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  1. Greece.

    VonTwat said:
    Gestricius said:
    That'll make Turkey want to join the EU even more.  :iamamoron:
    Honestly, even Turkey would be a better EU member than what Greece currently is. If there was a vote to either keep Greece or replace it with Turkey, I'd gladly embrace our new Turkish brothers into the union. :lol:
    In the end, we're all TURK.
  2. Grand Theft Auto V

    Teofish said:
    Reminds me of a quote from someone somewhere. "It's ok to be right, but you can't go around shoving it in people's faces all the time:" :razz:
    But what would be the point of being right if that were the case?
  3. Elder Scrolls 5:Skyrim

    SootShade said:
    Goddamn, every new thing I hear about this just reminds me again how easily Valve gets away with running such a huge service in such a lazy and anti-consumer fashion.
    "Cuz valve and steam is so guud and no drm. Valve hasnt dun anything wrong ever. its all best for every1, lets all bash ea and origin"
  4. Café / Caffeine Thread

    General von Hiller said:
    expensive coffee machine
  5. Café / Caffeine Thread

    I'd also assume that a grinder worth buying will never pay itself back, if you're using a moka pot that is. Filter coffee is much more forgiving in terms of grinding.
  6. Café / Caffeine Thread

    Urgrevling said:
    I like those too, but I think you preferably need a grinder. The right coffee for moka pots is a lot more expensive than the coarse grounds used for normal coffee making. 'Course, that's not a problem if you don't drink it every day, but in my experience it can get a little addictive.

    A coffee grinder is on my wish-list for when I grow up.
    Having a grinder and still buying ground coffee sounds rather pointless to me.
  7. MBMC Community thread (Minecraft Server)

    Ah, the nostalgic feeling I get every time I see this thread bumped up.
  8. Looking for a game?

    ninja666 said:
    Can anyone suggest a PC game that's like Resident Evil 4 in terms of over-the-top silly atmosphere, cool level design, and action-packed shootouts, but has normal, non-tank-like controls?
    Painkiller. Get the Black/Gold edition if anything.
  9. Café / Caffeine Thread

    Ambalon said:
    Too much work, man. French press or moka pot are the way to go.
    But but but, inconsistent results and nowhere as rich in flavours!
  10. Café / Caffeine Thread

    I brew my coffee using C.
  11. Robocraft

  12. Robocraft

    Seat cannot be destroyed and the block it's attached to has the highest armour value in my bot.
  13. Robocraft

    Kevlar said:
    Plasma has splash damage though, if it hits one of your blocks it will do that much damage in a radius I believe. Multiply that when getting shot by more then one plasma cannon and you can be one shot. Should be a patch today I believe, hopefully something gets changed.
    But you'd think that'd break more than just one block. What I mean is not just getting oneshot, that's not the issue. It's about getting oneshot with only one or two blocks broken, with them being inside the vehicle. When you return to the garage the repair is instant.
  14. Robocraft

    But when the plasma can't hit the block under the seat directly and the block is L4, surrounding blocks being L2, I don't see how it can be the only one destroyed.
  15. Robocraft

    I've been wondering about some one hit kills. There should be no way of hitting my seat block without destroying something else too, yet I've been killed a few times with nothing else broken. Not sure whether I've been hit with lasers or plasma.
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