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    M&B had peaked with F&S, apparently

    That is incorrect as the term is used by different historians for different reasons. It was the Dark Ages because of the Religious approach towards reason and learning which is why the end with the age of ENLIGHTENment. Then some use it because of the near complete LACK OF HISTORICAL records hence we are in the "dark" about events in that time period... about that "education" comment of yours...haha

    Read the last paragraph of the very article you linked.
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    M&B had peaked with F&S, apparently

    That is just arguing symantics though as some people clearly do still use the term. I and many others still prefer the term "the dark ages" to "early middle ages" and it's just as accurate as long as both parties know as to when you are referring. It's no different that referring to a soft drink as soda pop, soda, pop, or a soft drink. Different terms all referring to the same thing spoken by different circles. I'm sure in another 10-15 years they'll be calling it something else, as well as something else in 20-30 more. Regardless I think we both know what's being discussed here.

    I disagree, its not just "semantics".
    Bad terminology leads to bad and sloppy thinking. Language is a tool that should be used with care and precision.
    There's a reason why people who study this stuff for a living choose to use different terminology.

    You're free to use an outdated laypersons term - that's entirely your business - but the insistence and defense of gives the impression that your entire attitude towards the period is laden with your own biased disinterest in it. Its fine to find some things more interesting than others, its the charade that this is somehow anything beyond personal fancy is silly.

    In my industry, if you show up and use language we stopped used 30 years ago because "you know what I mean" I'm going to think you're sloppy and incompetent and liable to cause an accident. Thankfully, internet disagreements don't really have any tangible consequences when you're sloppy with them.
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    M&B had peaked with F&S, apparently

    That wasn't really a criticism just expressing my thoughts on the choice of timeline. I still prefer a late medieval setting but it's okay if you don't, the devs have made their choice. Except they haven't made their research, apparently, in the gameplay and in artwork you constantly see leather armour, cloth swinging around for no apparent reason, you would expect to see pretty much everyone in mail armour, or the khuzaits more commonly in plated mail / scale, but it seems they are the exception and leather tunics dominate the battlefield now. Are there any gambesons even? Either there aren't or there is too little that I don't even remember. In any case, more brigandines, more (plated) mail, more gambesons, less thin cloth and leather, thank you very much.

    I would still much rather have bascinets though...

    Fair enough. I do agree the inconsistency is a bit of a shame, and personally speaking, given the game isn't a historical simulator I wouldn't care if they mixed in a bit of plate and pike to try and hit more aesthetic preferences, since there isn't much historical accuracy to be preserved.

    There's way less gambesons then there should be, and I would agree with you entirely that for the era, there could be better representation.

    I might be wrong but isn't this set even earlier than that? I'm not exactly a history buff but this seems more like some weird mash up of everything between the 6th and 11th centuries. That said I don't believe it was called "the dark ages" because it was particularly interesting...

    Frankly I'd even prefer a game set in the middle of the height on Romes power around 100AD. At least it would feel unique to M&B and Warband. Bannerlord's setting just feels like a gimped version of those two titles.

    In once sense its set in the 1000's but in another sense its clearly including elements from a wider range of history. So arguably there's no "true" setting that maps onto our history.

    I have to object though, in academe nobody uses the term "the dark ages" anymore and its a term that came out of ignorance of the era. I totally respect if you personally just don't find that era interesting, but pretending that its objectively boring is erring on the side of inserting your preferences as fact. There are certainly eras of history that for whatever reason don't excite me but I refrain from trying to assert that they're factually just uninteresting.

    I do agree, though, that a M&B game set in the height of Romes power would be really fun & would be able to better utilize (some) of the concepts in BL, at the expense of sacrificing some others. I was always surprised of all the Warband total conversion mods nobody ever really managed to complete a solid singleplayer Rome mod.
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    M&B had peaked with F&S, apparently

    My thoughts exactly. I would much prefer a mid-to-late medieval era M&B, with it's crossbowmen taking cover behind their pavise shields, mighty halberdiers at the gates, lines of pikemen ready to impale the enemy cavalry... all fascinating stuff but no, instead we get studded leather and cloth armor in a 11th century setting. I could not think of a more boring timeline.

    This is where y'all lose me. Its got diddle to do all the meaningful features. You can create a good game in pretty much any era of history.

    You, and some other people like that period. I personally prefer this period. That's not a meaningful criticism. In Warband, people like me had to get our aesthetic fix from mods and DLC, this time around there will certainly be later-medieval mods (and probably DLC). You could also take lots of the good features from Viking Conquests and insert them a late medieval setting.

    Personally speaking, if you want to criticize the lack of certain features, one shouldn't lump ones own aesthetic criticisms in the mold. That's where I hop off this train, as I'm really happy with the setting but unhappy with the ignoring of key M&B improvements.

    I thought you believed in constructive posting?
    Actions always speak louder than self report.
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    M&B had peaked with F&S, apparently

    Similar story with VC. TW has a weird relationship with the people it hires to improve its game, they do a good job and get sales, M&B fans get accustomed to the improvements, and then they proceed to completely ignore all of it in the next iteration.

    I often wonder if its driven by an ego WELL WE DIDN'T MAKE THESE CHANGES SO THEY ARE GHETTOIZED TO DLC ONLY type mentality.
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    Blood and gore.

    Except there's nothing realistic about gore and dismemberment. Literally, what we currently have is as real as it gets.

    I disagree. I'm not talking about fantastical gore, but I'm sorry I've worked on job sites where we use machinery less dangerous then the weaponry in this game and have seen fingers and hands go by-by. If you think nobody ever lost a hand or a finger in combat, even if not the most common wound by a long shot, I think you're generalizing and simplifying a very complex "thing" that happened.

    I've seen, in real life, someone lose a finger to an axe. That's not a fantasy, that's reality.

    What we have is basically blood splattering textures. That isn't "as real as it gets", not at all.

    Is the mod on Nexus a good representation? No. Constant decapitations are silly. That's not what I asked for.

    Do you think how Javelins are simulated in BL as as "real as it gets"? I've never seen one take one to the chest but I bet their chest doesnt just stain red a little bit in a random pattern.

    Appealing to the fantasies people have, can be a good selling point, yes. But as much, not appealing to fantasies and keeping it real, is also a good selling point. That's what this game is based on, and I don't see a reason to change that and start including fantasy depictions.

    I reject your premise.
    Some gore is "fantastical" some gore is not.
    I am not interested in fantastical gore.
    I am interested in realistic gore.

    Don't strawman my argument.

    Not when there's nothing to be really gained for putting in that extra effort. If the game starts appealing to one brand of fantasy, then what's to stop others? Dual wielding. Fantasy armors and weapons? Great sword bigger than a horse? Whirlwing attacks? Bikini armors. Magic? Dragons? Who gets the say in which fantasy should be allowed and which should not be?

    It's simply not that kind of game.

    Okay, now this is just slippery-slope fallacy strawman city. You're not replying to anything I've said or implied and are jousting your own fantasy argument in this last bit.

    I'm going to be blunt: You assumed a whole bunch of implications from my post.
    If you want to argue this isn't a good use of Dev resources, or that the type of realistic dismemberment is really hard to model and just not feasible then yeah, you probably have a decent argument I'd respect, but believing Bannerlord is peak realism and accusing me of wanting dragons is a pretty **** response.
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    Hair and Helmets: Good, but we can do better.

    Is this pedantic? Yes. But boy it gets under my skin. So, certain helmets display the hair under/through them in a really satisfying way. If you use long haired characters this becomes very noticeable. Its a really nice touch, VC did it first post-release (I spammed their forums about it lol...
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    Blood and gore.

    Realistic gore would be nice. The game would be greatly improved the more battles move from uncanny valley robotic bot-beep-boop tincan men to feeling like a struggle of life and death between individuals. Realistic gore with rare dismemberment would be a one piece of that pie.

    Literally every game in the universe basically lets you turn this stuff off if it is off-putting to you, and that always should be case because player choice about their experience is good.
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    Will the Banner editor get an upgrade at some point?

    This editor works pretty well already so I don't know if I would want it to be a high priority but it would be nice to have some more customizability without having to tab out of the game and go to a website.

    Yeah, I'm not noticing any pixelation using banners from this editor. Its become pretty popular, if you look on Reddit pretty much everyone uses it.

    Which is why TW should wake up and just add this feature to the base game, add in more symbols, its super low hanging fruit that would impress us all.
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    Upgrading PC for this game (y/n/maybe?)

    In my case 16 GB and SSD won't make any difference. In your case it can possibly be a solution.

    So just to clarify: An HDD is a hard-disk. HDD stands for "Hard Drive Disk". SSD stands for Solid State Disk, I'm not sure if you made a typo in your post and I'm being patronizing but I thought I'd clarify just in case.

    Not to be argumentive, but if you solved your issue with a defrag, then I'd say likely an SSD would undeniably make a big difference. Also RAM usage is related to HDD's/SSD's in the sense that if your on 8gigs of RAM, your computer is going to try and run virtual memory off your HDD/SSD to compensate since 8gigs isn't enough. Off an HDD this process is going to be way, way, way clunkier and induce game stuttering at any settings. Both increasing your RAM and converting to an SSD addresses this issue, which it sounds like you're having.

    I'm not trying to tell you how to spend your money, though, but I am a big advocate that upgrading to an SSD & 16gigs ram is one of the best bang-for-your-buck upgrades out there.
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    Upgrading PC for this game (y/n/maybe?)

    Get an SSD and make sure you have 16gigs ram before committing to more expensive upgrades. So many issues are from HDD's and RAM but people get fixated on CPU's and GPU's.

    To put it this way; For very little money you can upgrade RAM & an SSD and experience performance improvements across the board when using your computer for more mundane stuff. If you drop a ton of money on a new GPU/CPU, you'll rarely utilize its max capacities, and if you run them off a system with an HDD and limited RAM you'll never be able to effectively utilize them because something else is going to bottleneck first.

    After getting a chance to test BL on a few different machines, I can run the game smoothly with pretty "meh" CPU's and GPU's, and the settings allow me to tweak things within range of their capacity. Anytime I'm on an HDD or limited RAM there is at least some unavoidable stuttering that no setting adjustments impact at all.
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    Troop veterancy vs troop tier: An idle thought.

    Looks nice.
    Maybe promote a veteran to a companion too...

    That would be so much fun, actually. Imagine say you have a T6 unit that's been with your army for a while, like a Bannerknight, Beserker, whatever, maybe you could pay a nice hefty sum of gold to "companionize" them. Its a singleplayer game so things don't need perfect balance, but I think if you made it take a while & cost a pretty penny it'd be limited enough.

    I like features in M&B that enhance the natural/organic/emergent story-creation of the game.
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    Beta 1.3.0 - Sturgian cavalry shields

    Not really, most old eastern-european principalities were truly influenced by Northeners or were ruled by Norsemen kings. I am fine with the Norse influence through Sturgia as a faction. Point I am trying to make is the Norse round shield were not used on by cavalry, they are extremely difficult to hold on horseback. I do not think it's appropriate to change a historically accurate aspect of the game that does not affect game mechanics to just please "muh vikings" crowd.

    I agree with you in terms of history (and well everything in this thread in terms of shields). I don't object to the idea of a Nordic-influenced Russian faction at all. Just, speaking personally from perspective, the way its been handled in BL doesn't seem very thought out. It really feels like TW went neurotic with it, when compared to say the lore of a faction like the Aserai which feels consistent in whats been attempted. That's not really neither here nor there in regards to anything.
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    Stop Suggesting New Features.

    People like you who make threads like this boggle my mind.

    TW is capable of its own decision making process.

    Do you think the Dev's boot up the forums in the morning and go "WHELP SMATTLEPATTLE WANTS A WOUND SYSTEM, GUESS THATS WHAT IM WORKING ON TODAY!"

    You realize they have a suggestion subforum right?

    What do you think you are accomplishing here?

    The whole point of Early Access is to solicit community input on the game that they had the faith to pay for in an incomplete state.

    There is NEVER, EVER, EVER a reason to end discussion. People are adults - they can tune in and out as discussion suits them. Censoring people out of insecurity is just so mind-boggling stupid, even in something as trivial as a video game forum.
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    I don't have an issue with fast moving bandits. Why do you need to chase down every party? If you want to hunt mounted bandits, because say they're near your holding, slap some men in a garrison and take 20 soldiers/companions on horseback.

    I'd rather not have this game nerfed into a covid-quarantime simulator where we all stay at home in our sweatpants.
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