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  1. TaleWorlds, We Need a New Mexxico

    I assume the vast majority of refunds would be denied though, considering most fans of the mount and blade series will have 100+ hours in Bannerlord, but I've never tried it so I don't know.

    I've refunded two games on steam. They were both after 2 hours and both accepted. My reasonings were "Wow these games pissed me off"

    Steam gets pissy if you refund too much. And if you have 100 hour in a game, yeah they are gonna tell you no.
  2. TaleWorlds, We Need a New Mexxico

    I'm pretty sure over half of these people have played FAR too long to even consider refunding it. Also Like what Qwerrecd42 said, or well pasted, we were lead to believe that we would help with the development of the game. That there would be communication between consumer and dev.

    And yes, we don't like this game. At least I don't, but I like the idea and style of it. So we're here to either try to help and improve this game or watch it crash further into a greater ball of fire.

    And sure. Maybe. MAYBE, the devs have better things to do then read our complaints. Yet they had a year to read some of the most famous threads in this forum, those that been here since the beginning, that offered suggestions to improve this game. And they were ignored. And if they aren't improving this game, what are they doing?

    Few of the complaints are very novel, and most are expressed in vauge "THIS IS BAD! DO BETTER! YOU SUCK! I WANT MORE STUFF!" Which is utterly meaningless as critique, there's nothing you can act on here. And then there are the people who **** on every new content addition because they are more invested in the game being bad then looking for it to be better that taleworlds should do the opposite of listen to.
  3. Lots of Lag and General Performance Issues

    Hey, we improved it a lot in the 1.5.10 beta. Were you playing the 1.5.9? Also for people playing 1.5.10, does it feel as good as the "previous versions (very old as @KingEroc1st mentioned)" or do you think it was better before?
    As always thank you for your feedback!
    I skipped out on a lot of patches, but the menu lag is worse in 1.5.10 then it was for me in 1.5.5
  4. When is TWs actually going to add a major feature?

    If you had actual arguments, you would have argued something instead of trying to impress with edginess and silly personal attacks.

    Your arguments are "Caaasuals are ruining my gaaaaaames" and vacillations to justify hating the 'casuals' (whoever they are). They aren't serious enough to engage. I have more chance to squeeze blood from a stone then I am to get actual arguments out of you. You are doing the equivalent of an old person complaining that the state of the world is due to young people being lazy.
  5. When is TWs actually going to add a major feature?

    Rebellion is poorly thought out. The player can capture a town without forming a kingdom. This then gives complete immunity from encroachment. Taken to the extreme, a player could slowly capture the whole of Calradia without ever having to defend.

    A more complete version would include more consequences. For e.g on capturing a town, the player could be confronted by representatives from the neighbouring kingdoms along the lines of "Hey that's a nice town you have there. A pity if someone were to ransack it".Or "Thanks for liberating MY town. I'd like to have it back."

    And refusal will naturally lead to war. That'd force the player to either sell the town, give it up, join them or go to war.
    This might be something they can actually add. It doesn't seem like a major feature like some of what people are demanding (Not that they demand anything specific, just that the features be 'major'. And feature that does get added doesn't count though, for it is not major).
    Right! None of the mechanics are layered. Its just one shallow mechanic after another. There is no payoff for anything the player does, no sense of accomplishment. Its a remarkable achievement in complete and total failure.
    Sense of accomplishment is in the eye of the beholder, and like, neither you nor steveyboi will ever find it because you are already predisposed to hating the game. Tis already too late for you, move on to other games, the fun will never be there for you.

    I will post whatever I want, not interested in your feedback thanks.

    When can we expect your next thread complaining about women in the game?
    @guiskj You are wrong about the motivation for taking control from the player, this is not some kind of weird tech/UX experiment. The Taleworlds intent is to make the game simpler and more accessible for wider audience and sometimes they achieve this by simplifying features and removing complex player actions, because casuals may be confused by complex things.
    It's definitely a wrong way to go about making the game accessible. You can keep the depth and complexity, but still make the game casual-friendly if the complex features are not necessary to play the game, but add to the experience. Taleworlds are stupid and don't care about their core fans.
    Edit: Just look at this TW dev thinking about the battle size slider and it will become clear why they do stupid things.

    You sound like someone Jim sterling mocks in his commentocracy bits. You are a meme sir, and it is tragic that you are also a real person.

    "Caaaasuals are ruuuuuuining video gaaaaames"
  6. The endless waiting

    I mean, if you literally can't run the game at an acceptable framerate, then that's kinda messed up and you should definitely hit up tech support

    If you can run the game and just don't like it, well, tough nuts, the game ain't changing that much. This is the game we got. You might get feasts, you might get a bit more to do as king. But not a lot more. This is the shape of the game.
  7. Is the Forum a pit of disappointment? Yes it is :]

    But then you could use Influence to buy bandit troops which earns you Infamy that decreases your Prosperity but gives you a monthly bonus to Terror and if you earn enough Terror, you unlock evil dialogs that increase your Conquerness which you can spend to stake a claim on enemy fiefs unless your Civility is higher than your Lawfulness and it's Tuesday.
    There's all of one current game using this sort of mana.

    If anything I would see Paradox Interactive, which by the way published Mount & Blade back in the days. Yes I know they are notorious for being unorthodox on their DLCs but still, they cater a PC audience and most of the games published under this company are quite mod-friendly and as far as I know the company is doing pretty well.

    I really don't know their current relationship with TW as of now but I'm pretty sure at some point they would be interested to make a concept out of it.
    It fits pretty well their " Strategy first " vision too.

    PDox treats their non PDS (the dev studio) like absolute **** and burn those bridges pretty much immediately. They are terrible publishers, despite how much I love their dev studio's games.
  8. Is the Forum a pit of disappointment? Yes it is :]

    That's a subjective statement.

    After I played Bannerlord for a while, and was disappointed, I asked myself the same thing.
    I asked myself wether Warband (native) really was so much better than Bannerlord or if that was just my imagination from all the time I played with mods.

    I started another game in Warband (native) and at first I thought; hell, Warband sure has some issues.
    It's graphics are horrible, the randomized battle maps with their extremely unrealistic steep mountains were a pain in the butt and a lot of the issues I was complaining about in Bannerlord are present in Warband as well (mostly AI related).

    But after an hour the magic reappeared.
    There is far less of a grind. If you know what to do you can get going relatively quickly compared to Bannerlord and if you play intelligently you can even with just some dozen men swing the fate of wars (or at least try to). Also whilst the game had it's problems, at least it was playable. No broken sieges, less ridiculus steam rolling and most importantly of all: a degree of depth and immersion Bannerlord does not posess. Laugh about feasts and the like all you want. But they had their place and were important to worldbuilding.

    Use the tools available to skip the grind. I mean they literally just dumped most of the worst grind in the game just now and a while ago opened up an easy way to get into holding territory. You get up ready and quick fast in bannerlord.

    No broken sieges? Mate, sieges would bug out plenty.

    What depth and immersion? Feasts? Is that depth and immersion? A mechanic I have put on hard ignore for YEARS. I guess the companions had more personality because they weren't procedurally generated and had things to say during the game. I do miss them, though I barely remember the vanilla ones I have fond memories on the pendor ones (the mod I played the most)

    What steam rolling? The stuff they fixed?

    The UI in warband is strict worse, there's no subjectivity in this one. The battles are worse, unless I guess you are some wierdo who hates having more options and formations and less weird terrain. And, shocking, without mods warband diplomacy and kingdom management gave you LESS to do than what is in bannerlord right now.

    There are not many things vanilla warband did better than current bannerlord. Most of your issues are pretty dated.
  9. Is the Forum a pit of disappointment? Yes it is :]

    Viking Conquest (official mod) was the best Mount and Blade for me. BL is objectively a step down, albeit with better graphics and UI.
    I enjoyed viking conquest, but it also felt enough on rails to make replayability less exciting. But it has been a while and I think they did a few changes since last I played it
  10. Is the Forum a pit of disappointment? Yes it is :]

    I think this partly boils down to Bannerlord being a decent game unless you've played Warband. The Warband-people probably, and with good reason, expected a lot more from Bannerlord than what we currently have. I mean, if you had told me three years ago that stuff like feasts wouldn't be in the game, I would call you crazy. Now... oh well.

    Warband is a worse game in most regards until you mod it.

  11. Why Is This Forum Section So Toxic?

    To be fair the critics were screaming babies that scared the dev's away... they just happened to also be very correct in what they were saying.

    Being a baby doesn't mean you don't have a good point... and this forum has done plenty of both.

    No one takes being brigaded and keeps interacting well with the brigade
  12. Some Suggestions from ItalianSpartacus

    Following a youtuber is not a replacement for critical thinking. The community here had already a comprehensive list of changes it wants (and widely agrees on) and it didn't matter much.
    If a youtuber has more say with Taleworlds, then maybe we should all just try to send our community suggestions to youtubers, instead of Taleworlds.
    I puzzle why taleworlds would prefer to interface with someone with a bit of professionalism as opposed to a collection of howling monkeys, some shouting contradictory things, and one or two ranting about the wimmenz.
  13. The new Garrison recruitment is pretty awful. Need a *NO* Option ASAP, suggestion or bug, not sure so it goes here...

    Well if you look at real world sieges. There was some that took years. Even with the time progression in Bannerlord, its way to fast.
    The sieges that took years are an outlier.
  14. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    I;'m getting menu lag too. I'm muscling through it, but it is annoying. It feels like the game is trying to load too much in menus
  15. If not Bannerlord .......... then what is the current " best MB experience " ?

    Battle Brothers was/is a top game!

    I don't get a big Mount & Blade vibe from it, but still lots of fun.
    I spent 3 hours once killing the kraken only for the fight to not end after I killed it, leaving me to have to redo the whole thing.

    I deleted the game off my PC after that XD XD
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