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    [TA3] Total Annihilation 3 vs 3 Melee Cup (£99 Prize Pool!) The Pillar Men Champ

    Black Eagles-6 vs 16-IRoster
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    [TA3] Total Annihilation 3 vs 3 Melee Cup (£99 Prize Pool!) The Pillar Men Champ

    Team Name: IRoster
    Players: Warralt, zAnger, SerGregor
    I read and agreed to the rules: Yes
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    Native Completed ESSC 2x2 - Finalized! Congratulations to One Goal Power.

    Team Name: Strange
    Members: zAnger, SerGregor
    Steam Contact (Team leader):
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    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    Fietta said:
    Just because the tournament is 8v8 doesn't mean all future ones are going to be 8v8 too, I feel like 6v6 will be far more common than 8v8 in future tournament formats.
    future and warband :eek:
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    Native Completed The Champion's Cup $100 Duel Tournament

    SerGregor 7 - 6 Radulf
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    Native Completed The Champion's Cup $100 Duel Tournament

    In-Game Name: SerGregor
    Steam Link: Me
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    [WWC18] Signups - CLOSED

    wiFi CIIGES is DED said:
    I would check some of these Iraven players, some have been banned of mercs with overwheling evidence of cheats.
    There are no such players on this list. You can sleep well
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    input lag

    Hello. There was a problem after the upgrade pc. FPS keeps stable by putting 120-150-200. Without drawdowns, but when you play you feel that the camera is not keeping up with the character’s action, it’s difficult to carry out the same spam due to the fact that you have to dock the mouse...
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    ESSC 3x3 - Last tournament before bannerlord XDDD

    Team Name: Nuclear donkeys
    Members: zAnger Warralt SerGregor Udalec
    Steam Contact (Team leader):
    TaleWorlds Contact (Team leader):
    Faction Desired: Nords
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    [WSC2] Free Agents Thread

    Hello. Remove SerGregor from the free agents please. I'm playing for the HV team.
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    [BCM] Free Agent Listing

    Name: SerGregor
    Past Teams:HV
    Preferred Class:Inf, Cav
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    wessmithy aim?

    in the first comment under the video I saw nickname jack smith. Avatar is exactly the same as in Steam. He asks about the problem with the cheat. and many wondered how he shot like that. in the incentive he also has the name Jack. Apparently our friend was asleep Edit: We do not allow these...
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