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    SP Native Other Kingdom Rework (a working title)

    Hello! I stumbled on your work which looks very fine indeed! Will definitely try it out.
    I have a question: have you tried, or know someone that has, to create new kingdoms and clans and entirely reassign the settlemnts and castles to the new clans? Or at least rename the old clans and reassign them in the new kingdoms..
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    Nice job breaking the economy

    Another point: the merchants in cities now have only a few thousand dernars to spend. I bought linen for 1600d, went to the next city that gives a 34d profit, and the city coud only buy for 1400d worth of linen cause they didn't have enough cash.....
    New save btw
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    What the F happened with this patch?!

    Anyone has city mechant with only a few thousand denars? I bought linen for 1600d, went to the next city that gives a 34d profit, the city could only buy 1400d worth of linen because they didn't have enough cash......
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    Becoming a merchant prince(ss)

    Both renown and influence can be earned through the trade perks already. Renown through either caravans or workshops. Influence from both caravans and workshops.

    You have to be lvl 125 and higher to obtain that. It'd be nice to have something similar earlier.
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    Becoming a merchant prince(ss)

    I've posted a similar thread in the character/clan forum. I totally agree with you on that. Combat shouldn't be the only way to obtain renown.
    Let's pull ourselves up on this forum :grin:
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    Ledger for Trading

    I would really love to see an ingame ledger where you can either manually input what you bought, how much you paid for it, and where you bought it. Or it could simply update automatically everytime you click "Done" in the trading window, and list the things you bought/sold, the amount and the average price you paid/earned. It would certainly add to my immersion instead of having to use an excel file for my character's bookkeeping.
    Yes please +++++1
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    Procedural Generated Clans

    Yes, lesser lords or vassal should be included. I feel like an actual hierarchy should be made. Higher tier clans should be able to vassalize smaller clans. This would also open the possibility that the king can be threatened from inside his own realm, thus alleviating the snowball effect.
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    Suggestion: Occasional Bad Judgement for NPCs

    I would give a hesitant +1 to this. While I agree that the current AI is robotic and boring, I would still like to maintain a sense of reason in their actions. I would like to see more lords be willing to be aggressive, especially where battles are concerned. Seeing a 350 man army run away from a 360 man army because of the numerical disadvantage, and have the battle only come to pass because a small band from the "larger" force breaks off to chase them down is extremely frustrating.

    It also leads to a very predictable battle outcome, where if you approach an enemy lord and he runs from you, you are pretty much guaranteed to crush him in a field engagement. If he starts moving towards you, then he's going to win. There isn't really a middle ground or any need for the player to consider what is arrayed against them.

    Perhaps include a wider range of "acceptable" power ratios to pursue a fight. Perhaps, say, a 40:60 odds to their disadvantage might still be appealing if they believe they can take a terrain advantage or something.

    +1 to that
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    Suggestion: Renown not only from combat

    Bannerlord offers a lot of different paths to take during your adventures in Calradia. You can start as a sellsword and do minor quests, become a champion of the arena, accumulate wealth by being a merchant or work your way up the social ladder by interacting with nobles. The issue is that if...
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    NPC's barter before battle

    +1. There would always be parley before a battle
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    Summer = war time. WINTER = socializing

    Just a little suggestion regarding lords running around fighting all the time.
    You could introduce seasonal behavior so war is mostly waged in the summer (perhaps supported by moral penalties and increase the food consumption in the winter to emulate attrition - I don't think loosing troops to frostbite will be a good idea for now.). In the winter the lords feast and socialize although a bold general might still attempt a daring winter assault on an enemy fortress.

    This could create a sort of flood and ebb effect and possibly stem the snowball effect a bit, due to everyone getting a chance of catching their breath with regular intervals. It would also give a good occasion to feast as the neighbors are less likely to attack during this time.

    Im not saying it should be hard rules, more like 80/20 ish. Or what testing proves sensible.

    Totally agree with you there mate. A bigger movement penalty would also help and make the player think twice before moving around in the snow. The AI lords should bring back their troops to towns, unless they have some kind of daring trait like said in the replies.
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