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  1. 1.5b Spam Opinion

    Exactly. Reduces the effectiveness of mechanic abusers by a vast mergain. Some of the good duelists would simply abuse your low mouse sensitivity with trying to spin around you and doing repeated feints that have unidentifiable animations, it's much better now, because movement has more control...
  2. [BEAST#1] Congratulations, Thank You and Final Thoughts

    Congratulations to DM for showing huge character in the finals. The finals would've been almost boring, if it wasn't for the comedic aspect of their ridiculous showing there. Absolutely ready for prime time. I'd also like to congratulate VW for winning a complete and utter nailbiter in the...
  3. Siege Server Test (EU)

    It's really great to have this, even though it crashes on occasion. thank you!
  4. [KW] Keyboard Warriors | Bannerlord community |[EU]

    Great Thread @Metal-Luca Thank you @Aeronwen for handling a lot of the backstage data gathering and for designing this layout
  5. Members Class Choices

    Proficiency: Infantry: 1 Cavalry: 2 Ranged: 3 Enjoyment playing: Cavalry: 1 Ranged: 2 Infantry: 3
  6. EU vs NA

    The most pointless debate of all pointless debates
  7. [DM] Destiny Masters

    Imagine having your self worth based on your skill in a 2010 turkish game
  8. Members character images

  9. Members character images

  10. Members character images

    I don't have the uncropped copy saved, but I'll take another one when I'm more free.
  11. Console Command

    Wow that's some high level coding right there
  12. [DM] Destiny Masters

    I'm just commenting to get notifications about all of the spicy drama
  13. [RM] Risen Manifest [EU]

    You've misspelled Turkish :wink:
  14. Player cheating in Bannerlord multiplayer

    The guy is a confirmed autoblocker, He even demonstrated it to us on the duel server. I've sent the mods a link to his autoblocker website (which he linked to us).