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    Free look in first person

    Maybe we shouldn't be able to turn 180°, but at least a few dozen degrees of first person freelook would be nice.
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    option to sack city?

    Sure, I'm all for it. Let us raze cities, and let them be slowly repopulated and built up over time. Problem is that it would require a whole lot of scenery to work.
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    What do you want? balance or content

    The balance will be upset every time new content is added. So screw balance for now; right now we need to get as much content in as fast as possible. Bugfixes yes, balancing efforts no.
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    Should javelins get nerfed?

    What the hell do you expect to happen when your horse gets a medieval railroad spike through its skull? If anything, spears and pikes are underpowered.
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    Crossbows too weak?

    Late medieval crossbows definitely packed more punch than any type of bow, but those aren't the ones we're looking at in Bannerlord.
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    Are you think add one equipment slot for our players good?

    Nope. Everyone gets the same number of slots. If you want another, then let the AI have another as well.
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    POLL: What i've seen from the modding community.

    I'm just hoping the developers have an eye on what the modders are doing, so that they might accelerate their own work by integrating the modders' work.
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    How to fight huge battles without getting all my men killed?

    In my experience the best strategic way to minimize losses is to have the larger army, comprising mostly elite troops, and as much cavalry as possible, and to never engage an enemy army of similar or greater size. So how to fight huge battles? Make sure they're huge because of the high number of...
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    Campaign map, weird design

    Good post! I also found the city orientations weird, with the only gate often pointing in completely nonsensical directions.
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    Smithing hurts my finger :(

    Simple improvement: Give us shift-click for executing an action up to ten times at once.
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    What Content Do You Want First?

    A stable world, so kingdoms actually persist for as long as I play and don't fall apart left and right with lords switching sides every week.
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    Settlement development and upkeep

    That would also be fine by me.