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  1. Having trouble getting mods to work

    Hi guys, I've been faffing most of the evening trying to get a bunch of mods to work nicely with each other before starting a new game. I managed to get past the immediate crashes to desktop but now I'm getting them when trying to start a new campaign. Can anyone help?
  2. Poll to bring attention on dialect

    I'd also like to bring attention to the fact that I was allowed the freedom to vote for 2 of these illegible (But I'm sure perfectly sane) suggestions in the poll. 10/10
  3. Poll to bring attention on dialect

    By far the best post on this forum, the post, the poll, the comments? What more could you want? Comedy genius. 5 stars
  4. Need More Info (Gradually Improving) Performance Issues even on 250v250- High End Hardware and Medium settings

    My game ran -relatively- smooth up until patch 1.0.10. I had minor lags and stutters but no major fps drops (this is with most settings at medium-high). After 1.0.10 dropped it was like a completely different game, field battles are a no-go now, (I played 250 vs 250) and now I can't even fight a group of 30 looters without my fps tanking. Decided to hold off on playing for a while so I don't ruin the game for myself.

    I tried running a 500 vs 500 custom battle to test it, and that ran as smooth as anything I'd seen in the game so far, all on this rig:
    GTX 1060 6gb
    8gb ddr4 ram
  5. Evolution is wrong,Development is right

    Does this mean we're getting a science and/or religion mechanic?
  6. Unresolved Beta version - still the same problems

    I've been having similar problems.
    Game ran really well on 1.0.9.
    1.0.10 made it nigh unplayable
    1.1.0 Beta has similar issues to 1.0.10

    Custom battles 500 vs 500? No problems whatsoever
    Fighting 30 looters in SP? Lag, stuttering, big fps drops

    My rig isn't great, but surely given the fact that it ran well on 1.0.9 should mean that it's capably consistent?
  7. Civil War and Usurping the Throne

    Couldn't agree more, something like this is definitely a great content addition. That being said, I'd also like to add that you don't have to be the one to instigate it, I'd love to see a mechanic where unhappy Lords do this, perhaps you can support them and put them on the throne instead, or you can -both- put your differences aside and team up to take down the King
  8. How to play a previous version?

    I'm currently up to date with 1.0.10, however this patch has caused me some issues and the game ran well on 1.0.9. Is there a way to go back and play 1.0.9 or am I stuck?
  9. Map edit, mods and other tools' release and why this is more important than you think

    Agreed, however for them to release something that's in a (possibly) unstable state against an already unstable game needs to be done carefully and limitedly. Maybe if they released some tools that they know work and are compatible with things already in the game that aren't getting tweaked or changed could be handy, map editor for example
  10. Massive casualties when entering a besieged settlement

    117 hours played, lost count of how many castles/towns I've besieged. Defended, I know it's zero, simply because it makes a whole lot more sense to have a field battle outside the castle so I don't lose half my men, and then the rest of them die in the siege due to being heavily outnumbered.
    Trying to break into a castle to defend it is suicide atm and serves no purpose
  11. New Update

    Current version is 1.0.10, check for updates on whichever platform you're using. 1.1.0 is in beta but is accessible
  12. Already looking forward to a Napoleonic DLC. Soon I hope!

    Being a soldier and being an officer are two very different trades, and they don't require the same skills. An office doesn't need to "wield", he only needs experience as an officer. That doesn't mean that officers shouldn't know how to fight, but it's not required, and a general who fights is often endangering his army more often than not.

    It was in the Revolutionary Wars when, precisely, this was more apparent. Suddenly anyone could enter the officer corps, and thousands of commoners with skills in leadership, not blue blood or lineage, became some of the best army commanders ever seen until that point. The sheer amount of excellence inside of Napoleon's tent, the brilliance of most of his Marshals, of whom more than half were sons of tradesmen, peasants and artisans instead of nobles, is astonishing.

    That said, I don't look forward to a Napoleonic DLC. I'm not in love with that style of combat, even if I'm very much interested in the period.
    Couldn't agree more
  13. Will we still be seeing minor patches before 1.1.0 officially releases?

    Just curious to see if they'll be implementing some of the things from 1.1.0 or perhaps other smaller details and fixes that they've tested before 1.1.0 actually drops. As of right now (1.0.10) the game is really hard to play for me due to some performance problems that occurred from the...
  14. It's really laggy. I finally made some videos to show. It's much worse if there's more troops, it can be as bad as about 2 fps

    Is this with the new beta patch?
    I'm talking about 1.0.10, not the 1.1.0 beta patch, I haven't tried it yet
    Yep but in the clash of forces will be much more less, im playing low is decent
    Diference between low and medium in fps its massive
    In low will be 100% smooth
    I'm sure it is, my problems only started occuring since patch 1.0.10 however so my assumption would be that the fault isn't on my end. Prior to patch 1.0.10, the game ran perfectly adequately on medium-high settings with my rig
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