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    say cheese

    Well, it's been a while hasn't it ?

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    Jokes and other assorted atrocities.

    Four gay men walk into a bar. After a few beers, they decide to have a farting contest.
    The first guy prepares himself, and let's out a short "Pffffff". The other three nod, saying it wasn't bad.
    The second guy goes ahead, with a longer "Pffffffffffft". They nod, acknowledging the length and slight wet ending.
    Third guy goes ahead: "Pffffffffffffffffffsht". They all clap, saying that's a brilliant one.
    Finally, the fourth guy goes ahead, and lets out a massive ripper. The other three look at him: "Oh, so you're a virgin ?"

    Translated from French, so sorry if it's a bit ****.
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    Elder Scrolls 5:Skyrim

    I do find it funny how the bulk of every single guild's questline is Radiant Quests: take the Thieves' Guild for instance, if you want it to progress in any way you have to keep on doing the quests from Delvin and Vex OVER AND OVER AND OVER again until you do 5 of them in a hold, at which point you get a special quest that can be kind of interesting.

    Companions bulks up its questline by having you clear a few caves.

    Civil War has you attack a few forts.

    Dark Brotherhood gives you the option at the end of murdering random people for money.

    Mages' Guild is actually the least worst, in the sense that most of the quests have a bit more story behind them, but it's still lacklustre, and the ending is bollocks.

    Which is why I don't get why reviewers give the game a ****ing 10/10 when most of it is randomly generated fetch quests !
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    Elder Scrolls 5:Skyrim

    I found that ridiculously funny. I mean, sure, it's a lot nicer than the Morrowind treatment of: it's there, but **** me is it complicated to achieve, but still: oh, just fetch me a soul gem and I'll do it for free !
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    Post delicious meals you made!

    Completely improvised dish: homemade cheese sauce with garlic, onion, chicken and peas with some pasta. Tastes alright, nothing to write home about though.

    Does anyone know a good cheese to do cheese sauce ? I used an obscene amount of cheddar with this and it still didn't taste cheesy enough.
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    say cheese

    Same here.

    And please, shave off that filthy caterpillar on your upper lip.
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    What caused you to be joyous on this day?

    So, all my flatmates have left, so I've got the flat to myself for the next week. Means I can walk about in underwear, whistle loudly, listen to porn through speakers rather than headphones, and take a **** without closing the door. AMAZING !
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    Screenshot Mega Thread

    Because that would've been helpful and nice, which is physically impossible on TaleWorlds.


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    The Sex Thread.

    I quite like the scratching, makes me last longer. The biting is a bit more annoying though, I find.
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    The Sex Thread.

    My back's covered in scratches and I've got teeth marks on my right shoulder. She wasn't that cute, but that's the first time I've been laid in a long time.
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    say cheese

    I like croissants.
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    The Drunks' Guild

    Go for red.
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    Funny pictures and videos thread. Not very new but still newest version.

    Are the Netherlands a pie ?
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    What pissed you off today v. IV

    Wellen's German, he just has a chip on his shoulder.

    Also, most new people get a hard time, 'tis sadly the way of things if you can't adapt easily. This place is full of bitter, cynical people who abhor change.
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    What pissed you off today v. IV

    Dear flatmates, thank you for the drunken wake-up call at 2:30AM. It was much needed given I have an exam in less than 10 hours. I appreciate the forward thinking, sleep would indeed be useless.

    ****ing muppets.
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