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    Pirate_Battle_1 [SERVER REOPENED!!!]

    Have people been playing on it? I've checked a few times and it was empty :/. This server is/was the only reason I play Napoleonic Wars, haha.
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    Post your desktop!:D

    Debian Jessie with XFCE. Faience icon theme, Zukitwo XFCE theme, Droid Sans font, and Compton.
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    What TV series are you watching?

    I've been watching Justified. I just finished the first season so I'm pretty behind, but it's REALLY good.
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    Nice April Fools Joke (Not the warband portable thing)

    I just got back into Warband after a long time. I was really confused when I saw all these old advice threads with everyone saying "ze". :roll:
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    Post your desktop!:D

    Sorry, I just now saw this reply. It's Debian with XFCE. I've changed it a lot since then though:
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    Post music that you have composed!

    I made this a while ago in FL Studio:
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    New site for reporting bugs

    I can't report a bug because there's a runtime error when I try to log in to the site:
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    Any mods to remove guns from Fire and Sword?

    You might be able to tweak them out with TweakMB: You probably won't be able to remove guns directly but it might be possible to tweak them to an extent that they never show up in-game. I can't help you though since I don't have much...
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    Ugly players

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    Screenshots & Video topic

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    Unable to connect to server.....

    Same here. Is there an update brewing? Or are Taleworlds' servers just messing up?