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    Resolved General Modding kit won't launch at all

    Maybe i found the solution: when i clicked on the Mod Kit nothing happened.
    Then i checked the location of the files... they where on the HDD, while the game is on the SSD.
    They need to stay on the same disk.
    I copy/paste the files and the .acf and unistalled the mod kit, then re-installed on the right disk... it checked the existing files and now i can use it!
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    Lighter Night battles

    More than increase the light during the nights, will be awesome to have torches during those battles, or to reduce the range of ranged troops... is not fair that they can shoot at me while i barely see their silhouette 😅

    Also, changing the settings will be useless if these fix will be done...
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    Non-polearm mounted combat is basically useless

    I had difficulties using the sword at beggining, but when you understand that you don't have to brush against enemies to get them, it's more simple.
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    Bannerlord Worries

    I'm still waiting for the "BUY" button :xf-cry:

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    Gamescom 2018 really?

    I can understand the frustration of waiting. I'm a pro waiter i guess. Lot of KS projects funded by me are still in wip. Star Citizen in the mother of the wait. So waiting is not a problem, not at all... but (and there is a big BUT) when we all saw the gameplay in the 2016 i think all of us thought that the release was near... it seemed that the game was almost made. Now we are in 2018 and from 2016 we have seen less stuff much more rarefied than in the past... the weekly update on the blog are more a torture than a good thing to me. Every now and then i watch the pasts gameplays and i re-invoke the hype. So i understand the frustration, really. The only thing i hope is that when they will tell us the release date, it will not be so far away. Think it: they will show us the game saying that the game is complete, but the release date will be 6 month away... i hope that they will not do this. THIS would be terrible. Worst that staying silent for so long.
    During the 2016 gameplay i already thought that the game was perfect, almost finished... think how much they must have improved it in this 2 years of work  :iamamoron:
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