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    The servers

    pls let us know if you need any log files from sessions we experienced a crash :fruity:
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    Bannerlord Online mod

    They are apparently giving in-game rewards like named horses and shields in exchange for rewards, which is against the monetisation policy of TaleWorlds.
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    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Tartışma Konusu

    En iyisi bu oyunu salıp diğer oyuna başlasınlar(!)
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    How powerful should my server be to run a 200/200 Warband server with PW scripts?

    Use newer versions of WSE. They parallelise some bottlenecks and let you utilize more than just one core of the CPU.
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    Patch Notes e1.5.7

    • Skirmisher:
      • Starts with default Desert Oval Shield.
      • Default two 4-stack Javelins have been merged into one 8-stack Javelin.
      • The two 3-stack Jereed granted by Better Javelins Perk have been merged into one 6-stack Jereed.
      • Light Shield Perk is changed to Jereed Perk, grants additional Jereed.
      • Large Shield Perk is changed to Stronger Shield Perk, grants Decorated Oval Shield.
    I got scared the moment I saw this entry. I thought about how badly it would affect multiplayer experience and I only needed to play a skirmish match to see that. Skirmisher can get 12 Jareeds in total if they pick the necessary perks which have no real downsides. If an Aserai team picks Skirmishers only, no cavalry can approach them since all of them throwing a Jareed is enough to take the cavalry down. The infantry, say Sturgia, cannot even catch them since these Skirmishers are as fast as a mouse. They keep running and throwing Jareeds around. After a round, all the place was full of Jareeds thrown by them. I don't think teams playing Aserai will even pick archers at this point. I don't know who thought this would be a good idea but I know it should be reverted as soon as possible.

    Seems like developers are listening to multiplayer community :grin: Thanks
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    [RM] Risen Manifest [EU]

    Beyler üyeleri konuya yavaş çağırın, hepinize kim laf yetiştirecek. Gerçi şu an vakit israf etmekten başka bir şey yapmadığımı anladım laf dalaşına girerek o yüzden benden bu kadar. Başkaları da Bannerlord oynayıp sidik yarışı ile ego kasmaya devam etsin, neticede lise ve ilkokullar tatil şu an salgın sebebiyle :grin: Hadi görüşürüz.
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    [RM] Risen Manifest [EU]

    Tamam şampiyon

    Aferin oğluma aferin :grin:

    İstediğin bunu duymak falan galiba
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    [RM] Risen Manifest [EU]

    Öylesine ssler





    Sizleri üstün yetenekleriniz sayesinde olan ve kesinlikle oyunda en az yetenek gerektiren teknik olan koltuklu süvari spamını kullanmayarak kazandığınız zaferleriniz için tebrik ederim! Eminim rastgele aramadan gelen oyunlarda kazandığınız zaferlerinizin arasından özenle seçerek koyduğunuz ekran görüntülerine yönelik göreceğiniz ilgi ve takdirler sizlerin kişisel gelişimlerinize oldukça büyük katkıda bulunacaktır!

    Normalde biz böyle ekran görüntüleri paylaşmayız. Hatta ekran görüntüsü almayız bile. Neticede ilgi ve takdir ihtiyacımız veya isteğimiz bulunmamaktadır. Ancak paylaşımınız beni de benzeri bir paylaşımda bulunmaya teşvik etti:


    Karşıda sadece bir RM üyesi var diyebilirsiniz. Fakat üçüncü round sonlanmadan iki arkadaşınız oyunu terk etmeyi tercih etmiş. Biz genelde yenildiğimizde bile son rounda dek oynuyoruz attığınız ekran görüntülerinden görülebileceği üzere fakat mühim değil, olur öyle şeyler :grin:
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    SP Native Free Settlement Give Away

    Does the receiving lord somehow appreciate this? Anything in that regard possible?
    No. You simply give away the ownership of the town. The vote process starts as if the settlement was taken by siege.

    Giving fiefs to other lords could be added as a feature, but they already developed a feature for it in the barter menu, albeit disabled. If anything, I will make a separate mod to fix that.
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    SP Native Free Settlement Give Away

    Download Nexus Mods Description As of Bannerlord e1.10, the decision to propose to give settlement away in the Kingdom menu costs 400 influence even for one's own settlement. Even after that, it actually bugs and starts a second voting when there is no need. This simple mod enables players to...
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    BL Coding Changing Policy Influence Effects

    I'm trying to make a mod to change how much influence is given from Council of Commons to be multiplied by a factor of .2 to help out with late-game influence inflation and bring that policy more in line with other influence gains. I've found the relevant section that handles influence change due to policies under Sandbox.GameComponents DefaultClanPoliticsModel class. I inherited from the class with my own sub-module myPolicies to override CalculateInfluenceChange. I also copied the private static TextObjects that are occasionally used through CalculateInfluenceChange.

    However, when I try to run the game with my sub-module edits, the game crashes on startup due to NullReferences from the TextObjects. I tried simply replacing the whole Default Model and also inheriting and overriding the override within the default model but it still crashes. Seems like the game is trying to load my sub-module before campaign start and failing to find those TextObject strings. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    I ran into the same problem when I tried to patch the DefaultFoodChangeModel object with Harmony. Basically, the problem is caused by the DefaultClanPoliticsModel's type initializer which throws an exception. Doing the pathcing in OnGameStart instead of OnSubModuleLoad fixed it for me. Either the model object isn't ready yet or the stuff it utilizes when initializing isn't ready. I suspect the latter. If you want to try patching, make sure you only patch once though by checking some static bool or something because a game can be started more than once.

    Instead of inheriting a whole model class and basically copy-pasting a method to change a few lines in it, you can modify them with Harmony like this. This code basically makes the "Propose to give this settlement to other clan" decion's influence cost 0 if the settlement belongs to the player.

    [HarmonyPatch("AnnexCost", MethodType.Setter)]
    public class KingdomAnexationCostPatch
        static void Prefix(KingdomSettlementItemVM ____currentSelectedSettlement, ref int value)
            if (____currentSelectedSettlement != null &&
                ____currentSelectedSettlement.Settlement.OwnerClan == Clan.PlayerClan)
                value = 0;

    In your case, you can try patching CalculateInfluenceChangeInternal and removing 0.8 * <notable_count> from the result if this policy is enabled. I may post a code for it later.
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    BL Coding Harmony Failing to Patch due to Optimization

    Starting in yesterday, I made some tweaks to Bannerlord using Harmony. When I used the Debug configuration to build the .dll files, it worked without problem. However, when I used the Release one it simply acted as if the mod wasn't loaded. I checked the Release configuration and realized it...
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    Learning C# by making a mod for fun

    You do need to understand not just basic but also some advanced features of C# if I should speak for the current state of Bannerlord modding. The developers don't use only basic stuff, naturally, in the .dll files of Bannerlord that one references for modding. A modder needs to understand OOP first of all, then stuff like generics, annotations, object referencing & pointers and more. So, you do need to grasp C# to a certain degree before daring to make proper mods, I would say.

    As I read some of the posts here and in other threads, I realized people are being quite unfair about C# as the modding language. My observation is that they complain about the very abstract and "not easy to learn" features and concepts of C# that junior programmers usually are usually unfamiliar with. For experienced programmers and for those who study fields such as Computer Science, using C# for modding is a bliss compared to that "Python" compiler we used as module system in Warband. It was like a damn assembler :grin:

    I advice learning C# instead of complaining about its hardness to learn. It is a very popular language and capable of doing many things. Once you know enough of it, you will realize you can do whatever you want with Bannerlord now. I even consider making a voice chat mod after they allow us to host dedicated servers. Imagine trying to make that with Warband module system...
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    I am repulsively disappointed in MP, Taleworlds.

    Going to have to jump in here because you're both wrong. Warband mods aren't scripted in Python. It has its own scripting language that is written to text files using a Python-based compiler. Creating mods is done through editing .py files that are completely written in Warband's own scripting language. So no, it doesn't use just text files, but it also doesn't use Python directly.

    Also, Metafa, if you've been a programmer for 20 years you should know that Python and C# are on the same level in terms of possibilities. Python is just more focused on smaller scripts, as opposed to C# which is used more for larger applications. There's IDEs for both languages.

    Exactly this.

    One could even say that the module system is actually a special kind of assembler. Warband scripting is always in the form of "(<opcode>, [operands])". The module system basically compiles this into numbers in text files that can be interpreted by the game engine.
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    I am repulsively disappointed in MP, Taleworlds.

    You know there is something called scripting which uses a magic language called python in warband?

    There were a lot of mods in warband because python is a relatively easy language to learn. No doubt bannerlord will have less mods with a scripting language like c# which requires more practice.

    It uses Python but at the same time, it doesn't. Basically, the module system of Warband utilizes Python's tuples, arrays and strings. Everything you make in the module is basically made out of tuples, strings, constants defined by the headers and so on. You cannot use classes. You cannot even create objects. You can't even use the elegant and simple dictionaries of Python. Not really Python now, is it? The ease of Python for learning literally has no effects on the module system because you can't actually use Python :grin:

    The way C# is used in Bannerlord, on the other hand, is not like that. Your code is actually compiled and you can utilize most of the nice stuff C# has. If Bannerlord supports it as I imagine it, I can even make voice chat mod for Bannerlord.
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