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    Player Faction Troops

    Well I went ahead and did the Module route, still lost but I have managed to be able to recruit my own troops from my factions villages.

    Tried figuring out the cf_reinforce_party section but it's a bit confusing compared to the guides I've seen with all the added diplomancy sections, as far as getting my towns/vassals to use my troops.

    I've changed the party_templates using kingdom 7 from doing the freelances to my troops but no on recruited freelancers to begin with in my prior games.
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    Player Faction Troops

    I'm wondering if someone can help me out with a simple way via the .txt files to make custom units recruitable for the player faction in villages owned by the player. Essentially I made 28 new units, basically condensing the best Tier 7 troops from each faction into 1 tree to create the player...
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    Sneaking into Towns?

    Phyro said:
    Is this now impossible? I have been saving/reloading to see if there is even a fraction of a chance at succeeding at this, but after about 30 tries the guards have discovered me EVERY time.

    How else am I supposed to rescue this Duke from Sarleon? I had a nearby town light a fire and everything. Not once have I been able to sneak in. Is this a bug? Or are my stats just not good enough?

    It is possible, haven't figured out what governs your chances. But Save/Reload most likely will never work given the RNG you are just loading the same variable over and over which is you getting caught.

    If you defeat the guards after being caught you can still continue with the rescue.
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    WARBAND - Questions About Tactics, Strategy and Overall Gameplay

    MIHAI said:
    thank you for the fix.

    also, does the cheat achevement reset? I mean I used one ctrl-H yesterday and one today (it was actualy a mistake  :grin:)?

    edit: do skills go over lvl 10? I have 8 leadership right now without the book or being king, so it will reach 10 after I do this, so shoul I invest in the elixires that increase charisma any more?

    Don't know about the Cheat achievement.

    Skills cap at "10" in game, the actual limit I believe is 15 but you have to edit the files to get that, and if you export/import nothing over 10 will work.
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    Hidden mines of el aziz help

    Check all the mountain/hilly spots on that side of the map. And pay extra attention in the snowy area, it might not stand out as well as was the case with my dad. He had to have me help him find it as well the other night.
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    Hidden mines of el aziz help

    With default Map orientation (Raverstern to the north) the East side of the map (where the Jatu primarily are) is where you'll find it. Check east of Poinsbruk all the way down that side.
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    WARBAND - Questions About Tactics, Strategy and Overall Gameplay

    MIHAI said:
    I've been trying to tweak my morale up, from 12 to 15 or 20... is there any way to do that? as I understand mb tweak is no good.

    get_player_party_morale_values -1
    54 1650 2 1224979098644774912 648518346341351424 2133 2 1224979098644774913 0 6 3 1224979098644774914 1 1224979098644774912 1652 3 1224979098644774915 648518346341351424 1224979098644774914 4 0 1507 1 1224979098644774915 2105 2 1224979098644774913 1 5 0 1653 3 1224979098644774916 648518346341351424 1224979098644774914 2105 2 1224979098644774913 1224979098644774916 3 0 3 0 2133 2 144115188075856824 1224979098644774913 2170 3 1224979098644774917 1369094286720630785 360287970189639680 4 0 31 2 144115188075856287 432345564227567630 522 3 1224979098644774918 144115188075856287 11 31 2 1224979098644774918 360287970189639680 2122 3 144115188075856825 1224979098644774917 15 5 0 2122 3 144115188075856825 1224979098644774917 12 3 0 2133 2 1224979098644774919 144115188075856825 2106 2 1224979098644774919 144115188075856824 2105 2 1224979098644774919 50 2133 2 144115188075856826 0 6 3 1224979098644774920 288230376151711854 288230376151711870 1 3 936748722493063448 1224979098644774920 41 527 3 1224979098644774921 1224979098644774920 1 2107 2 1224979098644774921 3 2108 2 1224979098644774921 2 2105 2 144115188075856826 1224979098644774921 3 0 2105 2 1224979098644774919 144115188075856826 4 0 31 2 144115188075856826 0 2133 2 144115188075856827 30 2106 2 1224979098644774919 144115188075856827 5 0 2133 2 144115188075856827 0 3 0 2133 2 144115188075856828 0 4 0 32 2 144115188075856754 0 1 1 936748722493063404 2133 2 1224979098644774922 72057594037927936 2122 3 144115188075856828 144115188075856754 10 2111 2 1224979098644774922 1 2108 2 144115188075856828 1224979098644774922 2112 3 144115188075856828 1 31 2106 2 1224979098644774919 144115188075856828 3 0 2112 3 1224979098644774919 0 100 2133 2 72057594037927936 1224979098644774919

    The above is taken from Scripts.txt

    PoP changed the script so TweakMB won't be able to pick it up. The two red numbers control how much morale you get per point of leadership. The first number 15 controls how much morale per point of leadership you get when you are your own sovereign (Haven't tested to see if it works as a vassal, but don't think so). So basically when you run your own kingdom you get 15 moral per point of leadership. The second number 12 controls how much morale you get per point of leadership by default, when you aren't your own king.

    caligula123 said:

    how do i make peace as sovereign king with other factions without a castle/town ?

    The only way with out a minister to send a diplomat is to approach the king of the faction personally and request peace. However unless you are kicking their butt I doubt they will grant it.

    Ryke said:
    Don't know if this has been asked before so go easy on me but is there a way for you to take a fief from a lord you convinced to join you through diplomacy or any option to take your fiefs back from the lord you gave them too?. Also while im here might as well say this mod is amazing on the hardest difficulty and really provides a good challenge :smile:.

    The only way to take the fiefs from your vassals would be if you charge them with treason and kick them out of your faction as far as I know.
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    Lock happy

    I agree somewhat with the original post, but definitely not with how he/she presents their argument.

    Sticky topics are nice and all. But who wants to read through 73 pages to see if their question was answered or even asked? Basically the easiest (not really) thing would be to have a game manual with all the information about the game.

    I know there are 2 separate wiki's for the game as is, but neither are complete.

    Maybe when the mod was first released a list of all features was detailed, and people who have followed it since then know what the mod is about. But for someone like me who came in with v3.205 trying to find all the features/changes/whatever it is pretty hard. The 2 incomplete wiki's helped somewhat. The monster 65 and 73 page stickies helped some too. The FAQ was nice as well, but it isn't complete and like the wiki's holds outdated information as well it seems.

    And it is hard to tell what is outdated and what isn't. Personally I learn and adapt pretty quickly, and do a fair job about finding my own answers. However I've got my dad and my best friend hooked on the mod as well and am having to explain everything to them whenever they have a question.

    I know the devs for the mod are very busy, and have more in their lives than just the mod. So hoping for an updated wiki/faq whatever is a lot of work. I do believe that it is easier to search multiple topics than one gigantic topic for people to find their answers. Especially given the forums search feature, and using google as well (For those that don't know how "site:forums.taleworlds.com Pendor How do I become a knight")
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    mp84 said:
    StrikeQ said:
    On a new game near the beginning, riding around I saw 2 Lords imprisoned at Ansen Lodge (Next to Javiksholm) however they are inside the cages/behind the bars and I am unable to talk with them to initiate the break out.

    Did make sure you talk to the Guard and ask for his "keys" then defeat him and enter the prison?

    As the only way you can break Lords out of the prison they are in, is by talking to the Prison Guard, asking for his Keys, then fighting him and after he is defeated, take his keys, then enter inside the building.

    If for some reason you still can't talk to the prisoners to free em after you have done that, then it most likely a hardcoded Warband bug that there may be nothing we can do about.

    Yes, I have the keys.

    tbj28 said:
    You have to position your self right at the bars slightly to your left and look down ish before you can talk to the lords in that spot even if you got keys somehow you gotta look at the right spot so the "talk" option shows up. You got the same problem as me in my games as that castle.

    I tried various angles, I assumed there was some such. Guess I'll have to try harder.
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    On a new game near the beginning, riding around I saw 2 Lords imprisoned at Ansen Lodge (Next to Javiksholm) however they are inside the cages/behind the bars and I am unable to talk with them to initiate the break out.
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    Talk to your Minister
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    If you scroll down a bit it shows:


    Download Link:

    Note that the download includes a readme in Word format that covers all of the stories, features and credits.

    It is a bit confusing.
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    Bug Reports and known issues v2.3

    Caba`drin said:
    @DarkCoiote & lfish:
    Thanks for the details on the Bandit Lair quest. Now I know what I'm looking for.

    I've only had this happen once (was repeatable) but in 2.2 - I held a feast in my Castle at the Sarranid Lands (As a Rhodok Vassal). While there I asked the Lords if they had any tasks for me. One was to clean out a nearby bandit lair. I figured it happened because bandit's and their lairs can't spawn in the Sarranid section of the map.
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    Where can I learn the commands for battle?

    callahan9119 said:
    Thanks, why rebind the key?

    And if I understand you correctly, you have your two companions flee? My guys get KTFO alot in battle, are they losing skills? Also from your PM to me, does my companions int translate to me? I didn't understand that, but my new guys int is only 6 as you said it wasn't important but I want to be able to get training high.

    I'm thinking of following your advice about making a "trade" focused guy, but think I might need to buff up my combat skills a bit before dumping alot into that.

    I assume he mentioned rebinding the key so it is closer to hit. However given the keyboard I use it's not a problem.

    My groups are usually:
    1: Infantry
    2: Archers
    3: Crossbows
    4: Calvary (Companions made to fight are part of this)
    5: Support (Companions used for skills are part of this, I keep them back so their skills still work. My Medic/Engineer/Trader etc that aren't combat oriented)

    If a companion gets knocked out/has less than 20% health (might be higher) their skills do not work.

    As for the trade character, you can relegate that to a companion and not focus it on yourself as it is a party skill. Same with all party skills really.

    However "Trainer" is valuable to have on everyone as the exp stacks and helps build higher tier units.
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    I've played myself into corner!

    Larmantine said:
    If you want to rebel, then spoil the relationship whit your king, then conquer a center, and when you ask it for urself, i think that if the relation with liege is smaller, then smaller the chances you gonna get that castle/town. And then if he refuses to give you the fief comes the option of rebelling. Not sure about that relation stuff, but i would give it a try.

    I was a vassal for the Rhodoks, and finally was strong enough I wanted to strike out on my own but keep my fiefs. I conquered a castle and 2 cities of the Sarranids and asked for them. King denied 2 of them, and gave one. Of those he denied I never had the option to rebel. Which seems to be a prevalent bug in the game (not just this mod) for a lot of people.

    Azrooh said:
    Find a claimant, accept the quest, and then abandon it. That's the fastest way, and it's how I always do it.

    When the above did not work for me, I went this route. However it just made me the "Rhodok Rebels" and I was unable to be a king/get a minister nor change my faction's name.

    Eventually I used a tweak to up my party size to over 1000, turned on cheats so I could teleport around. I emptied all my fiefs of their garrisons, asked the Doge to release me, then attacked a villager to lower my rep, and finally took back all my fiefs. Put the garrisons back, undid the tweak and turned off cheats. Now I am my own king.

    Though I did not know I'd lose 2/3 of my treasury when turning in my vassalage, so for others make sure you empty that too.
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