico, AVRC, NIN3 etc. Everyone who browses here regularly knows the developers I am referring to.

    Anyway as others have said, we are powerless to do anything other than not buy it - I think it was Bloc or someone who mentioned the company being arrogant and I think that's an accurate depiction.

    @Bloc I'd love to hear about the background stuff (I know it is not possible), I'm sure it'd be interesting but disappointing.
  8. does it feel like this game lacks a soul?

    Yes it does feel like the game lacks soul. Hopefully they're cooking something up that we might see in 8 years or so.
  9. Nearly a year in, Does TW acknowledge the anniversary with an update for when EA will be done?

    When the date comes of the planned release from Early Access, Taleworlds needs to sit down and make themselves a complete design document for what they want a feature complete Bannerlord to look like.

    It should include, in order of priority:
    1. The things everyone naturally expected would be a part of Bannerlord when they bought it. Missing features from the last Mount & Blade game, and new features Taleworlds said would be in Bannerlord, such as the crime system. Also the Italo-Norman masked helmet which TW used to advertise the game, and banners.
    2. Features that give a reason to exist to game mechanics that currently seem pointless. For example, right now there is very little reason to do a long-term dynasty playthrough, because once you reach the endgame and conquer all of Calradia, you run out of challenging enemies to fight. So we need a civil wars or invasions feature to introduce endgame enemies and make longer playthroughs have a reason to continue. Also, we need some kind of feature that gives the player a reason to spend time in towns, as we have these beautifully crafted city scenes but it's pointless when there's very little gameplay reason to spend time in them. In conclusion, features need to be added that give meaning to existing meaningless features.

      That can be Taleworlds' official roadmap which they should share with the whole company and community. These are reasonable goals which a company of their size and resources can be expected to complete, and which they are obligated to complete, now that they're rolling in Early Access bucks.

      The next two points should only be mentioned on the roadmap without details as to what they actually are; only as general guidelines.
    3. "Bonus features": Anything that's been a popular request among the community, but isn't necessary to make existing game systems relevant; this category is things TW didn't give anyone reason to believe would be in the game, and thus have no obligation to work on, making it low priority. Can be considered after release and completed if there is time and inclination, or can be added as DLC later.
    4. "Pet projects": Anything which TW employees personally feel like working on but nobody asked for, like barbers. These should be considered low priority as they're being paid by the community to make the game; they aren't being paid to make a game for solely their own enjoyment, and working on pet projects is time not spent working on things the customers paid for.
    Such a list would be a good step towards fixing the apparent work culture issues of TW and would definitely be welcomed by the community.
    I agree completely with what you've written. Unfortunately I doubt that they will do anything like this, as we know the decision makers at Taleworlds are quite happy with the state of the game and do not allow for complex features to be developed. My theory is that the dynasty system will continue to be pointless (not further developed) and be a gimmick for the vanilla base game. If the heads of the team cared about depth they would be prioritizing more complex features by now.
  10. How Many people want MALE ONLY LORD in Bannerlord?

    God what is with these incels and the obsession with gender ratios in a fantasy game? Just mod the game how you like and leave Bannerlord as it is.
  11. Q&A about Bannerlord with Taleworlds Developer mexxico / Updated

    Great work guys, I've submitted my question, I hope it is appropriate. I am looking forward to the translation, many thanks!
  12. I Have No Control Over My Vassals - I accidently started an Oligarchy

    This is why Armagan apparently prefers the friendlier Reddit over his own forum.
    I don't think reddit is that heavily favored over the forum. People on r/mountandblade and the bannerlord sub-reddit aren't too happy about the state of Bannerlord either. Threads come up constantly about buying the game and it's usually a 50-50 of wait for it be developed further, or the game is fun because of the battles.
  13. Which Faction Needs the Most Love and Work?

    I definitely agree that the three empire factions should have differences between them, it would make things a lot more interesting.
  14. Open Post: Armagan, We Could Use A Video Update Addressing Our Concerns

    I'd personally recommend moving on to other things; play some other games. Play the odd drop of multiplayer here and there and just give the game another 1-2 years.

    It's clearly not finished; so I'm not gonna play / treat it like it is.
    Axios I notice you do this quite often, I am not sure what your role of devil's advocate is helping here. The official company position is that EA will last around one year, which finishes in 2 months time. I have been playing other games/doing other things in my spare time too, those activities don't remove one's passion for the series.

    It is hardly unreasonable to expect communication from the decision maker himself about why gameplay suggestions are rejected. As you noted the issue isn't passionate developers like AVRC and Mexxico (they're great), the problem is a huge amount of features are being rejected by the decision makers for no apparent reason. It would at least be good to hear from whoever is making the decisions about the game and why they refuse to order development on different areas on the game. Warband is the best game I've ever played and it is really frustrating to see features in Warband be dubbed as 'too complex' by decision takers at Taleworlds. The founders are neglecting what made Warband as highly popular as it is/was. Sure, they're going to make a lot of money (and have already) from crapping out a fun battle simulator, but it's a punch in the gut to passionate players. I agree with other posters that there's either two roads of (1) release the game and let modders work on the game or (2) extend EA and properly develop the game without such a paternalistic attitude towards players.

    Maybe we can make a and pass it around the playerbase, and see if we can get more traction around the decision making issues.
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