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    TLD Christmas Preview (With Music)

    wow i am actually really impressed by those screenshots. nice work  :razz:
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    TLD preview

    well i think cute wargs would fail due they belong to evil and fearful wargriders... they mustn't be cute!!
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    TLD preview

    well i've been watching this mod quite a long time and well like with every mod there's times where it goes better and some times where there are problems but i think it's worth the waiting :grin:. If you wanted to do a mod which is that large you wouldn't want people to ask for progress all the time, too, i think. Of course i wanna know the progress, but before i get my a** kicked for such a question, I'd rather just wait.
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    the Guide to the new mod Light&Darkness — Heroes of Caradia (for 1011)[40pics]

    wcnoob said:
    oh btw what do u mean nothing happen...?
    what did he said?
    and it should be nothing happen lol
    just go to praven and do the rolf's challenage and da' supa horse quest....
    while doing those 2 side quest talk to travens at night about the sercet place
    if the first traven doesn't say something about the medal than wait a for the rest of the night
    and ask another traven the next day...

    the rest should be no problem following the guide

    sry about my bad english  :mrgreen:

    OK... thanks a lot!
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    the Guide to the new mod Light&Darkness — Heroes of Caradia (for 1011)[40pics]

    wcnoob said:
    u need to talk to "guy" first than talk to axis lol
    I did... still i just have a drink, everyone is happy and nothing more happens.
    I even tried every 3 options which have anything to do with drinking.
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    the Guide to the new mod Light&Darkness — Heroes of Caradia (for 1011)[40pics]

    when i have a drink after i got the medal and talked to count axis in zendar nothing happens... help!
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    TLD preview

    Merlkir said:
    VampireofBlood said:
    i never said it is.
    :razz: so think of me what you want, pclife is hard i know :grin:

    reported for being a ****tard and a spammer.
    wow he just got all merlkir on your ass :grin:
    well i don't think you can compare TLD with Ak Ela 'cause when i saw it right, Ak Ela is about the movie and TLD about the book.
    and except for the story, these two are somethin completely different. but TLD looks rly promising. some new screenies would be cool :mrgreen:
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    ffs lucky just close the thread...
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    TLD preview

    yea there are a few mods which could be a game themselves... not only for m&b.
    for example insurgency for hl2 or maybe PVKII for hl2. don't forget counter strike was a mod at first too.
    I wonder why these talented modders don't make a game themselves. I guess that's how the m&b team started.
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    Tiberius Decimus Maximus said:
    So... why the minor rez, Shadowknight? I'd say the problem has already been solved, wouldn't you?

    yeah but i just wanted to name another possible solution of the problem....
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    get custom battle mod and make yourself a nice footmen custom battle :grin:
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    Mod idea collection: I want this mod.

    i want a mod where you can dismember your enemies^^
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    TLD preview

    the1ringer said:
    Gah... must resist... correcting... misuse of... dwarfs... and dwarves.... aaaagh!  :wink:

    well i'm not english or american. i don't speak english perfectly.
    if i made a mistake, then you are welcome to correct me. :wink:
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    TLD preview

    well dwarves would be really cool :grin: i think it would look kinda stupid when an arrow is stuck about 5 inches above a dwarves head
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    Welche Mods spielt ihr zur Zeit?

    Fragwürdig said:
    assegair said:
    Berpol said:
    Vortex said:
    Alvarez said:
    ...warte jedoch äusserst sehnsüchtig auf die 1.011 version von the last days
    Me too!!
    Wer nicht :?:

    ich auch  :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :cool: :cool:

    ich auch^^

    ich auch :grin: und auf 2nd age
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