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    Still havent defended a single castle siege yet.

    Never been abled to defend a siege...
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    Companions spent faster than denars

    You want them to change the game because you told your in-game subordinate to run at a Sturgian shield wall and they died?

    For you I'd make a suggested trait to the developers: Flippant with lives (Party leader) - General throws away the lives of their soldiers without care (+20% chance of desertion due to low morale)
    I have had them die sieging castles, being on the defense or offense in open fields..

    I think the 10% is probably anytime they get wounded down to zero. Which simply can happen in any battle no matter what. Some enemy is going to lance them off a horse.. a crossbow hits their coconut... friendly fire from a catapult knocking down the siege tower with a rock... anything. I don't think you can really stop it.
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    Splitting Up Your Troops For Battles - How? Maybe?

    Hello all, In M & B I remember being able to sort out the My Party screen to move troops around from top to bottom... The battles would start using troops from the top of the column down to the bottom. So I would split up my Companions so they are spawned during the battle at various times. I...
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    the most ugly character in this game

    they somehow they all have those creepy smile on their face, like , WTF is that smile??

    I only seen those creepy smile in haunted house
    It is creepy.. But I noticed that they smile / frown based on your Relationship with them. 100 = giant duffus smile like a cracked out clown. 0 = some mad spoiled brat looking face. Then in various mean looks and smiles in between.

    Too bad you can't punch them in the face to make them stop smiling and lower your Relationship to around 75 or so.
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    Do TaleWorlds Plan on allowing us to Make Camp? As in Previous M+B Games?

    I'm certain that some of the feats that you get are directly related to making a camp. Healing feats and the like.... But you can't make camps to use it.
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    Party speed horses slowing me down?

    Since this last patch my speed has gone down a lot.
    When my cavalry upgrades I lose some horses of a certain breed.. which is cool. I am carrying enough food for at least 30+ days and try to get all kinds. I have a lot of mules, but that didn't slow me down before.
    I used to be able to chase down bandits that were on foot.. but now it takes all day or I simply can't.
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    Help on Mods - (Not a Modder) - Issues - Load Orders

    Hello all, I think something is goofy... I have only been able to recruit 1 prisoner at a time, and maybe every 2-3 days. Before I was able to at least get 3 per day. It might have something to do with all the messages I get for issues regarding Butterlib and such.. 'This only works with such...
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    Cannot complete "Eliminate Northern Empire" (they have 0 towns, castles, or armies)

    I have the same issue.

    I started the Campaign and stopped after rescuing my family. I was tired from previous games running around trying to find 10 Leaders to fill me in on the last big war deal. Then going to the two others to put the flag together (which never showed up anyway).

    So I hopped right in and started taking Empire castles and Towns.. I wiped out the Southern Kingdom but their Lords are still running around. Every so often I'll find one.. try to run them down and wipe them out and capture them. I even see Bandit parties capture one of them. I'll be at war with them forever. A Lord will escape the prison.. and rinse and repeat.

    It must be about skipping the main Quest.

    EDIT: I haven't tried executing the Lords as it seems dirty.. plus I want to recruit them into my Kingdom. (which it seems I can't).

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    Kingdoms are Poaching My Lords. What?

    Hello all, I can't seem to recreate this all the time. I don't know if it's the game, Mod, or just me. Issue: I run around and find a Lord that I can poach from another Kingdom. That Clan joins me.. we go on fights.. vote for junk.. Then BAM! He gets poached from me. Some Lords I can get...
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    Need More Info Can't ransom or donate a prisoner

    I had this... Also with transferring some troops to Companions or to castles. It would be blank like above. It would also work in the reverse. I would try to grab a Lord from a prison to ransom them. I could grab 2 but not the 3rd one.

    What I think it is is when you get a new prisoner or recruit a prisoner. It takes time for the game to recognize them? (I really am totally guessing).

    I just closed the window, exited the town, 'waited' an hour outside the gate (in game time), went back inside and it worked.
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    Younger Brother and Sister.. what?

    Hello all! OK I've read in a few threads that your younger siblings can't enter your party / Clan until they turn 18. I think this is false. I had them in my party / Clan in the last campaign I had when they were 10-12 or so. (I can't load that campaign any more.. super crashes). In this...
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    Need More Info Massive Crash Can't Play

    Hello, unfortunately, we can not offer support for the modded games. Please let us know if you can reproduce the issue on a new campaign after manually removing the mod files and verifying the integrity of the game files.
    I believe what I posted in the first post was a crash code for a game with no Mods. (pretty sure).

    I did try everything.. Mods, no-Mods.. all the uninstalls and reinstalls.. updated the video drivers.. verified files. Saving and loading games were a serious problem for me.
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    Need More Info Issue where there is random restarts of my computer

    Hey everyone, sorry for the late reply. Is there anyone still experiencing this issue after recently released patches on this post? If so please let me know.

    How long have you been in the game when the crash happened? Can you please make sure your OS and your drivers are up to date and share your config settings with us. And please let us know of your computer's memory usage while playing the game.
    I have finally got the game to load with no-Mods or with Mods. I'm not sure what I did though...
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    In Progress Crash when load, new game, custom battles

    Hi, have new computer, installed bannerlord 2 from steam and getting crash any time pres new campaign, load old saved game or try launch custom battle.
    Same here... Just very recently.
    I wrote about it in a lengthy thread yesterday.
    Post that code when it asks you to download crash files.. See if it is close to mine.
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    Need More Info Issue where there is random restarts of my computer

    This has started happening to me, 150 hours in and it started happening, no freezes or hangups just straight into reboot. Only happening on Bannerlord and no other game.Hope theres a fix soon.
    Same here.. I posted a lengthy thread last night. Game was playing.. them boom! The entire computer froze. I had to turn the computer off then reboot. It has down it a few times this last few weeks or so. Now I can't play any save game.. or when I start a new campaign.. It will crash when I try to save it. With Mods or without Mods... multiple un-installs, re-installs.. verify files.. complete erasing of every game file every where I can find. Still nothing.
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