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    Warband Native League 8 Player Ratings [19/02]

    I request being put into tier 1 cuz i beat arni in mercs once
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    [ESSC III] 2x2 - Tournament over! - Congratulations to Gibby & Arni

    Support tactics 20-2 Slowmovers! gg!
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    [ESSC III] 2x2 - Tournament over! - Congratulations to Gibby & Arni

    Team Name: Support tactics Members: Mynes, Slako, Qinn Steam Contact:
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    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    tomayus tked me two rounds in a row today ban or wat
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    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    i think it's when things gets personal that you should ban
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    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    What I meant was, even if Lapache banned someone, guilty or not, the banned guy will end up here claiming his innocence. I think that as an admin, it's hard to make a good choice every single time. Biased or not, it's hard.
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    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    Guys, calm down. If you get banned, you can simply state why you think your ban was unfair here. There's no reason to start fighting. If you have a good reason for your unban, which you obviously do if you post here, then what's the problem? An admin is not some all-knowing saint. Lapache can do...
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    [NASS] North American Seasonal Series Announcement & Sign Up

    signing up as cav for any team that wants me
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    [TA3] Total Annihilation 3 vs 3 Melee Cup (£99 Prize Pool!) The Pillar Men Champ

    Research Council 20-8 Warband's Finest btw servers need to be fixed asap
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    Who needs a reg to join?

    im volentering myself
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    Blademaster 2 :- Complete!

    ikm in