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    {} Australia & New Zealand Multiplayer Community Thread {}

    Veeery nice work on the OP, very informative and welcoming, especially to new members in the community.

    Shame about not getting a sub-forum but this should do nicely.
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    Ultimate Dueling Championship 2- Oceanic Tournament

    When will a server be up for practicing/checking out the sexy map?
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    Ultimate Dueling Championship 2- Oceanic Tournament

    Nickname: Saregona
    Age: 20
    Clan: KoS
    Experience: Since early beta (before GoN servers)
    Faction: Rhodok
    Weapon: War Cleaver
    Headshot: Same as from UDCI, I'll get another if you need it.
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    SP Medieval [WB] Crusader-way to expiation


    Oh my... I don't even know what to say, that's freakin' amazing!
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    SP Medieval [WB] Crusader-way to expiation

    This is amazing... you aren't just a modder, you are an artist!  :shock: Man those horses are gorgeous, and I love the musculature on them from the normal map; it's actually anatomically correct unlike native.

    I wish I hadn't found this mod, because now I want it :razz:
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    Scorch! said:

    Also: Good post Saregona, pretty much my stance as well. Well, except for the skill bit! I resent the implication that I can't kick names and take ass. :eek:

    AlsoAlso: I approve very much of this thread. For once we have done a good job talking about the issues and problems in the community without it turning into an immature argument thread (well, except for Akkadian's posts.)

    Haha, take ass... you'd know all about that :grin: Well, ok, maybe its just me who gets lousy at playing if I lay down my arms for a while... but I'm lousy to begin with. But I was just saying, ya know. Also, way to go razzing Akkadian, he's gunna rant in his next post now, I can feel it, feels like a thunderstorm comin'! :sad:

    Also, Forethought has a kickass shower curtain. Oh, and a vaild point, activity was good last night on battle.
  7. saregona


    *is waiting for Akka's inevitable lengthy retaliation*

    Hehe, Roman, harsh but you're quite correct :razz:

    Shame about mods is that there isn't really any worthwhile ones imo. cRPG is Grindy McGrind (though it does admittedly contribute a different form of gameplay which is probably good if you're into that kind of thing; but I am not), 1866 was a novelty theme that got tired quickly, same with MM and they never really added anything to the game; they sort of just gave it a new coat of paint. Invasion was a good idea but it was the same thing over and over and was pretty unpolished imo (occasional map crashed) and was not tailored to Oceanic clans, so the fascination with it died pretty quickly. Classic PWMod was worthwhile because it actually gave the game new gameplay elements, but the spirit of it was ruined by griefers and it's not up on any servers now because people prefer Fantasy PWMod for some reason. Don't know about any other mods so I can't comment on them personally. Vanilla Warband is still the best game type, imo, but it's just old by now. Adding new maps on the GoN servers was a good move, freshened things up and got me interested in Warband again for a few nights.

    Another frustrating aspect making new players leave might be the learning curve for developing any skill, and the fact that for most people their abilites are going to plateau somewhere south of players like Toad, Thorn and the other more adept clan players. I know I'm still rather terrible despite having played since before we even had Aussie servers and I can tell you it's frustrating at times knowing you're pro-bait and you ain't gunna get any better :razz: Another drawback is that with Warband, being a skill based game (rather than say a point and shoot FPS), is that if you stop playing for a little while you lose any edge you may have developed; which is also a drag for casual gamers. New players who got the game for a dime on Steam also arent going to feel the same attatchment to the game that we vets do who nursed it along through the beta days.

    Regardless, I doubt the community is the main reason behind the decline, even if it probably is a contributing factor; there are plenty of other reasons for fresh recruits to leave that are probably more influencial. Unfortunately they aren't things we can really help. :???:
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    Why has this thread turned into a battle about MP mods? :???:

    Anyway, I can't speak for other people, but I'm more and more disinterested in the game because it's getting old; as most games do. That and the community is full of *horrible people. At this point I can barely stand playing for an hour, during which there is generally a stream of immature, inane babbling coming up in the chat.

    In conclusion, Warband's glory days were in the beta. We're never getting those good times back.


    *not saying that they are definitively horrible people, just horrible to put up and irritating in the way that they detract from the game with their behaviour; in my personal opinion.
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    Oceanic Weekly Scrim Night -- Sunday 8:15pm

    got my vent all sent up, sittin in the channel, looking foward to playing. is there a way to turn off the sounds you hear when your mic gets activated? its so annoying :razz:
  10. saregona

    Oceanic Weekly Scrim Night -- Sunday 8:15pm

    ill play, put me down for being an archer

    vent details are.. where?
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    Knightmeister said:
    Clan community is dieing. Haven't seen original KoS members, WASO, saregona, Venset and others in ages.

    Noobs still come on from time to time but we gotta make it fun for them.

    If we keep slaughtering them all the time they just get frustrated and rage quit, thinking that we are hackers. Sometimes just gotta make it fun for the noobs.

    Yeah dont know why Toad was banned? Seems a bit iffy admin going through past I.D's lookin for something (must have a good reason)? Even I have done some heavy stuff back in the day before clan.

    Yeah, sorry about that Knightmeister, us oldies want to play but it seems like as soon as we get into it, some loser comes in and starts sh*t and its an instant fun killer. Honestly, don't those trolls have something beter to do with their time? :shock: Kinda kills the fun in a game when people make it their personal quest to be as annoying as possible.

    +1 on trying to make the game fun for newbies, trying not to clan stack and answering any questions they have is about all we can do though. I'd say trolls coming in acting like massive 'tards is more of a deterant to them than being beaten though. Most new players seem to be more "phwoar, how'd you block that, teach me plz" rather than "pssh, u cant block my attacks, u hacker lolololol"  :grin:

    all that matters is that CC knows why Toad's banned, its not like he's heavy on the banhammer or anything so whatever was done must have been substantial. pretty sure toad knows exactly why he's banned, he's just kicking up a tantrum now that he's been bit in the backside by the consequences of whatever he did. honestly, his suggestion that CC rifled through old logs to LOOK for a reason to ban him? oh please, what rubbish :roll:
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    B Native Other Polished Landscapes [RELEASED][news pg. 19]

    i just overwrite PL's scene files with natives, only for the towns, seemed to fix it up; aside from trees growing through the buildings and the awesome ivy on the rhodok buildings disappearing :sad: other than that, beautiful, beautiful landscapes. :grin:




    also, am i the only one missing rocks? or is that just part of the mod?
  13. saregona


    woah, toad has the same keyboard as me  :shock:
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    B Native Other Polished Landscapes [RELEASED][news pg. 19]

    oh god, so... beautiful... *cries*  :grin:
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    Armour Model bug.....

    Barf said:
    changing the maximum bone influences to 3 and removing 0 weighted vertice's will fix the problem.

    im having this problem with horse meshes im making :sad:

    seems that this is the soloution, but would you please tell me how to change the bone influences and remove 0 weighted verts in 3Dsmax?

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