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  1. 1.5 combat is a bit too oriented toward spam

    One of the great things about the M&B fighting system is the way melee players can find new and interesting ways of exploiting the animations to fool opponents. I don't care if it looks goofy...it's fun, challenging, and ever-evolving.

    Stop trying to take our glitches away. I swear most of the people on here just want the game dumbed down.
  2. Remove Crush Through Or Remove Multiplayer

    Implement Warband crushthrough or remove entirely.
  3. From a Technical/Coding Standpoint, How Hard Is It To Give TDM Fixed Spawns?

    I love the random spawns. I love the challenge of it. Please don't change it. (500 hours in Bannerlord, thousands more in Warband).
  4. Why was 2h sword taken from Voulgier?

    It is not live yet.
    Well that's good to know and thanks for bringing it back.
  5. Why was 2h sword taken from Voulgier?

    Already replaced the Military Bill with the 2 Handed Sword.
    Is this just in Beta? I just checked it out in custom servers and the billhook was still there and no 2h sword.
  6. Why was 2h sword taken from Voulgier?

    Uhhhh....Why was 2h sword taken from Voulgier?
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