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    1.8.0 balance and stupid changes.

    Recent playthroughs
    - Sturgia, Batania, Western/Northern Empire are reduced to only a few holdings
    - Vlandia and Southern Empire usually top kingdoms
    - Aserai and Khuzait maintain starting strength

    We really need Kingdom mergings or destructions as we have same old issue of Kingdom remains just ruling clan
    and 3 mercenary companies they somehow maintain despite having no holdings.

    Defensive alliances between weaker kingdoms be nice as well.
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    Skills 1.80 and Onwards

    Thoughts and discussion on how skills are currently implemented and suggestions for future changes. Gonna just focus on Stewardship, Roguery, and Trade; feel free to add in own thoughts if ya want. Stewardship This is the big one I think needs an overhaul. Currently feels redundant and...
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    Economy Changes with 1.8 and onwards

    Salutations merchants of Calradia

    We have been working on some changes regarding the economy of Calradia for some time. With the new patch we can finally share those changes with you.

    So we wanted to take this opportunity to share the changes as well as the reasons, rationale and limitations behind them.

    To properly explain where the changes came from we need to start with the existing problems.

    First of all `economy` in this sense is about trade goods, caravans and workshops so mostly trade. Equipment wages and loot values are a separate topic. Surely it is still related but they are sequestered enough to be handled separately to a decent degree.

    So what are the primary issues we thought we should prioritize?

    • Over stocking of trade goods in towns. This is the mother of all problems. Its causes are many but its effects are more.
      • With abundance of trade goods in town markets, price index drops to very low.
      • Its not only about a single trade good being in stock in huge quantities, but also every trade good being available in pretty much every town in about 5 years.
    • Low profit margins. Low price index means profit margins are low as well.
    • Caravans and workshops have limited potential profits.
    • Workshop variety has limited effect.
    • Variety between town markets is not high, making the game world less interesting.
    • Market homogeneity limiting trade opportunities, limiting how much profit player can make as the games goes on.
    • With limited profits Trade skill xp gain is also curbed severely, making it harder than intended to increase trade skill.
    • Trade gameplay in general is less rewarding even for making money compared to more mainstream methods.
    Just went through two quick play throughs of 1.8 and these issues are still quite prevalent.
    While companions assigned to trade caravans do acquire more trade SP than before, the world economy becomes stale after roughly
    the first year of gameplay and trade no longer becomes a truly viable means of income.
    Even with all the perks I could give them, workshops would not go above 450 income and they would erratically lose all value
    fast, leading to constantly changing what type of shop they were in the hopes of making profit.

    Some questions/suggestions I have about trade

    1) Would it be possible to have events that introduce scarcity or demand of goods? Like droughts that significantly reduce the amount of crops produced, luxury goods becoming in demand within certain cultures for certain period, or seasons having more profound effects on good productions?
    I ask because unless the world is introduced to devastation via raids or sieges, the economy becomes stagnant and the value of goods remains the same across the map. If random events were a new variable, I wonder if that could add spice to trade.

    2) Workshops have had a level indicator next to them for the entirety of EA, wondering what is planned to do with that or if that is just a placeholder text.

    3) Is the amount of caravans an issue in maintaining variety in town goods? Each town seems to have at least 3 caravans, and within the first few weeks the value of goods drops dramatically. Sounds extremely basic, but have you considered limiting the amount of npc traders to help out with variety?

    4) Caravans simply aren't worth your time later in game as they are immediately destroyed while at war or by bandit parties. Unless caravans are made neutral parties that are only attacked by bandits or have an option to have an even larger caravan party, this will remain true as even bandit parties will have around 25-50 troops.

    5) The main character and companions need more methods of receiving trade SP in the games current state. Owning profitable caravans/workshops, being a governor and having caravans/villagers enter settlements, or just boost the amount of SP earned. Trade growth currently caps around 150-180, and unless you make it your primary objective to further boost it, it just plateaus.
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    1.80 Beta issues and suggestions

    Hmmmm the problem is TW has said these kinds of things are wired to the player too (I guess meaning to much resources to make separate changes or just not wanted), 200 influence is not enough for being vassals and getting your way consistently (plus is can be really good to just donate for charm skill) and spending more on policies will be very very very annoying when you are a ruler and need to pass like 10 of them to make you kingdom happy n healthy before you start making/taking vassals. I think other solutions to influence bloat could be making AI need better troops before being summoned to an army (so less constant armies) and "no repeated propositions, war requests" cutting down having vassals propose the same things too often. Of course if they made it vassals pay more but not ruler (Yes I mean even more of a difference then now) that could work too.
    - 200 per tier is more than enough, that would be a cap of 400 by Tier 1 (minimum to join a kingdom) and 1200 by Tier 6.

    - Also the policy issues to make your Kingdom actually thrive would not be so much of an issue if the policies had cultural traits like I mentioned to make voting for proposals to increase loyalty actually viable. Currently all voting goes the same way, making over half the policies impossible unless starting a kingdom and having sole sway.

    - Influence bloat needs to be countered by making armies actually cost significant influence, making voting meaningful with its required influence, and to use influence currency for other things besides armies/voting. Having a cap on the amount of influence possible and increasing its value will also cut down on non-stop wars and policy declarations.
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    1.80 Beta issues and suggestions

    Bugs - Character world map portraits either have glowing red eyes or their eyes are closed - Clan parties told to disband do not immediately do so, and may continue onwards for some time. - Spouses do not have access to trainer skill reallocation. - Army members do not purchase food while in...
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    Lords not dying on patch 1.7

    Lords and Companion Deaths are possible, but much rarer then before. I think it's at a good level at the moment in terms of the % chance. What I saw in a 400 day campaign was around 8 noble deaths.
  7. StaceMcGate

    Kingdom Relations/Voting 1.70

    1) Donating noble prisoners still generates relation gains with clans. -- This leads to cheese tactics in which the player can generate hundreds of points of relation gains with clans, far outpacing any other method of gaining relations with clans. Donating noble prisoners should only...
  8. StaceMcGate

    Lord defections still make no sense

    Does seceding or defecting increase depending on relative power compared to other kingdoms as a rubberband mechanic to prevent Kingdoms dominating one another?
  9. StaceMcGate

    What 1.66 Needs

    Took some feedback from previous thread and played the beta to get a better sense of what is being worked on. Here's my copium and venting method in ways I think the game could be drastically improved without major overhauls. Don't expect folks to read the whole thing, just pick a topic and...
  10. StaceMcGate

    Clan Rank & Renown

    In this thread I'll talk about the following issues I see regarding Clan tiers and renown, and what I feel needs to be implemented to flush out these mechanics. 1) The unbalanced rate at which the player accumulates renown 2) Introducing a new stat for measuring nobility/right to rule 3)...
  11. StaceMcGate

    What the next patch needs

    Came back to check out the game after nearly 6 months, here's what I believe needs to be prioritized in future patches (feel free to disagree in comments) All of these I've mentioned before, but trying to maintain a glimmer of hope these get addressed. 1) Give Lords unique battle behaviors...
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    Prison breaks are AWFUL

    We need a quest for saving a relative/friend from a prison. It'll make much more sense then.
    Yeah, there should be a quest similar to that, but like I said, prison breaks need adjusting to not be so luck-of-the-draw. They would be a nightmare on Ironman where the prisoner just runs at the nearest guard ahead of you and dies in one hit.
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    Improve peace negotiations

    Only issue I could see with the bartering system before is you could barter with ANY vassal to sue for peace which seems wrong.

    If we could send a emissary or diplomat companion on a mission to barter for peace this could remedied. Add an option to initiate a barter, they return in a few days with the demands of the Ruler and you could either accept or decline.
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    Smithing Crafting Bug (e.1.6.0)

    This is a known bug pending a hotfix we all hope comes soon
    Thank you for telling me
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    Prisoners and Ransoms

    In this thread I'm detailing current issues with the Prisoner and Ransom systems as well as giving suggestions on how to improve these mechanics Prisoners Donating/Ransoming troops: Ransoming off troops has diminishing returns as game progresses, they are more hassle than they are worth in...
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