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    What mod to play?

    Floris Mod Pack is very good
    but my be outdated
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    [Mostly EU][Slavic] The Slavs [Waiting for Bannerlord release]

    Sir Galahad the Pure said:
    [SPQR]Eduard said:
    Faebio said:
    No no, lol.
    no lol please Slavs are mighty they have putin  :lol:
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    im subscribing this channel for 5 or 6 years !  :lol:

    cRPG vid
    hetman gdzie jesteś ?  :lol:
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    [NC 17] Poland

    powodzenia ! mam nadzieje że wygracie  :smile:
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    R.I.P. Finland

    I bet all my clothes on you  :cry: :cry: :cry:
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    [NC 17] Iran

    Good Luck !
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    [NC2017] Livestreams & Recordings

    Finland - Wales pls  :roll:
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    [NC 17] Team Germany

    Viel Glück Fabio !
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    [NC 17] Poland
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    Native Completed Sand & Sword | Classical Duel Tournament - Congratulations Arni!

    in game name :CCC_Slaybot
    taleworlds account:<--------------------<<<
    steam id:
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    kadmendo99 said:
    The Patch thingy ain't working.
    download it here :
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