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    Poll: Why Does Bannerlord Still Feel Like it Lacks Personality and Soul?


    ...Because we coming from 10 years of Warband mods implementations and we expected that all this stuff were put in Bannerlord, but probably all this wasn't on TW plans...or on consoles porting plans...M2C
    After SO long in development... it is completely normal and reasonable to expect Bannerlord to be deeper than Warband plus some of the most popular warband mods.
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    Are we ever going to get more customization options for our clan banner?

    Yeah, it's a small thing but so needed and wanted. Surely would be a quick and easy thing to mod , too?
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    Poll: Why Does Bannerlord Still Feel Like it Lacks Personality and Soul?

    But to answer you more directly... I don't think the game needs to be more characterful. I think the game is primarily a tactical battle simulator. The bits in between are there to give a little strategic overlay to support that. Others seem to want Bannerlord to be this giant immersive RPG. But it isn't that, and never will be. This is the key conceptual difference that seems to lead to most of the complaining here.

    So improvements I want to see are around making the battles function better. I really don't care for any of that lore/quest/story junk. It does enough to make the battles plausible. That's about all it needs to be. Now if you make a thread that asks "what needs to happen to make battles better" I'd have a few suggestions.

    Ah well this the real point of disagreement. The truth is that Bannerlord is actually a hybrid.

    It's a tactical battle simulator, and part strategy game (moving your armies around the map etc.), and part RPG (reasonably deep character creation, different cultures, courtship and marriage, children, death, feuding nobles struggling for power etc).

    Of course battles are really important and they are a core feature of the game - but they are just one part of what mount and blade has always been about.

    I think it's a shame you consider the lore and story to be "junk" as you put it. For me, those things are a large part of what makes the game different and unique.

    If Mount and Blade was only about hack and slash, bash and charge, then it would have died long ago as a franchise.

    So, you see it as primarily about the battles. well ok. However, I think on the forums, you will find that that is quite a minority view. (Maybe with one or two exceptions - like Lucius Confucius).
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    Poll: Why Does Bannerlord Still Feel Like it Lacks Personality and Soul?

    Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms or supports one's prior beliefs or values

    I.e. "I was already disappointed in the game, so this update is likely to reinforce my disappointment"
    Thanks. Yes, I do get the meaning of the term.

    I wanted to see if people agree or not...and to determine if I only have part of the picture here ... (which I'm sure is probably the case). I thought that resulting discussions would be interesting to read.

    Anyway, let's not quibble about semantics and definitions.

    To get back on topic ... what do you think the game needs to feel more characterful?
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    Poll: Why Does Bannerlord Still Feel Like it Lacks Personality and Soul?

    This poll needs a "confirmation bias" option.
    Well I don't really need further confirmation that the game is rather bland and lacks a certain 'heart'. I mean it's blindingly obvious to anyone who plays it .... or compares it to Viking Conquest.

    The only questions are : why does this continue to be the case after all this development time?... and how could this realistically be fixed and changed? (By TW ..... or more likely by modders)
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.3

    What do you mean by first parts?
    it will be implemented and brought in .... but in phases. Not all at once.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.3

    I'm waiting until they actually fix major things and add the 1st parts of the battle terrain system. Until then, no point playing. Go back to sleep everyone.
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    Poll: Why Does Bannerlord Still Feel Like it Lacks Personality and Soul?

    Because it does, lmao?
    How ****ing hard would it be to give an intern an hour of time to write up some ****ing lore that isn't just "yeah all these factions we're including in this one conflict to not leave anyone out are all fighting for some reason idk"
    I know! The whole thing about this "battle of Pendraic" is just SO obviously thought up and written in 5 minutes.

    It just feels like very lazily created lore.
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    Poll: Why Does Bannerlord Still Feel Like it Lacks Personality and Soul?

    All in the title. Would value your thoughts. Probably. lol.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

    Thing is we should be told what's going on with 1.6.3 and not left to just wonder and watch Steam DataBase. It shows TW's abysmal communication ... yet again.
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    Why are the steam reviews so good?

    The sad truth is that gamers are used to average or mediocre games these days. Their standards have dropped HUGELY since the early 2000's.

    Real quality and real game depth are not expected ... so even a half-decent game gets rated as "very positive".

    So in Bannerlord's case, it's : " Does it have big swords and axes and big battles? Yes. Does it look quite nice? Yes. Is it (sort of) 'open-world' ? Yes."

    Today's gamers: " OK then - very positive!"

    That's the sad truth of it.

    (Example: recently 'Aliens Fireteam Elite' was rated as 'very positive' - an utterly repetitive game with absolutely no variation or soul whatsoever)

    (This recent thread is quite insightful and thoughtful about perceived game depth and how many people see Bannerlord vs Warband: - I think that he's spot on.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

    This (week after week of minor hotfixes) is why TaleWorlds have absolutely no chance at all of making even their new and revised release date.
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    Actually managing villages is there any hope?

    I have seen some excellent mods though which provide a lot more purpose to villages.
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    Bannerlord was a gift

    I don't think you are a troll, even if you say you are. I think you are genuinely disappointed by the game and share your frustrations with this board. I went in with zero expectations and was pleasantly surprised by Bannerlord and its scale.

    Also, don't put words in my mouth. I'm not interested in only battles, I do care about diplomacy, just don't want something that will be so involved that you have to plan for hours before getting to a battle. But that's for another thread.

    I agree that there are things that can be improved in the game, I am not a complete fan-boy even if it may appear like it sometimes. I too want some new features and improvements for the game. Slightly longer and grittier battles is one. And an end to the jittering that occurs in battle is another.

    "I'm not only interested in battles" ..... but the "new features and improvements" I would like for the game.. are both about battles.
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    Bannerlord was a gift

    This thread was only made because the OP is clearly envious of the 72K views and 2K replies gained by the original thread : "Bannerlord was a
    g r ift"

    Just a troll.

    Really, its quite pathetic. I guess we should feel sorry for people like this.
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