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    My formation suggestions: Improved troop control system.

    + Good ideas, so it will be much more convenient to manage the army.
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    Advanced vassal interaction system, commands and many other things.+addition to Nobility Titles

    + It would be nice to have so many detailed settings in the game.
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    The local "Mute" must be eternal - TaleWorlds, please hear!

    Sorry for bad english. There are many trolls in multiplayer. This is not a problem, but I get tired of throwing them "Mute" again every time. I cannot and do not want to remember the nickname of each troll. The "Mute" function, called up on the TAB button in the table, helps, but ... "Mute"...
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    Free Agents

    Name: Soul Play YouTube RU Steam: Preferred Class: Infantry Secondary Classes: Ranger
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.2

    I can’t enter the multiplayer beta branch for the second update. At boot it says "Could not get access from your platform device".
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    European Duel Tournament [WINNER - APRIKOSENMANN]

    Name: Soul Play YouTube RU Contact Information:
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    Tournament in EU [brainstorming]

    Dear developers. Sorry for bad english. If you will be dedicating a server, please also make it possible to watch competitive games on behalf of the viewer - I would like to try to stream as a commentator and I'm sure other youtuber too.
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    Duel Server Information

    For russians (I do not provide a password): Получив много запросов, мы сделали защищенные паролем серверы для дуэлей! К сожалению, нам придется обойтись ограниченным набором инструментов, которыми мы располагаем в данный момент, то есть нам придется использовать стандартный режим командного...
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    Unsolved 10 years from the appearance on the map or from the moment of taking the quest?

    Hello. Sorry for bad english. 10 years from the appearance on the map or from the moment of taking the quest? At what point does the countdown begin? Does it make sense to try to complete this quest in 10 years, or is this quest not yet completed?
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    Patch Notes e1.1.0

    Thanks for the work. Please do not facilitate AI, but some routine actions, extra clicks and grind could be reduced.
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    Need More Info Still cant load saves

    the game crashes when loading save.
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    Solved Antivirus: Trojan.Win32.Generic in bannerlord.exe [02.04.2020] 1.0.2

    Hello. Kaspersky Total Security show bannerlord.exe as Trojan.Win32.Generic second time (russian).