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    Bannerlord - The Minor Factions and Their Lore

    What a great video, i wish minor factions were more prominent in the game... It's such a shame this lore is not more out there for people to actually appreciate. They should have their own areas where you can actually go to and get special quests from them.
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    Banners in Bannerlord

    Banners look okayish in my opinion, although i myself have said that the Sturgian one is terrible, but what i really hope for is them giving us the banner creator so we can have our own banners.. The current style of banners is okay, as I see it.
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    Early Release due to Covid-19

    Yess and due to COVID19 we should all win the lottery.
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    How do minor factions function, what is their point?

    I would also like this, i am kind of dissapinted that you can't join these minor factions in a way, but i guess that would be super hard to imploment, but still, it would be really cool...
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    How do minor factions function, what is their point?

    So they are basically nord raiders from Warband. That's a shame, it would be cool if you could join them, or pledge allegiance to their clan or something.
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    How do minor factions function, what is their point?

    Interesting that you can't join a minor faction, I remember reading a Sturgia dev blog and they mentioned that those people who would like to play as Norse raiders, vikings etc. will be able to with the Skolderbroda minor faction. It would be great if they made a dev blog in which they...
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    Multiplayer Siege - Stress Test today [video]

    I hope so, i had no idea this test was gonna happen. Can't wait to get my hands on a siege!!
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    How do minor factions function, what is their point?

    1) Is it possible to join minor factions? 2) Will they have their own troop trees? 3) What is their relation to the main faction? 4) Can they rebel against the main faction, which would result in a civil war sort of a situation?
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    Troops Tree

    I would toss a coin that there could be a female unit in Skolderbroda minor faction ( sturgia) in the form of Shield maidens, or a unit within Battania that is female for those who want this. Mind you, we will only know a answer to this question when the game fully releases, we are still in...
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    SP Dark Ages [WB] Sclavinia

    What happened to this mod?
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    SP Dark Ages Upcoming Viking Conquest sub-mod (Jutland) (Work in Progress)

    I like the idea, VC really needs more mods, and this one is hitting a good spot, i just wish there was a Kievan Rus faction, that would be amazing, but hey, i guess we can't have it all :D In any case, i just took a look at the screenshots and it looks really great man, can't wait to try it!
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    Clan system suggestion/idea

    Hey everyone, I'd like to suggest a sort of a clan system, that can be on the site, so people can maybe have a clan profile page on this site, and also to be able to choose a clan tag to be in front of their names in the game. I honestly think this would help the community, maybe even encourage...
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    Some ideas that I hope to be in bannerlord

    Duel idea is def something id like too, i think it was in Viking Conquest, that nemesis system is also something i would love to see. Other suggestions are also not bad!