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    In Progress Modding Kit, Steam Updates and News, Regional Issue

    No inconvenience just trying to be helpful.

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    1.5.3 RIP Horse archers

    Seems to me that a reworked draw power model that effects damage and armor penetration would do well in balancing archers in general. Example of this being reducing peak draw point hold time and reducing accuracy due to movement and over draw. IMO this would effectively raise the skill ceiling on using the class and give infantry room to breath on the field.
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    Modding Tools Beta

    Eyy just want to say the kit is real nice keep up the good work!
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    In Progress Modding Kit, Steam Updates and News, Regional Issue

    Hello, On Steam US user, the Mount & Blade Bannerlords - Modding Kit in the update menu view news link ( leads to an incorrect region error. Thanks,
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    The Community and Myself Deserve a Refund!

    I wonder if OP goes into restaurants and eats his order then demands a refund from some overworked waitress because they didn't like the food are an entitled twat.
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    Resolved I have been banned because I have criticized the game.

    Where is the third option on the poll for go F yourself?
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    Sturgian Hardened Brigand/ Sturgian horse Raider useless?

    All of the troop templates need to be gone over with a fine tooth comb some have skill sets that make little sense and this is not limited to Sturgia.
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    Do looters add anything to gameplay?

    I suppose someone has to do it.
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    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    Looking forward to the updates.
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    Smithing Level 275 Gives 2 Perk Points Instead of 1

    Pretty sure this is a known issue but yeah happens 100%
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    Where's the patch, TW.

    Funny thing is that they got a TW member to respond here and it still wasn't good enough.

    Nothing is ever good enough for you Karen is it?
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    Seeing CD Keys in Steam

    Currently you cannot obtain a CD key through steam as you can for warband and their other products, probably will add them later am guessing because their site still asks for a key to register the game on the taleworlds account.
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    Khuzaits Way To OP

    I meant the Sturgians.
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    Khuzaits Way To OP

    On the flip side they are by far the best to merc for.
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