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  1. In Progress Loading & save times are game breaking

    Apparently I was wrong, about the work being done, that is.

    Time to forget about the game and move on.
  2. In Progress Loading & save times are game breaking

    I'm sure the issue isn't that there isn't work being done, but at least so far there has been ZERO progress.

    Each and every save takes up to 20 minutes on the system that was described in the OP. Af far as I can tell, the issue is that the vast majority of the process of creating the save file / of the memory allocation is single threaded. When the saving process is close to being completed, the process becomes multithreaded and the process is completes in matter of seconds (32C/64T CPU).

    This is the case on both of the branches, the 1.6.4 and 1.6.5.
    Should be needless to say that the game is and has been totally unplayable due to the ongoing issue.
  3. Need More Info DLSS not working for me.

    3070 is a rather powerful GPU and the game is mostly CPU intensive.
    So if (and when) you're CPU bound, enabling DLSS (or buying even more powerful GPU) won't make any difference.
  4. In Progress The keep of Lyakis is "a bit" crowded

    Save game has been uploaded using the uploader on 30/08/2021 15:21 UTC +2 (Filename: NoblesToTheRafters.rar).
  5. In Progress The keep of Lyakis is "a bit" crowded

    The keep of Lyakis is crowded to a point where the nobles are pouring out of the floor(?) and the hallways. If you are not careful upon entering, their initial "expansion" will throw you around the inside walls. In the summary (prior) entering there over 300 "pages" of nobles there, meaning...
  6. Resolved Confronted enemy parties have wrong leaders (visual)

    Do you have a save file that is just before the conversation?

    Best effort save game was just uploaded (23/08/2021, 13:34 UTC +2). Filename WrongLeaders.rar, description field specifying the URL of this thread.

    As a suggestion, since the save games are obviously vital for debugging the various issues: Since it is somewhat hard for the end-user to know which save game is the most current for whatever issue encountered, perhaps it would be a good idea to add a hotkey for debugging purposes: For example if the user encounters an alleged bug, he or she could generate a separate debug dump containing the .sav data and whatever other stuff you ideally need to debug issues? For example if all of the builds, even the normal ones would support creation of a debug dump through pressing e.g. "R-Shift + D" (similar to R-Shift + T on "perf test" builds) pinpointing a bug would become somewhat easier for both the users and the developers.

    Also, ideally it might make sense to increase the file size limit of the != crash file uploader (http://upload.taleworlds.com:8080/index.php) and also make it output some sort of a reference / id code (similar to the crash uploader) so that the uploaded file can be referred without specifying the information which I did specify (e.g. uploaded on 23/08/2021, 13:34 UTC +2).
  7. In Progress Loading & save times are game breaking

    Please send me PM to get the link to the "Perf Test" (profiling data) for loading & saving and the save game.
    Filesize limit on the http://upload.taleworlds.com:8080 uploader does not allow uploading them.
  8. In Progress Loading & save times are game breaking

    Both the save game loading and creation times are completely absurd on all of the more recent builds of the game (1.5.9 / 1.6.0 / 1.6.1 / 1.6.2). On average, loading a save game takes around > 103 seconds while saving the game (regardless if auto, or new save) takes more than four minutes. The...
  9. Resolved Confronted enemy parties have wrong leaders (visual)

    Has been happening a lot, in this case with Khuzait. Most of the time the person displayed is incorrect and sometimes even the gender is wrong relative to the name.
  10. Resolved Saves become corrupted after a certain date in game

    I was getting quite desperate with the issue, since it has remained open for so long.
    Because of that, I decided to try everything I could on my own, despite the very little to no chance of success.

    I started disbanding my parties and caravans, selling workshops, liquidating stashes in the fiefs, all of the inventory and gear and ultimately kicking compations out of the clan.

    Nothing helped, the save games still became corrupted after a couple of days had elapsed in the game.

    I tested all of the more recent versions available (1.6.0 and 1.6.1 b272033) and the corruption occurred regardless of the version.
    I also tried both creating a new save games with these newer versions and also auto-saves, all of them failed in the same exact manner.

    Yesterday evening, while once more using the newest available build ( I ended up loading the last working save game that I had.
    I opened up the clan-menu and unassigned (chose: "none") the governor of my two fiefs (Diathma & Myzea). Then I opened the inventory and clicked the option that removes all of the inventory at once. After doing that, I pressed cancel the transaction (to get the inventory back) and pressed ok. After that I made a new save game. For whatever reason, the issue is now gone. Also, I noticed that the new .sav files are around half the size of the old ones? Around 297MB each previously, and 149MB each after the change.

    So the issue is somehow related to either or to both, the governor(s) of the fiefs (Diathma and Myzea in this case) or some item(s) in the inventory. Whatever it is, this issue is absolutely game breaking and can cause people to loose progress that they've spent hundreds of hours on.

    I've uploaded MANY save games with the issue present and today I just uploaded a save game (15/8/2021 16:22 UTC +2) which has the issue fixed.

    The save games and the basically pinpointed issue(s) should be more than enough for the devs to find the actual cause behind this issue and more importantly, to fix it.
  11. Resolved Saves become corrupted after a certain date in game

    After more than three months of being unable to play the game at all due to this bug, it is pretty sad to see that the bug is still present in the most recent release and beta versions :roll:

    Any update on the subject?
  12. Resolved Saves become corrupted after a certain date in game

    Saves become corrupted after a certain date (usually Autumn 8 1175) in game. Loading a save prior this date works fine however, saving the game after this date has elapsed will cause the save to become corrupted (crashes upon loading). This is a game breaking issue and I've reported it weeks...
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