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    ''Mounted Archer'' Perk working for anyone else?

    Anyone know if ''Mounted Archer'' perk is bugged, it says that i can use any bow on horseback, but i tried equipping a heavier bow that you normaly couldnt use while riding, and it doesnt allow me to use it!
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    Need More Info Bugged spawn during one of the gang quests!

    I accepted a quest from Snake-Eyes Romunds (a gang leader in Charas) which you were to wait 3 days then help him take out this rival gang, i had done one previously so i knew what to expect, but this time i spawned outside the town and not in the street, there was no way inside except for a...
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    How long have you played the BETA?

    Have played 122 hours the last month.
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    Bored? Help me decide something!

    In my opinon Rakon sounds the most interesting, so i voted for him! ⚔
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    Will Slavery be a feature in Bannerlord?

    I bloody hope so, if i cant put on some ragged up underwear and do everything my master orders me to do, i would be very disappointed!
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    The Beta is over?

    This is unbareable, how are we going to survive the last 13hours!!
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    Harvesting season is almost upon us! ⚔🛡
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    Bannerlord around the corner, time to make new friends!

    Greetings everyone! 🛡🗡 As everyone knows bannerlord is just around the corner, and we'll soon get to play the real thing *insert corona joke here*, and as i was viewing my own steam profile i realised that the amount of friends on my friends list is embarrassingly low, so i thought that it...
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