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    Resolved Showing Mercy on your kingdoms taken fiefs cause negative relation to ally lord

    I get that but it really doesn’t make sense for fiefs of their culture because the only choice is to show mercy. Like you locked us into that decision, which means as the player I have to avoid ever retaking my cultures fiefs with cruel lords. This isn’t adding to gameplay at all.

    You guys can’t actually think that makes sense...

    ps it’s fine if it only works against different cultures fiefs, like if Urik was an empire lord.
    Agreed. The penalty doesn't make sense when there is no choice to be made. I think there has been a miscommunication here.
    'Show Mercy' allows the winners to take over the settlement without causing too much harm to it or its inhabitants. While this is expected for settlements of one’s own faction culture, showing mercy to foreign settlements will cause unrest among the troops. Just as with the other choices, some nobles will approve or disapprove of the action.
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    Preventive Medicine perk is broken and nearly acts like a cheat heal.

    Alright lads, I'm bringing this one back: I was on 60% health and I got knocked out in battle. My troops still won the battle... However, I went from 1% to 40%!!

    Even if this is supposed to heal up to 30%, it's still broken because it just healed me 40% lol...

    Getting my harry potter healing potions on!
    There is another one that gives 10 HP after offensive battles. Probably that.
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    Unqid dead at Age 53?

    I think this is fine, 50+ RNGs for death every year is pretty cool, though it should be a very low percentage with a gradual exponential increase the older you get. Don't want Mount and Boomer Boomerlord lol.
    That's how it already works.
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    What's up with hideouts?

    You have got largely optional things, like quests, that are good for an early character, and then you have these hideouts, which at the moment are a mandatory chore that the player must do at some point.
    How are clearing hideouts are mandatory compared to quests? Quests have negative effects too. Besides, hideouts are generally not that closely packed on the map. That particular part of the map seems to be problematic.
    Honestly I'm leaning toward the idea that they should be removed, because they simply don't seem redeemable as a meaningful game mechanic.
    And how will bandits spawn if they remove them? Out of nowhere? Then you won't even have any way to combat bandit infestation.
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    Welp, looks like it is working as intended. RIP.

    I would definitely love that. I reported that shields don't block on back. Months pass and they claimed that it was finally fixed. I go play the game and shields still don't block on back.
    Shields on the back reduces damage but I don't recall them being able to block all incoming damage. Do you have any footage of that?
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    In Progress You can't sack the town if the army leader dies during siege assault

    Army leader ölmesine rağmen pillaging oldu mu, settlement pillaging negatif etkilerinden etkilendi mi yani Vlandian Footman şehri pillage etti mi?
    Prosperity 5162'den 3982'ye düştü yani Vlandian Footman şehri pillage etti. Saldırıdan önceki save dosyamı da gönderdim.
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    In Progress You can't sack the town if the army leader dies during siege assault

    If the army leader dies during siege assault, the game thinks that the player (and probably other lords too) is not part of the army that took it. As a result, you can't participate in the sack of the town.
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    Old gameplay looks great. Archery model is better. What happened?

    What happened there? Did you kill the guy who attacked you? =)
    Not my video :grin:
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    Old gameplay looks great. Archery model is better. What happened?

    Did you do what I said and load up vanilla Warband and use a bow for 20 minutes before you posted that? Your missing the whole point of the thread... Go and try it please :smile:
    I have played 25 hours of Warband last week. Are you not talking about this?

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    Old gameplay looks great. Archery model is better. What happened?

    You can disable vertical aim correction from gameplay options.
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    In Progress Cursor Flickering in menus and world map. Possible solutions in Replies.

    Generally I run at 2x my refresh rate because, for some reason, load speed is tied to framerate (go figure). I was just running it as fast as possible to show the extent of the issue. It was doing that on 120 - 150 fps.

    I hadn't noticed the whole "total freeze while cursor is on screen" bit until just before that video, which is why I recorded it and put the engine fps limiter to something crazy.

    At this stage, Scene editing is like torture and anything outside of a battle is wildly unfun FPS are about 1/4 what they normally are if you are moving the mouse.

    At this point the no-cursor fix might be the best option, and I am sure there is a program that can overlay a cursor over the game to make it simpler to use.
    Can you try lowering your mouse polling rate? It at least made it bearable for me.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    That might be one mentioned - 'memory leak after conversations'.
    It still happens for me.
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    TW please, please fix this.

    You don't have to choose as they are separate levels 150 workshop 175 caravan, but you will only currently be able to get the caravan one as the workshop one doesn't work at least in 1.5.7 according to villager connections (bannerlordperks.com)
    Villager Connections saves 50% more gold when 'you' get captured, not your workshop. redmark refers to the Rapid Development perk which returns 5000 gold when you lose your workshop and that perk is at 175.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    We've implemented @scarface52 's suggestions on the party screen 1 2 3.
    Oh hey, thanks for considering. You also implemented this at 1.5.8.
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    In Progress 1.5.8 wrong XP calculations

    You get raw XP from your actions which count for your overall level progression. This raw XP is multiplied by your learning rate for your skill progression. So your level XP and your skill XP don't have to add up because XP you get for your level progression doesn't get affected by your learning rate.
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