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    F&S Bugs Thus far

    my party size limit keeps dropping from 100 plus to 56, keeping the soldiers I had before (example: 111/63), this ruins every gameplay, it happens EVERY TIME. It stops me from recruiting anyone else and applies the 63 max limit if my army size goes under this number. Lost a bunch of saves with hundreds of days of gameplay. Its unfixable. Nothing changes these numbers, not even cheats. someone help me to solve this pls
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    My man would like a word about your purse and belongings

    My man would like a word about your purse and belongings
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    tamanho da party 107/63??

    o tamanho máximo da minha party era 130. Do nada, ele diminuiu para 63, mantendo os 107 soldados que eu já possuía, portanto, o tamanho meu exército aparece assim: 107/63. Não consigo recrutar ninguém, e se meu ecército fica abaixo de 63 soldados, também eu não consigo recrutar ninguém além...
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    Unresolved Party size 107/63 ??????

    here's the problem: my party size was 124 at some point, and then, all of the sudden, I dropped to 63, but keeping the 107 soldiers I had before, so the party size is being displayed like this: 107/63, can't recruit anyone. My charisma is 13, my renown is 30, my leadership is 4. In the party...
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