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    Kin wages?

    Well its okay to have wages on companion but why do I pay to my kin? I have a sister, and Im paying her? Why? What I paid to her doesn't come back into my clan's treasury(which is me)? I think this breaks immersion a lot, when I wanted to take my sister and go to adventure with her only, why do...
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    How to intrigue?

    Exactly agree on that! even with that small example of mine shows that, it would be way immersive to play!
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    How to intrigue?

    Ah would be awesome to have some intrigue and fight for throne 😅
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    How to intrigue?

    I've married with daughter of Lucon in my gameplay. I was regular trader who had lucky to get some money to afford it, and am skillfull to convince her and her father. I also bought a workshop in Diathma (1 of Lucon's citiy) and worked around there a lot. Trader notables in there likes me a lot...
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    Siege defenders need some love

    +1000 with this, also I think, we shouldn't be able to attack siege without any other siege engines built such as ram or tower where walls' tier lower than 2. And go back to map scene when they got destroyed. So only ladders shouldn't be enough to attack tier2 and tier3 walls.
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    Patch Notes e1.1.0

    Thank you TW!
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    Settlement Walls

    Is there any way to decrease level of setllement walls? I think there should be, maybe trough out sieges or rebellions or by governor screen. I like 2nd level walls of Vlandia more than 3rd level ones and Like Ostican really. But Can't get 2nd Level walls on Ostican since it has 3rd level ones... :D
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    Big Bug (Not Game Breaking)

    There is pretty big and very funny game bug I've found, Sturgia declared war to me. I offered them peace, and auto negotiated and they demand Revyl and Ustokol Castle from me for a peace. Untill here everything is normal, weirdt part is; I said, I'll pay 1 denars, and we'll make peace he doesn't...
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    [BL] Post & Find Mod Ideas

    There are few mod ideas I've been gathering ideas during my 140 hours play. I'll list them here if somebody wanna make a mod about them. 1) First and the most important mod I was thinking is 'Yes, Your Grace' Mod! Yes, i don't know if you played it or not I'll explain it now: - In 'Yes, Your...
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    Simple Bank mode I have made

    I am working with a mod that changes income type from daily to weekly. But couldn't manage how this daily , weekly ticks work. Did you understand how it work?
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    BL Coding Income

    Would it work if I just override this method and empty inside Daily Tick and create same for Weekly and bind it to weekly? edit: Didnt work. 😅
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    Community Modding Documentation

    Thanks I handled it! ^^
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    BL Coding Income

    That function only has inner function that calculates financial things. I need to fidn where they used. They are called daily somewhere which I have to remove and add them as called weekly somehow. :confused: private void DailyTick() { foreach (Kingdom kingdom in...
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    Community Modding Documentation

    Hey, I get this error couldn't understand why it happens. I followed tutorial and repeated over and over again for few times and all say the same: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: ''file:///X:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II...