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    Suggestion to show damage dealt instead of score

    I suggest that we should be able to see how much damage was dealt by each player in a match. It would show better players's performances overall than the current score system. The score is system is also futile since it's affected only by kills and assists which you can already see. The main...
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    [MW]-Moravian Warriors (CZ/SK clan)


    Kto je ten Perterman? :unsure:
    Petermanovo zlé dvojče.
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    [MW]-Moravian Warriors (CZ/SK clan)

    I would join, but I'm already a member :sad:.
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    Little bit of feedback for SP and mainly for MP

    +1 You pretty much summed it up.
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    Create Server feature help

    Nevermind, the whole multiplayer seems broken and we're having a good laugh looking at the troops.
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    Create Server feature help

    I was finally able to create my server and they removed it. Me saaad.
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    WHY is the class system staying?

    The in-game poll about the class system would be great. It could restore my faith in Talewords caring about multiplayer. I can assure you there would be at least 10 polls against the class system from me and my friends. You may have met me in skirmish as we casually play Bannerlord hoping it will get better.

    The saddest thing for me is that one friend even rejected to play the game until he won't be restricted by the game in what to choose and what faction to play.

    As was already said few times: How many people will remain in the base game multiplayer when modding the multiplayer becomes possible?
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    Multiplayer siege bug

    Hey! I like to roleplay Pirates of Carribean.
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    Remove the block delay you've added back

    +1 Quite a few bad words were heard out of my room while not being able to block because of the delay.
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    Player Opinion Polls Concerning Multiplayer Balance

    This poll shows how terrible the community is at viewing the factions. Aserai is considered the worst faction on this. That's a joke. Aserai have elite cav and solid archers.

    I'd say Sturgia is terrible against more factions than it is good against. Khuzait is only good on the more open maps against weak armored factions. Empire is pure garbage most of the time.

    Vlandia, Aserai and Battania are the OP factions.
    Aserai is by my opinion the weakest faction because their cav (only longer lance, but lower armor) is comparable with all the others except Battanian and their veteran archers don't have access to polearms (menavlion and glaive are quite powerful when you can block). Their infantry is garbage - tribal warrior has to decide between armor (still quite low) or mace. Guard gets shot against better players and pike is slow and impractical. They don't have anything exceptional, only non-existing infantry.

    Sturgia got nerfed quite hard by varyag cost increase cost to 150. It's a solid infantry but without a mace. The cost should get back to 140. Brigand is a joke class. Berserk has even lower armor, why? you could kill him fast anyway. Their archers are quite cheap for what they offer. I don't feel like they are weak but not so strong as they were.

    Khuzait don't care about the map, they can fight even in small maps. They can deal with armor pretty easily. Spear infantry is extremely cheap for their armor and mace. They have everything.

    Empire is damn strong. You can oneshot people with pilas as legionary. Palatine guard is an excellent archer. Kontos is hard to use but when you know how it's deadly and you can still use menavlion on horse as Courser.

    Vlandia is being carried by crossbows and knights after the sergeant armor nerf.

    Battania and their AWPs supported with solid infantry. What more do you need?

    The main problem is still the class system which feels inherently wrong and I haven't found a single person in our community who would agree to it. I want to choose my own weapons and armor. Also losing team should get more money, not the winning team, it creates even more unbalanced situation (I'm not complaining because I would lose a lot, I actually win 85% of the games. But even to me it feels unfair and snowbally).

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