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    Mod idea collection: I want this mod.

    A late 18th century/early to mid 19th century mod set in Calradia would be appreciated still, since the mod I was helping seems to have sadly shuddered to a halt any modder out there is welcome to pick the ball up and run/work on the idea now :smile:.
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    [WB][S] Calradia Imperial Age: Napoleonic Era Inspired M&B! BETA 3.1 OUT PAGE 31

    Hello to those who still sort of care out there now, this is sort of a retrospective post and ending of this thread as I can sadly say this mod in the current form will no longer be developed. It's pretty much dead in the water now.

    Due to behind the scenes complications with the current project the source code went missing and issues with multiple OSP scene content finally put a halt on the development train. Our main mod developer and scener became way more interested in starting a new project themed around a more original fictional universe with a more Victorian setting too. Said project is deep in development now and I wish them both luck but since they took that route we've sort of drifted apart when it comes to developing mods.

    Apologies to the people who've played this and gotten frustrated or put off by the bugs and issues of the final release now. That one was rushed out the door and it might have been our biggest mistake in retrospect. Unless you feel like tinkering around I would sadly suggest people to try another mod unless you are patient as we cannot really fix this stuff now.

    So yeah, It is the end of the line for this mod. Which is a shame really, as I still want a developed unique Calradia mod with 18th and 19th century themes something that still sadly seems to be missing still from Warband modding now as mods seem to all be going original or real world inspired these days. If any modder or modding team feels like this is something they can pursue and attempt take the ball and roll with it. Hell, feel free to use the OSP and resources of this very module as long as you credit the creators of the code, textures and models all used.

    Hell, I've still got the improved dialogue and NPC strings backed up if you want and I am happy to send them your way just send me a PM on this forum. Reason why I am posting this and closing the thread as well closure is needed. I do hope some modder does continue this work and adopt and improve the progress and the lore put down in the future but for the time being thank you all for the support over the years and farewell. Do keep an eye on the mod Frenzied or whatever he's called now is working on though. Looks great.
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    Main Thread - 3.0 released!

    Looking forward eagerly still to the update!
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    SP Musket Era [WB] Winds of War: Blood and Steel - 1870

    Honestly we'd take a quality scener with some spare time more than money to help speed up the release.
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    SP Musket Era [WB] Winds of War: Blood and Steel - 1870

    I found a few good sources of Slavic, Balkan, Dalmation and Greek troops and threw them in the dropbox ages ago.

    But we're not doing anymore factions until post release.
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    SP Musket Era [WB] Winds of War: Blood and Steel - 1870

    DrunkPeasant said:
    You make another Calradian mod, this one in Victorian Times, even though your Napoleonic Calradian mod is half assed and dead...

    Well captain passive aggressive, we've long planned to go back to that module using the scenes we are currently assembling for this current module when all the hard work is out of the way. If you feel things are going to slow, feel free to send your own money to our scener who also works and is in education so you can support him or just be patient.

    The wait is worth it and we'd rather not rush and upset gentlemen of your delicate constitution a second time in a row now.

    In the next few weeks we'll be showing off the latest and last reskins of the faction army and neutral faction uniforms. Swadia is currently on display and we've got a few more things in coming.
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    SP Musket Era [WB] Winds of War: Blood and Steel - 1870

    By the end of this month our custom soundtrack should be completed too.

    We are making slow steady progress but we're still would not refuse the services of another experienced scener now.
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    Check the Mod DB page for it. It's out.
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    [WB] Finishing an Abandoned Mod CALRDIA X- RED PLANET

    This looks pretty awesome. Please use some of the 19th century OSP stuff for that Dune look and feel for some factions/characters now!
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    SP Musket Era [WB] Winds of War: Blood and Steel - 1870

    On the Mod DB we've released a video showing the overworld map. As you can see, It is quite big. Our scener is now moving onto the Usonian US Civil War themed factions for scene work now having finished Swadia.

    Also, the custom music of the module is in development as we speak.
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    SP Musket Era [WB] Winds of War: Blood and Steel - 1870

    We're still looking for an experienced scener to help things out with us and push the module towards a beta release. Our current scener really is weighed down with real life commitments and is almost done finishing off the Swadia faction.

    In the mean time, we've worked out an interesting system for people who want alternate appearinces for their troops when they become faction leader or their own custom units, cannot say anymore though :wink:.
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    SP Musket Era 1812 Russian Campaign

    Congratulations on release.
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    Red Wars Now Open Source

    Odd this hasn't been mentioned in this forum, so I guess I will do so. http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-red-war-12/news/red-wars-is-going-open-source The module is more or less open source now. Both versions. Enjoy.
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    SP Musket Era [WB] Winds of War: Blood and Steel - 1870

    Also, apply via our Mod DB forum if you have interest in volunteering to test/scene for the module in question.
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    SP Musket Era [WB] Winds of War: Blood and Steel - 1870

    Hello there, we're making some progress with the module but at the moment we are looking for somebody willing to be our dedicated media guy for the team, we're looking for somebody not only eager to to do some promotional videos of the progress we've made especially with some of our scene work but we'd be much appreciated too if you have some minor image editing talents for static screenshot promotions for the Mod DB page.

    If interested, him me up with a instant message with a example of your work.
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