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  1. Are there any alternative launchers for mods for Mount & Blade games?

    Ahh, I see. Too bad we can't create a desktop shortcut to each individual mod using, say, command line parameters, and launch them that way. That would probably be the next best thing. I'm one of those frontend freaks that likes to organize his game collection into detailed info panels, screenshots and videos and I wish I could do that with M&B mods, though I do have the main games themselves in my LaunchBox catalog.

  2. Are there any alternative launchers for mods for Mount & Blade games?

    Doom and Thief all have fantastic third-party launchers for mods but I haven't seen one for M&B Warband (and original). The built-in mod launchers for these games are adequate but clunky and sometimes it's a pain to use that drop-down menu if you have a lot of mods. So, is there a decent third...
  3. [Sub-mod]1866: Western Mod - For a few years more

    Sure! To play with Native fonts, just delete the from the Textures folder and the from the Module Data folder.
    The reason I don't update it any more is simple; a friend of mine and I have begun "porting" it to Warband, a better, we are re-making the mod completely, adding factions, content etc. as discussed above. :grin:

    Thanks. It worked great. Really like your update of this old mod and looking forward to the Warband port. I love the little details you put into this, like the dead man in the coffin on public display in one of the first towns with the sign that said something like, "Break the law here and win lead and a free coffin!" lol. Good luck on the new project.
  4. [Sub-mod]1866: Western Mod - For a few years more

    Yes, sorry about that. The issue happens because I used Warband shaders to M&B 1.011. That..was a mistake. :lol:
    It's easily fixable, just delete the two shader files, named:
    mb.fx, and mb.fxo

    Deleting them not only fixes the water issue, but it also reduces the lag and stuttering that made the mod hard to play.

    That worked. You might want to update your mod with these deletions or at least mention it in the readme since the Warband water shaders look very wrong. I like your sub-mod a lot but is there a way to play with the default M&B 1.011 (enhanced version from Moddb) fonts? My eyes aren't what they used to be and I need a larger, clearer font and the default one is best for me. Thanks for all your work.
  5. [Sub-mod]1866: Western Mod - For a few years more

    Hi. Using 1.011 version of M&B (GoG) and the mod in your megashare link. Launched from the IronLauncher (M&B exe is patched with the 4GB patch), I get no water surface textures for water (rivers, brooks, etc) while in towns, just a blank white, as if frozen with ice.
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