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    Modding capabilities through the open beta

    HoloNesan said:
    Beta is for testing, not for modding. And it is still far from official release, the game may change over time.
    Didn't stop them in the Warband beta. I already have a relatively fleshed out idea for a small MP mod.
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    Weather will have no gameplay effects in scenes

    Lord Brutus said:
    I, for one, prefer not to be immersed in rain or snow.
    I dunno, I simply cannot be immersed without trenchfoot.
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    Free Games - Recomendations and updates galore

    Claim you free game on GOG:

    Servers are down atm due to traffic but hopefully up soon.
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    Raise the price.

    It's going to be a higher price than warband on release anyway due to inflation. I'd happily pay £40-5 for Bannerlord (as much as my wallet would be in pain).
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    Export obj settings for warband?

    Do you have any kind of backface culling on in Blender?
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    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    ?️NS Marko said:
    Fam Wild Wind was the best thing I ever played on this game.

    Excited to see the game come along in due time, Shredzorz!

    Wild Wind was the ****.
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    Upcoming games you nitpicky ****bags look forward to ***** about in the future.

    I dunno just saw somebody talking about in on YT and it sounded like a nice change from all the newer CODs.
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    DRM No Steam requirement please.

    I don't know what it's like on TW but I assume it's the same as any digital game in that you don't own it and you own a license key, the same way it is done on steam.
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    Creating a Multiplayer Mod - Limitations of Warband

    Everything would have to be reworked to be networked and even then there isn't a guarantee it would work. People have been trying since Warband came out.
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    Gloria Sinica / 汉匈决战: Han Xiongnu Wars (M&B like)

    From what I can remember he never actually released it. From what I can remember he went quiet for a few months and the WFaS Pirate game was made.
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    Gloria Sinica / 汉匈决战: Han Xiongnu Wars (M&B like)

    A few of the Steam reviews are talking about pop up bugs and such.

    Khamukkamu said:
    kalarhan said:
    Kickin' It in Tennessee said:
    I quite like it.

    is the modsys (game code) available for download ? Either with the game itself (like Carribean!) or as a separate download (like Warband).

    I would like to play this game around February, but only if they include the modsys (so I can tweak and patch bugs)

    No, modsys is not available with the download. I hope they do release it, they have really interesting mechanics.

    I have played for over 10 hours now and am really enjoying it. They have a very interesting 'freelancer' type system where you are sent to do different missions every few hours while traveling with the lords army. The missions are varied: kill looters, kill bandits, deliver message, deliver prisoners. They have stealth missions (rescue prisoners, hunt animals), but the stealth mechanic is garbage so I don't choose those. Every mission gives you contribution points, which then leads to your promotion. Rise up the ranks, then you are given command of your own men (but you are still part of the lord's army).

    What I really like about the game is that they have really good battlefield AI.  Cavalry performs proper wedge pass throughs, the 'nomadic enemy' (Xiongnu) does proper encirclement with they horse archers. It is really fun to watch.

    Tactics is really important. You learn different types of formations from different 'schools', which allow you to use those formations in battles. I'm not there yet, but it seems like a fun concept.

    Translation is fine. I'm worried about patches breaking saves (I already have 1 broken save due to that, but that was right at release).

    For now, as a player, I'm really enjoying it. As a modder, I like seeing new things that can be done with this engine.

    Of the 2 WB Engine Licensed games, this one, imo, is more enjoyable. Caribbean was a good concept, but I think it was demanding too much from the WB engine.

    You should've seen Yoshi's Caribbean mod...
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    Dev Blog 14/12/17

    Just want to say as someone who's been following these blogs since the beginning, and been playing M&B for years, I love seeing this regular updates from Taleworlds. It's all that's needed from us more sane fans of the series and is a marked improvement over the earlier years.
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    Modding Bannerlord - Questions

    Haven't really been on TW forums for a while so reading through this got me really excited and with the talk of the server side stuff inside the newest blog I could genuinely see me trying to make a mod (especially now I'm eager and a bit more experienced).
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