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    I'm genuinely curious.... why is it so difficult to get troops going up ladders and siege towers correctly?

    I mean I know it depends on the structure of the castle and the walls.... but come on.... surely it can't be that hard? or ...... do you think they are just waiting until the game is fully 'scened' and all of the castles are 'in-game' before they finally go and fix it?
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    Let me discuss with you my personal thoughts!

    Yeah, I'm not sure Mexxico was actually fired. I think he just had a fixed-term contract. Although , of course, I'm not sure... and have no inside knowledge. Just going on what other people said.

    I agree with everything pretty much said by the OP


    we are just before a patch... and people have been waiting a long time since the last meaningful update. So discontent in general is high. Frustration is at a peak. But , as long as the next patch brings some significant changes , then post-patch... people will feel more positive again.

    It's a cycle..... and we are in the sh * tty bit right now.
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    Honestly, this thread should be locked now.

    Nothing constructive at all is being discussed.

    Then he can go back and play Call of Duty Zombies.
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    I won't dispute that everyone has their own unique taste, but I want to express some points. I see that cod bo3 right now is 60 euro on steam, and bannerlord 50. Cod bo3 is a 2015 game, and it's still so expensive. Also the COD franchise is notorious for copy-pasting their game yearly just to grab more money, basically reuploading the same game with not much effort. I didn't play much CoD, but I remember some were good and also fun to watch on youtube (especially the old zombies series with plenty of youtubers, really fun), but to me the old games look better than cod bo3 at least.

    Anyhow, bannerlord is a now 1-year early access game, so it's not fair to compare the 2. I don't know how CoD BO3 is right now, but I'm sure it got its fair share of updates. The game has only 78% reviews of all time, but it has 91% in the last 30 days, so you can be sure it was way worse in the beginning as well (I can see it got some zombie updates throughout time, as an example).

    Here's a review from 2015 from a guy that's really into good/immersive games.
    But for more casual gamers he may not be the best to watch, yet take it as another perspective. Personally I love the guy.

    So what I want to say is, in 1-2 years Bannerlord will be an amazing, and way more fun game and optimized than it is now. The modding possibility will create some really good things for the game too. You may even have zombies :wink: But if you're not into this kind of game, sure, a refund would be a good idea. Yet if you do like the game, or warband, but you just don't like the lack of polish or optimization on your machine, it may be worth not refunding. But, you can always buy it back if anything, so do what you think is best.
    Yes, Mack is a true review God.

    Someone who really knows games and understands true quality. Couldn't agree more with him. As mack points out very well... over the years COD has just become a bad joke... almost like a cartoon, more than a real war game.
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    Ok, but I will call Taleworlds and people like you, who are trying to defend this affaire against community, thieves and liars
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    Shut up idiot. This game is already 1 year in development and we still have unfinished and broken product despite they promised us, that EA would be only during 1y. I have broken and dead MP, insufficient optimization, which is worse then on EA release and poor support.
    Ah insults and calling people names now hmm?

    Grow up .. and deal with reality.
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    No one is going to give you a refund.

    Nor should they. Early access means....(you guessed it) early access.
    Development is often slow, there will be many bugs - some of them will be 'game-breaking' ones. It's standard. It's normal. It's just part of the development process.

    I am also frustrated with the speed of development, I think we all are. But that does not mean that I should get a refund... especially when I have played the game for many hours already.

    This thread is like a kid saying " BUT I WANT AN ICE- CREAM!!! .... NOT A MILKSHAKE !! .... and I WANT IT NOW ! "
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    Which Cosmetic Changes Would be Important for You?

    yes, Banner design and choice being VASTLY increased is a must.

    Absolutely agree.
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    Which Cosmetic Changes Would be Important for You?

    We all know the big things that the game needs : more scenes, sieges to be fixed, diplomacy, AI... the dire need for new mule and chicken textures 😉 But I was thinking... it would be interesting to ask you fine human beings which smaller or more cosmetic changes you would personally like to...
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    Will there be a Taleworld statement

    And that is exactly what we have become.
    True.... but somewhat predicable....and a totally avoidable situation for TW.
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    Setting up Camp in Bannerlord

    It feels like this is a feature that has been forgotten by the devs ... and might never happen.

    I wonder how easy or hard it would be to mod in the ability to make camp? Any modders here with thoughts on it?
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    Will there be a Taleworld statement

    Yeah, not a word. Their predictable silence says a lot.

    Just pathetic really.
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    Will there be a Taleworld statement

    I honestly don't think they value their community enough for a statement like that to ever be given. The impression I get is that they see the community as necessary but a pain in the ass.
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    Do you Think Bannerlord Will be More 'Feature Complete' than Warband was When it Leaves EA?

    I get conflicting messages from Bannerlord. On one hand we have a feature to continue playing as an heir, which would indicate that the plan was for us to spend a lot of time on a single save, but on the other hand, it looks like no effort was really put in on anything past early game, I end up abandoning saves before getting to experience the heir feature as I get bored by fighting AI lords over and over again.

    It would give me some peace of mind if they said they planned to focus development on adding stuff for early, then mid and then work on late game activities.

    As for feature complete, we have no way of knowing what TaleWorlds considers feature complete, we only get a list for what they will work on during this cycle (Statement for Single Player thread).

    On the hard code complaint, there is some stuff that it would be nice to have a proper way of doing, instead of finding a work around, like custom skeletons for races other than human and there is poorly written code and parts of code that aren't easily accessible, but it does not make modding impossible, it just requires a lot more work and the bigger the changes the more fragile they are to changes in code.

    As an example of what I meant, some time ago I was looking into replacing troops equipment and I found out that copying the entry that defined a soldier and changing its equipment wasn't enough, it wouldn't prevent the previous equipment from being loaded and it would mix both my changes and the default. If I wanted only my version to be considered, I would have to find where it was being loaded and rewrite that part of the code to clear the equipment list before adding mine. It worked but rewriting it was annoying because there was plenty of poorly written code (like variables with undescriptive names such as flag1, flag2, node1, node2) and I had to make sure it was working exactly as the original plus + changes. One or two patches later they changed the format and code for equipment and I would have to do the same thing over again.

    Did the changed / reformatted code format in the end still have undescriptive variables? or is it better now? (A better quality of code I mean)
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