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  1. Division B - Week 9 Fixtures | Deadline: 10/01/2012

    Thnak you all clans, was great matchs, it is a shame... like i have said a Lust, many members didnt want play warband. neither we wont play Nations Cup, but well... i wish lucky all clans. See you!
  2. Salt mine

    and how many give me each slave? I know tha i must pay my guards
  3. Salt mine

    what do you mean?
  4. Salt mine

    I had 4 guards and 4 slaves, but the slaves didnt give me any money... why?
  5. BUG Reports v 1.38 (Read first page before post)

    I dont know if it is a bug. but a daughter I dont found him, Lords say that she are in "Cirrin Ceaster" but she has disappeared
  6. Performance Issues and their Possible Causes

    My pc I5-2500K 4GB RAM HD5850... Grafics I have in high, the battle size a 250, but I in una battle with... uhm... 120, the FPS down a 10... It is normal?
  7. BUG Reports v 1.38 (Read first page before post)

    Hahaha. I am idiot
  8. Honor

    Wich it is the fuction of honor?
  9. BUG Reports v 1.38 (Read first page before post)

    Sorry to late...
  10. Tell me

    Then... it is a coincidence that the majority of clans would be based on range class? I dont know, but it would be awesome out own Competitive Mod, if all clans want  we can make it a standard of warband.
  11. Tell me

    And vaeguir archers with war bows, they can kill 2-3 arrows like siege crossbow... i dont know... but range class are OP tha other classes.
  12. Tell me

    Is it prohibited speak about this issue? XD
  13. [ENL] Livestreams and Recordings |

    Dont worry, you have real life. I think that few games do livestream or highlights exept in Pro Series.
  14. Division B - Week 6 Fixtures | Deadline: 20/12/2011

    Nice match PE, your  new players and you have improved too. Anyway vendetta, although it is a close map it is a map that allow camp. See you Teblar ;)