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    Siege retreat - dead realism

    The statements in the topic don't "explain away keep battles not existing for player defenders". The discussion is about future improvements.
    Are you talking about the thread from around three weeks ago?

    The one where you said: "For 1, I don't really think it's a worthwhile goal. The player is unlikely to experience it, because chances are good they will already be knocked out on the wall." ~ Duh

    And: "If a few players are to experience a particular feature rarely, it becomes less worthwhile to pursue than a feature that more players are likely to experience often" ~ Duh

    My remark was indeed spurred by one of your comments, they give us insight into what some of the thought processes might be on the team. Hence why I used the "sounds like" terminology and not something more definitive such as "they did".
    And the very thing you are referencing is quite clear that my opinion isn't the deciding factor.
    I actually cannot find where you say something specific like "I have no control over whether this gets in", which honestly I assumed anyway.

    However if you did say that somewhere I certainly may have missed it as I did not read into other pages of that thread I was originally referencing, likely to due to simply not returning to it after reading it shortly after it was posted.
    these things are not developed in isolation. That is to say if we pursue one thing, we do so by not pursuing something else. Similarly, if we chose to not pursue that one thing, we do so in favor of something else. All of these options can enhance the sandbox experience and must be prioritized according to their assumed costs and benefits.
    Sounds about right, industry standard stuff. I just find it a little odd that you are more or less pulling the 'we did not have time to complete the feature' card on an 11 year project for a basic Warband mechanic, which was a 2 year project.
    A question to those that are interested in defensive keep fights. Would you feel that the current offensive set up would offer an enjoyable defensive experience to you? That is to say - no control over your troops, no reinforcements for your side and generally a mission that you are quite likely to lose (or, well, are intended to lose - since another challenge may be players exploiting the terrain to simply 1on1 200 bots and basically mean that no siege has to be lost anymore... encouraging that very approach). If not, how do you imagine it should work?
    In Warband you could control your random teammates in tournament fights. Control your own soldiers in a keep in it's sequel? Impossible.

    But your argument here is essentially that your existing work a decade in is too lackluster to let a player experience? Or were you genuinely asking for input?
    TLDR - Feedback is being read by the relevant people and potential improvements will be explored for the feature.
    That is great to hear. It is genuinely good to know, thank you for bringing that to my attention.
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    Hmmm, I really really want to target troops at other troop groups, I want to feel in COMMAND, I hate the AI

    Because it is assumed to must be so. It makes my blood boil when I think that Conqueror's Blade, a ****ing free to play game, has all that implemented.
    I recall hearing that in medieval japan road building was actively discouraged to make it harder for peasants to travel to other villages, where one might see that the local lord treats his peasants better and want to stay there. I feel like TaleWorlds would also benefit from this system.
    I think a cool feature that would enable this could be a Battle Plan phase before each battle
    Maybe not exactly what are you were talking about, but this mod exists.

    It is funny because the mod was released shortly after the 'Future Plans' developer update where it mentioned more pre-battle deployment customization and someone was like "yea, I bet I can whip out something like that in a couple hours" and then boom.
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    Siege retreat - dead realism

    He said that most players would get downed during the first stage
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    Battle Spawn Points Need to Change Dynamically

    Right now you spend so much time on useless crap like closing distance and chasing this one last horse archer
    Mounted combat is not in a great place right now not just in balance but not even as a basic mechanic. Cavalry vs cavalry combat is more like two drunken hornet nests fighting than anything else. "We just engaged now let's spread out to kingdom come, make pretty circles and run into trees while everyone else does a battle or something!"
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    Spear Bracing (1.6.2)

    I am getting flashbacks from some of theses posts of all the 'a horse would never willingly charge itself into a wall of spears' threads on here and the Total War forums over the decades.

    Anyone else remember those? Wasn't one over a hundred pages long or something like that?
    Good to know, keep up your good work.
    They do the butterlord's work.
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    Siege retreat - dead realism

    Save scumming is my weakness, I'm glad that they put in ironman mode so I don't have the choice.
    If the game was stable/polished enough I would use it but too many of my campaigns have been spared from a game-breaking bug by going back to an earlier save point to see this as a viable option right now.
    IMO now that keep battles are implemented retreats on defense should just skip you straight to the keep battle.
    They need to add keep battles for defenders, it's a rather basic feature. And yet they explained away keep battles not existing for player defenders as them not being worth the time as too few players would ever experience it, which sounds like they just gave up.
    everything being left to rot.
    Now you get it.
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    how to make companions real

    how to make companions real​

    Having you tried using:
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    Siege retreat - dead realism

    I use this constantly with horse archers in an open field.
    *Crassus Intensifies*
    Unfortunately it's the limitations of the game.
    The 2000 unit hard limit is annoying, especially that it counts horses. I have not crashed at 1500 in awhile, luckily CEK does reduce Khergit cavalry spam a bit which previously made some of the wheels fall off.
    One easy way you can fix the exploit yourself is by simply not using it... I know, crazy right?

    The amount of things that I have to pretend that do not exist with this game is ever growing. I often imagine my companions going "sir, if we did this we would cut our losses in half..."

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    Types of coins

    Too compex™ Too compilated™
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    They did specifically mention they were going to do cut scenes for weddings in one post here on the forums that I recall. It had Portal vibes, "All your friends will be there", and is everyone there waiting for me? And there's cake too? All I gotta do is some mundane task?
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    Estimated release is now Q2/2022

    There isn't an eye roll emote big enough... :rolleyes:
    Maybe they will add one as a promotion when they hit the second decade of development.
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    Estimated release is now Q2/2022

    TW should spend as much time on this game as it needs.
    This game needed a 4 year development span at best. At this point it is very much a source of schadenfreude.

    The failure is simply impressive, fascinating really. It is one of those things like the Hindenburg disaster or the battle of Teutoburg forest, documentary worthy.
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    Estimated release is now Q2/2022

    I don't care whether they call it Early Access or Release. What matters to me is getting fixes, improvements and new features. I doubt that approaching release date will speed anything it up. And if calling it Early Access means that they will keep on working on it for longer, I'm fine with them extending it until Mount&Blade 3 if they decide to continue the series.
    Release windows mean nothing to them as we have seen time and time again, and it really seems as though they cannot work at a faster pace, so it will go on for years more without any doubt.
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