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    Taleworlds, it's time to shut down this multiplayer

    HEEEEEY GUYS it's been a while, thought I'd check how Bannerlord is doi-

    Seriously it gets funnier every time I check back here. I think most of us think TW should've just halted MP development and set a different course ages ago, as over time doing so becomes increasingly difficult.
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    Bannerlord MP is a disaster and garbage, Taleworlds MUST stop being stubborn and ignoring their own community

    Never forget that all of these design decisions that killed MP were spurred on by Warband MP's supposed lack of popularity.
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    Devs insist on class system for balance reasons (maybe rightly so), but I want more customization options.

    Yeah but that won’t happen. So probably should stop complaining about it
    No, we should mock them at every turn because we're right and saw it all coming. Not to mention doing so is also more fun than Bannerlord.
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    The 'Consolization' of Mount and Blade and Bannerlord

    So they seriously think going for consoles is a good idea?
    Taleworlds has no idea how demographics work. They don't understand what kind of audience a game like this appeals to, and keep trying to attract people who obviously will never buy this game by dumbing things down.
    You'd think that after their ham-fisted attempts at Multiplayer design backfired completely, they'd wise up to this, but I guess not.
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    Devs insist on class system for balance reasons (maybe rightly so), but I want more customization options.

    What is this "balance" you people are talking about? There's no such thing in Bannerlord.
    Really, the current system has absolutely no benefits at all. We've all been through this, we've run the arguments, we now have player numbers to prove it; it's a waste of effort and should've been abandoned long ago. The Warband system is literally better in every way.
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    Open Post: Armagan, We Could Use A Video Update Addressing Our Concerns

    They did all those changes trying to attract more casual players and the e-sports crowd, the thing is, medieval melee combat games are a niche, their multiplayer even more so and no amount of dumbing down to cod-levels will change that.
    As I and plenty of others have said at least a million times, if the goal is to "sell out" and appeal to the largest possible MP audience, then surely you'd do that by trying to deliver "epic battles" and high amounts of customisation, not 6v6 with rigid classes, right?
    Over all, it isn't fair to say that Bannerlord is just dumbed down. They dumbed down many aspects, but they also added pointless complexity in areas where it isn't warranted!
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    Open Post: Armagan, We Could Use A Video Update Addressing Our Concerns

    I've decided to check in on Bannerlord MP's "progress". It isn't looking good, is it?
    It's well documented that the vast changes compared to Warband were done because Taleworlds considered Warband MP not popular enough, which is funny in retrospect.
    Really, the only sensible option is to abandon the current course and just make sure that MP modders have a strong platform so they can build something out of this smouldering ruin
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    Recent comment by Callum spills the beans on Bannerlord combat in a really disheartening way.


    First time I properly browsed these forums in bloody ages and this is what I see

    Anyway, I don't understand the rationale behind less combat depth. You'd think decently large, involved battles are at least 50% of what draws people to this sort of game, so deliberately limiting depth seems to me like a good way to sabotage player retention.
    It's puzzled me in regards to Total War as well. Who actually likes 4 minute battles? Don't you want epic battles to actually feel like epic battles? Wouldn't you want them to last longer and give the player more options to make more interesting decisions and pull off cool tricks, to actually be a tactician?
    The entire concept of short, minimal-depth battles is so utterly confusing. Why downplay one of the game's defining aspects?
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    Do people like Smithing as a concept

    I like the idea of custom weapons, dislike the execution though. The grind is awful and the mechanics are meh. I made a thread where I outlined some suggestions.
    A simpler option would be if the player characters weren't the actual smiths, instead you could design the weapon, pay an NPC smith and pick the weapon up when it's done.
    It would make far more sense for a player character (especially a noble one) to commission a custom weapon instead of making one him/herself.
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    Dislike the New Class System in Bannerlord Multiplayer

    My point stands still.
    Premade classes enable for viable balancing and prevents meta.
    It's easier for newcomers to pick up as well.
    Did you even read any of the replies? They demonstrate that the exact opposite of the case. The meta is if anything far stricter, with very few viable options, and no real way of adjusting the options. The game is also extremely unbalanced at the moment.
    Newcomers on the other hand are driven off by the fact that it's no more obvious which choices are best than it was in Warband, and to make matters worse, the fun of customisation is gone.

    Finally, the naked two-hander strawman is ultimately a sign that you don't even know what Warband is like. You don't know what the meta is like (you mistook a self-imposed handicap as overpowered), how rigid it is, or how many different playstyles and builds are actually viable in competitive or casual play. This means that you can't even know which game is better in these aspects as you don't have any of the necessary data to determine that.
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    We need a Vet server

    What would you do on a vet server, heal horses?
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    To TaleWorlds

    Like that weird uncalled for soviet-bashing propaganda you spilled for no reason?
    Last time I checked, you weren't a developer, and that you still haven't understood that post says a lot more about you than it says about me.
    Also, "soviet-bashing propaganda" - yes indeed, I do abhor genocidal regimes responsible for immesurable amounts of human suffering, like any normal person does.
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    To TaleWorlds

    Lol... I will let that stand uncommented.
    I'm not one of those people being excessively hostile, and I always give well-reasoned feedback, which may or may not come with a snarky tone. Either way, trust me, we tried for many months to be as polite as humanly possible and have a good discussion about things, but it was Taleworlds, especially Callum who drove the tone of the conversation in the direction it's taken.
    You, by the way, are not improving things one bit.
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    To TaleWorlds

    Well, that's all nice and dandy. But that doesn't account for the language being often used here "broken" "crap" and the like. If one or the other would very occasionally politely mention something about some kind of alternative to the class system that would be another thing. That language doesn't do Bannerlord the honor it dearly deserves.
    First of all, everyone here who has experience with the devs knows that it's sadly the case that being cordial with them doesn't get you a response, while having a hostile tone does, especially when it comes to Callum.
    In fact, it's a demonstrable fact that the best way to get Callum to respond to something is to just outright say something mean without providing any actual feedback, so he can give you a retort and feel smug about himself. The hostile tone is entirely due to Taleworld's own actions.
    Secondly, customers don't have any obligation to kiss the shoes of the developer.
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