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  1. SP Native Realistic Battle Mod

    Great mod. I love how you included a config file.
  2. SP Medieval Crusades and Jihads v5.2 New!!

    How is the mod guys? The graphics for the elite units is super impressive judging by the screenshots.
  3. [TWEAKS] VC Tweaks Tool: +80 tweaks the easy way! (released/1.2)

    Is this compatible with "I Like Vikings" mod?
  4. Need More Info Character and item icons perpetually loading

    Started happening for me too. I use mods but troubleshooting hasn't found the culprit.

    I use 1.2.0 but also tried with latest patch.
  5. 2015-6 Brytenwalda Reworked pulling together the best features of BW submods +

    A lof of things broken in this version I'm afraid.
  6. How do you decrease the party size of AI lords in VC??? (I've tried SO hard)

    Could you help us with some information about how you did it? Especially regarding the garrisons and what balanace you aimed for?

    I also prefer smaller armies and battles in Warband and cut down sizes in Brytenwalda armies by a lot.

  7. SP Dark Ages [SubMod] I like vikings (released 1.2) [OSP]

    I tried it with Dark Age. Unfortunatedly some of the armors are poorly made and the I don't really fancy the dark style of all armors. Hoping for I like vikings to become compatible with the balance fixes from Tingyun.
  8. SP Dark Ages [SubMod] I like vikings (released 1.2) [OSP]

    Stasian911 said:
    You have a very good mod. Thank you. If you combine it with the Dark Age mod, it will be just a masterpiece.

    Is this not compatible with Dark Age mod right now?
  9. Some mods I'm working on for VC

    Great news!
  10. A mod about Frankia and the european continent?

    There is the Age of Arthur mod which has superb features but unfortunatedly is very buggy. We'll see if the author continues the project.
  11. SP Dark Ages [SubMod] I like vikings (released 1.2) [OSP]

    Please make a compatible version with the balance mod for viking conquest!
  12. SP Dark Ages [Submod] Blood Eagle-Independent VC mod (released 3.3)

    I tried the mod together with honquas additions but it keeps crashing whenever I enter or village.
  13. SP Other The Gathering Storm - A Wheel of Time Mod (Beta) Latest Version: V0.2.7d

    I believe you can ignore the second file. I think it is only interesting for those who want to make larger changes to the mod (or continue his Mats work).
  14. SP Other The Gathering Storm - A Wheel of Time Mod (Beta) Latest Version: V0.2.7d

    KeyerSoze: AI magic sort of work like artillery. In that video you linked the enemy is all infantry charging slowly and in a tight group. That is the easiest form for your channellers to attack. Armies will mostly spread out and thus your magic attacks will miss a lot of the time and hurt individuals instead of groups. If enemy army has cavalry they will be harder to hit and reach your channellers faster. So for me channelling is not OP in all scenarios and you will need clever use of infantry and cavalry to survive. I'd say it is stronger in the books than in the mod. However, if you choose to become a channeller yourself you will become like immensely powerful rather quickly. You will shoot much faster and use the right magic compared to the AI.

    Earl of bronze: Not entirely sure what you mean. You put the folder into the modules folder in Warband.
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