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    EU Native Duel Open 1 Handed Champion Duel Tournament | 26.05

    Player Name: Svenneld
    Steam (Link required): Svenneld
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    Viking Conquest 2.059

    ...Well done...!

    ...who's the dev who worked on this...?
    ye i want to know too
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    [Res] The Resolute (RU/EU)

    лучший чувашский клан, респект
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    NA Duel Open North American Dueling Conference 2021

    Name: Svenneld
    Clan Representing: Vineyard Workers
    Discord ID or Steam Profile:
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    most of all interested in the new system of duels but it is still not there what makes me sad
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    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    who felt the performance improvement with this new hotfix?
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    EU Other Completed European 3 vs. 3 Sword & Board Tournament I

    only one team from the Loser Bracket round 2 remained. it looks like they are not going to play this
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    Olympia WFaS Duel Tournament

    Totenflak 5-2 Shinobi GFS
    shinobi water style you mean
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    EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup 3,5 - Sign Ups Open (55/56)

    Name: Svenneld
    Nationality: Russian
    Main class: Inf
    Steam link: Svenneld
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    Olympia WFaS Duel Tournament

    Ok, so the limit of 32 players has been reached. More info will be posted tomorrow
    rip telnicor
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    Olympia WFaS Duel Tournament

    Ingame name: shinobi_water_style
    Steam Link: Svenneld
    WFaS ID: 4056133

    good luck to all water styles
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